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Continuing with the Halloween theme for the month of October, I will show and tell about these items sitting on the dining room table; and more. In Colorado, way back in the early 1980's I spied and bought, the witch's curled-up pointy-toed shoe, candy dish [center]. Of course with our family loving the fun of Halloween, we all thought it was a super touch to the garish decor we do for the 'holiday'. But the ironic part of this story is: Nearly twenty years later, I was shopping; actually looking for nothing in particular, and I found these...the exact, matching, witch's shoe candle holders in the Foothills Mall in Tucson. The same pattern and the exact same finishing gloss. Naturally they're now part of the centerpiece on the dining room table. [In case you're interested --inside the candy dish is hard candies...butterscotch, cinnamon, peppermint, and spearmint hard candies]

This is one of two miniature witches that is part of my witch collection. At the store, I believe it was Hobby Lobby, I saw both of the two witches and thought immediately of my "Witch in Arms" long time online friend. We've been snail mail and email and group online friends for over ten years! She lives miles and miles across the sea from Northern Europe! But the one of many things we have in common, is our love for Halloween. Call us kids at heart---we both just have oodles of fun during the month, Halloween!! [Isn't Halloween a month? And isn't there a word 'oodles'?]

Now, this little gal is the second miniature witch. The two can lock arms as to represent me and my long time Halloween-lover friend of mine! I love the bright colors on both, the shiny, glossy finish, and the fact that by putting the two close together each year I can think of the super lady across the ocean and *cackle* each time I pass by! Oh, I suppose your curiosity has come to a peak by now. You're wanting to know just who my "Witch in Arms" is. Let me tell you a bit about her...the way we 'met' online. She was already a part of an online group---when I joined she was the very first one to drop by my website [remember websites?] and sign my guestbook. She was the sweetest then, and still the best of friends [Now, too!! *inside joke*]. Okay, okay ---I'll tell you right now without further delay. Her name is Lisa. And she too has a blog! Her nickname is Liberty Belle. Dear Lisa is the one that dubbed us "Witches in Arms" And, I like it. These two adorable little gals are on the countertop. And we'll soon be locked 'arm in arm' when Halloween finally arrives. The part that makes me jealous is Lisa has Halloween about eight hours before I do!!


Okay, slap me silly. Tell me I'm a bad mother....but for years, I've been trying to convince Irene [our daughter] to get a tattoo. At the age of 50 I got one, and I wouldn't change the fact that I did get one for the world. I designed my own, and took the drawing/sketch into a tattoo parlor one day, and asked the artist: "Can you do this for me?" He looked closely and said, "Sure"! I said: "When?" He said: "How 'bout now"? And so it goes. It took about 2 1/2 hours with one break in between. Tell me I'm bad...a rebel without a cause. Anything you wish. I love my tattoo. As long as they're tastefully done...and just ONE on my body....I think they're cool. When I opened my email this afteroon, there was one from Irene with attachments....I had no idea what the attachments were. I thought maybe Clint was getting married. I thought she DID go out and buy a van, we once talked of this on the phone a few days back....I just wouldn't have dreamed she went and did it!!!! A tattoo!!! How cool is that? All hers!!! *snort* Little does she know that her ol' mom is sharing her bared shoulder too!

Being a single parent, it's representing the three of them! Her two sons, and herself. The 'herself' is Christian and Irish [with a Celtic cross] and the two sons are their zodiacal signs---Taurian bull zodiac behind the cross and the Pisces sign in the center of the cross. I love the fact that she designed her tattoo like I did mine...we're both wearing originals. Not Gucci, Ralph Lauren, or catwalk material, but ones of a kind never-the-less.


Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
I will be handing out
a treat for 1 - 5[one to five] bloggers who drop by
during the week for visiting.
You're more than welcomed to pass it along
to ones you think are deserving of a special treat
for the season.
Kinda like "Pay it Forward"
Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends
making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...
Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

- - Yes - -
Make it RANDOM!!

If you do decide to share it with others
link it back to my blog and
explain where the idea originated.
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5:00 AM

When was the last time you were surprised?

Just last week! Two times. A tattoo on my daughter's shoulder. And, It really wasn't a surprise per sé, but a wonderful surprise at that!!! Colorado Rockies [baseball team of my home state] won the NL Division Championship Series...sweeping the Philadelphia Phillies!!! [and last night they played the first series of the best 4 out of 7 for the league title, and won!!!]

Fill in the blanks: My eyes are ________, but I wish they were __________.

HUH? This is odd ---Okay, maybe My eyes are tired, but I wish they were not.

If you were a Beanie Baby, what would you look like and what would your name be?

Oh lordy, who comes UP with these? They must lose some sleep now and then, trying to think of them. *giggles*
Let's see, a Beanie Baby...okay, I'd be white, with a blue and orange name would be THUNDER the BRONCO [horse]. Oops, another Colorado team. But so far this season, Thunder, isn't cheering!!!

Main Course
Name two things you consistently do that you consider to be healthy habits.

Walking and walking!!! The third thing I do consistently for health?---More walking.

What brand of toothpaste are you using these days? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Rembrandt. Ya, it's okay. Can't say that I get overly excited about toothpaste tho.

Who comes UP with these?


  1. i loooooove your decorations. as for the tattoo, i had to laugh cuz i nearly had a stroke when i found out my 2 oldest boys got tattoos. your attitude is much more ... um ... free spirited!

  2. Anni,

    The witches shoes are adorable. Imagine finding the candle holders after 20 years.

    I have often been tempted to go and get a tattoo. The only thing that holds me back is finding a tattoo parlor where I'd feel comfortable getting it. Like you, I would only want one. I'd prefer a small one on my shoulder or ankle.


  3. I love your Halloween derations!!!


    Blog warming party tomorrow Friday 12th of Otober.

    Welcome to see my new look..... if you dare....

    Spread the word!

    *ghost giggles*

  4. Cool tatoo! I've wanted one for years, but too uneasy about hepatitis to get one. However, when my daughter found out I wanted one, she promptly went out and got herself one. She designed hers, also, but it's simply an open puzzle piece. Nothing in it, just the outline, and it's on the front of her left shoulder. She used to say she'd get an eye tatooed in her hairline someday so she could honestly tell any kids she might have that she really DID have eyes in the back of her head. But she never did.

    So, um, when do we get to see yours? lol

  5. Anonymous10/11/2007

    i llove the tatoo. and the halloween decrations

  6. That is a wonderful story about finding the matching shoes 20 years later. It does make a cute table piece.

  7. Thank you for the treat!! You are so awesome and your blog shows just how caring and wonderful you are.

  8. Anonymous10/12/2007

    Oh my goodness...This was such a fun post. Just love your Halloween figurines. I bet your house looks really fun with your decorations.

    I have seen some really pretty tattoos and even thought about one for myself. Perhaps if I would have had a buddy to go with I might have done it.

    Love your blog...It is so festive.

    Have a great day,

  9. Thunder would be a DARLING Beanie! I'm surprised he's not already out there!

    Love the witchy shoes too! Amazing story there!!!

  10. Darn, dang og gosh o' mighty - you sure have been a busy witchy bee! I love the witches in arms - they truly reflect the light and the colors are OHHHHHHHHHHHH so Halloweenie - and yes Virginia, there IS a month called Halloween! *S*
    10 years you say??? REALLY?? My, My time flies - I really got to get my butt over there and say howdy - don't you think???
    Happy October from across the pond.

  11. PS - that is some tattoo! Very beautiful and original!
    Me again

  12. I can't wait to decorate for Hallowe'en now!

    Have a great weekend Annie

  13. great feast, love your main course..happy FF! thanks for visiting my site..

  14. Re:Tattoo on your daughter:) You're not a bad Mom! I have 3 tattoo's and my Mom loves it!

    And great feast you have here! As always love your decorations here!

    Mines up here;
    Friday's Feast
    Happy FF!

  15. You're an original lady. I love the Shakespeare quote. Bravo.
    The witches are beautiful (now I'll have to post mine next week!)
    We share a similar soup, I'm afraid! May I have seconds from your Main Course, please?

  16. I absolutely love your Halloween theme...:D

    and Colorado teams huh???

    Happy Feasting.

  17. Good morning Anni, I am so glad you found the matching candle holders for your witch....I love the colors black and purple...You and I should start the baby beanies ourselves...Baba

  18. Great feast!
    And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  19. I love your daughter's tattoo - very original and creative! I got my first tattoo (no, I am not covered, although I do have more than one) when I was 31. Not exactly a teenage rebellion, you know? Anyway, love the tat, love the decorations.

  20. Now I have my mouth open ! I think you are the only mother in the whole world who pushed her daughter to a Tatoo, lol ! Even the once who have one are against now because they had it done very young and then with 70 it doesn't look so nice anymore. Your witches are very cute and your toothpaste very intellectual ! Rembrandt, wow !!

    Thanks for the compliment on my Halloween blogoutfit ! I worked on that the whole morning. The cimetary is a picture I took from Waterloo's cimetary here once for Photo Hunter, I just fooled around with it a bit and the witches were on sale in a supermarket, also a picture from me. Now I prepare one for my cat blog and will also show a Halloween decoration I did (Rosie the kitten helped me) when it's ready I'll tell you.

  21. How lucky to find the matching candle holders with the same colors and finish after all these years. That's amazing.

    Happy Friday.

  22. Such cute Halloween decorations. You sure go all out! It is so fun!

    Have a spooky day! :0) Sharon

    P.S. I'm going to add you as one of my favorites! You are just too cute and fun! Hugs!

  23. Your daughter's tattoo is very cool! :) I've always wanted one but have never done it.

    Great find on the Halloween decorations! Happy Friday!

  24. Thank you for the lovely gift. I love your dining room table!

  25. My daughter came home with a fake tattoo this week. She's only 17, so she can't get a real one yet - though when I was thinking about getting my first one, she cried - so I don't know if she'll ever get a real one or not.

    "My eyes are tired, but I wish they were not." - I laughed out loud at this. Exactly how I feel!

    I walk too - I've been walking every (weekday) morning for 16 years. Oh wow - that's a long time.

  26. Oh, you have a wonderful collection!!
    I love the tattoo, too. Although I would never get one: I am way too afraid of needles, lol!

  27. Hi Anni. Thanks for sharing your lovely Halloween decors. The witches are very cute.

    What a nice surprise. I like the idea of getting a tattoo but so far, I only had temporary ones ~ henna tattoo. It's nice that her tattoo symbolizes many important aspects/persons in her life.

    Thanks for visiting.

  28. I love the way you both designed your own tattoos! I have 3 including dolphins across the bottom of my back, which is special as my auntie got the same one at the same time :-)

  29. I gotta start walking again!! Happy feasting to you.

  30. Your main course will surely make us healthy! Have a great FF! :)

  31. wow! Those decorations are soooo adorable. I just got a cute halloween mug for my birthday. It has witches brew on one side and if the broom fits ride it on the other. I posted pics in my blog of it.

  32. thanks for a great feast and I agree... the questions get stranger every week but I guess that's the fun of it... have a great weekend!


  33. I love her tattoo!! What a wonderful spooky feast served up this week.

  34. Great feast...loved the salad:) Happy FF.

  35. I always have a hard time finding where to comment on your Show and Tell! I hope this is the right place. Cute shoes, did you see my witch shoe on my S&T?


  36. Anonymous10/12/2007

    Fun post. I have four tattos that I wish I had never gotten. They are all hideable but I wish now I didn' have them. It was a spur of the moment thing and now that spur is stabbing me all the time.

    Thanks for stopping by my show and tell

  37. Your site is so fun! I love holiday decorations :) Happy FF

  38. Oooh, your witchies are so cute! I love them. We don't have Hobby Lobby by us anywhere. ::sob::

    I'll live vicariously through you. I want a tattoo but am too chicken. It's very nice!

  39. BTW, Halloween is a way of life (not just a holiday). Hee hee.

  40. Anonymous10/12/2007

    Very cute decor.

  41. My more Halloween fun today!! Just like you loving Halloween!! i always love the look of your blog!! I wish that I could just change mine more often but think i would have to change my name!! smile!1

  42. I love Halloween decorations! The Broncos need to get their act together...I'm hiding my face in embarassment for being a fan. Go Rockies! I hope they make it to the world series so my beloved Red Sox come here to Colorado...;)

    Great feast!

  43. You have a Great Feast! I finally got to use the computer so I got mine done!!! Kelly has gone to work!!
    and Yes, Who does make up these questions!!! ??? Blessings, Carolyn

  44. When I got my first tattoo my mom asked me it was the wash off kind. She is not big on them but I have two and want more. I feel itis a way to express your self and feelings sometimes

  45. hehe, fun feast! I hope your Rockies are playing my Red Sox for the World Series!

    Cute decorations!

  46. Oh my, what a nice collection of witches you have ... and as I can see, you are already in the right mood for halloween!

    Have a great week-end Anni and thanks a lot for passing by my blog this morning!

    Best wishes from Germany, Anita

  47. Great tatoo! I think it is fantastic that she designed it!

  48. The Champagne is flooding over at Lifecruiser and the place is full of ghauls, witches and other scary blogger creatures.

    So, having any blood vessels over for the vampires I've invited tonight?

    *ghostly giggles*

    Oh, and promise: no worms in the champagne glasses!!!

  49. Hi Anni :) Visiting with you is fun! Have a blessed wknd! Q

  50. Cute Halloween decorations and an absolutely "bewitching" blog!

  51. Great Fridays Feast and Photo Hunt! And I absolutely love your Halloween knick-knacks.

    BTW thanks again for the Halloween treat, I passed it along on my blog and lots more are playing!

  52. I understand the surprise about the tattoo :)

    Happy weekend!