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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Fred Flintstone --Eat your heart out! At last someone that is thinking of us drivers who dislike parallel parking so much---so much that this gal would drive to a parking lot 4 blocks away to park diagonally and walk back before attempting to park the car in a tightly 'sealed' off parallel spot on the city street!!! And Freddie baby? Check it don't need to use your muscles NOR your feet any longer....Cool, huh?

TOKYO (Reuters) - For all those drivers that hate parallel parking and anything else that requires the reverse gear, Nissan could one day have the car for you.

A Rotating Car!!!!

The leading Japanese carmaker recently unveiled the Pivo 2, a battery-powered concept car with a fully rotating cabin that makes going backwards obsolete, since the driver can turn to face the direction they need to go.

Its wheels also turn 90 degrees, making parking easier.

Thanks to Yahoo News© October 2007

But, only if it wasn't so ugleeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


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This week, we're to list: "10 Things that Worry You"

I try not to worry. They say ignorance is bliss, and that's so true. If I keep my mind busy on fun and good things in life, there is the 'blissful' ignorance of not having the opportunity to be in a worrying situation.

I honestly don't think I can list TEN. So, I graciously bow out for the week. See you next Tuesday.



Melli over at Insanity Prevails did a terrific job of this meme, and, ...I love food!! I'm not a drinker of alcoholic beverages any longer, but FOOD? Ya baby!!! If I wouldn't fear gaining 20 pounds that I worked so hard to lose about twelve years ago, I'd be eating as I type my answers to this meme. Use the link, "Continue Here"...

How do you like your eggs?
My favorite way is over easy! Not over medium, or over hard...over EASY! But a close 2nd way would be egg salad. I crave egg salad a lot and make sandwiches. Oh I almost forgot, I like Deviled eggs too.

How do you take your coffee/tea?
Nope!!! No coffee. The only tea I drink would be sun tea...decaffeinated, and iced.

Favorite breakfast food?
Anything someone ELSE cooks!! Actually, I don't cook breakfasts. We both fix our own stuff in the morning...Mine is Orange Juice and toast. My favorite breakfast is on Sundays---the Sunday Brunch in a restaurant!! And I will eat and sample EVERYTHING they have on the buffet. If at home, my favorite breakfast food is at night for a snack before bed....Post Cranberry Crunch in skim milk!!

Peanut butter - smooth or crunchy?
Smooth!! But not often. If it were consumed as a sandwich...I tend to over-saturate my peanut butter with BLACK RASPBERRY Preserves. If it's used for cooking?-----I bake the bestest, softest, ooey-gooey peanut butter cookies around!!!

What kind of dressing on your salad?
I've been eating Kraft's French Dressing here of late. For a LONG time the only one I'd eat on salad was Ranch. And the light version at that. But, after about 12 years or so of that on my salads, I took a change for a while. But, I know, and real soon, I'll go back to Light Ranch. There's just something about it. Maybe the sour cream? Ya, that's probably it. The French is lower in cholesterol.

Coke or Pepsi?
Soda? I guess some consider this a food staple for their diets, huh? Neither any more. I quit colas! It used to be Pepsi tho, way back 'then'! Now, it's diet root beer. No caffeine!!! Root beer still has a cola 'kick' to it without the high one would get with Coke of Pepsi.

You’re feeling lazy, what do you make?
This is a FOOD meme right? I woulda said, 'not making whoopie' that's for sure!! Is there such a thing as whoopie pies? Dunno....but I bet it wouldn't be made if I am feeling LAZY!!! Actually, if I am feeling lazy, I wouldn't cook!!! I'd do a phone order!!! And wait for delivery!!! Or fresh [not purchased then frozen] grilled rib-eye steaks...hubby grillin' of course!!

You’re feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order?
See? There ya go!!! I guess lazy and really lazy is different 'cause I woulda ordered pizza when just FEELING lazy. *shrug* Double cheese & black olives on one side...pepperoni and sausage on the other side. 1/2 and 1/2... The cheese is for me and the meaty side is hubby's. And we don't forget to order the tossed salads along with it. After all, this is REALLY lazy, right?

You feel like cooking. What do you make?
Well, when I feel like cooking, it'd be a tasty 3 course meal. No doubt some kind of fish or chicken for the entree. Then either potatoes or rice ---more than likely potatoes. Hubby and I are Irish--you know how the Irish are about potatoes!! And always a tossed green salad. We have salads nightly!! So, being that I'm ready and willing to cook, I would no doubt make a scrumptious dessert!! Pies, puddings, or something fruity. Perhaps mint pecan brownies. But neither of us likes cake that'd more than likely be a pie of some kind.

Do any foods bring back good memories? and dad's holiday MEALS!!! The whole shebang!!! Turkey [or ham---or both sometimes], dressing, mashed potatoes, the best greasy artery-clogging gravy around, fresh cranberries AND cranberry waldorf, candied yams, homemade dinner rolls with real butter, cole slaw, cheese dishes, all kinds of condiments, 2 hot veggies, salads, 3 different kinds of pies, cookies...ya, the WHOLE SHEBANG!!! *drooling* And to snack on while the meal's cooking --crackers and cheese, chips an dip, and stuffed jalapenos along with a huge bowl of 'never-ending supply' of Chex Mix!!!

Do any foods bring back bad memories?
Oh it is, mom again. Her liver and onions! She cooked it the oddest way! She'd soak the liver [this is calves liver] in a god awful milk concoction and then flip flop it in a bread crumb mixture that was nasty and SLOW cook it!! Fried...not stewed, but she cooked it way too slow and low heat...making it so tough it'd gag a maggot!!! Now the onions were okay...grilled in butter. But ewwwww, the liver. And today, I love liver and onions. But I fry it HOT and tender it melts in your mouth. Alas, I don't cook it any more because of my cholesterol count.

Is there a food you refuse to eat?

Okra and oysters. The Big O's 'Nough said!!!!

What was your favorite food as a child?
Hmmmmm, can't remember what my FAVORITE was. I liked just about anything. Now wait...I said just about everything. [see above -mom's liver and onion meals] My dad used to grill hamburgers on the grill. They'd be so big and thick and we'd top them off with cheese, lettuce and tomato---I could not eat a whole one when I was a kid, they were THAT BIG!! Oh ya, and I remember dad making what he called MADE RITES! They too were ground beef, and cooked in beer. Topping that mixture off on a bun and gobs of mustard and diced dill pickles? Yummy.

Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like?

Again, see above, liver and onions. And I wasn't too fond of corn on the cob either. I liked corn, but didn't like the cob part....corn got stuck in my teeth and the luscious butter would drip off and after eating the corn off the cob, the butter sill remained on my plate and I had nothing to sop it up. What a waste of good butter!!!! Today, now I will eat corn on the cob, and HAVE A SLICE OF BREAD ON THE SIDE for the butter leftover.

Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate?
Well, I don't actually HATE the food....but I won't ever eat it again!!! *gagging* ....I over ate mom's warm, just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. I probably had 5 or 6 hot cookies in one sitting....then, when she was done with the 'making' part, I cleaned out the bowl with the cookie batter!----------sicker than a dog with the green apple quick step that night!!! And even today, I even turn up my nose at the Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream.

Favorite fruit and vegetable?
When it comes to picking favorites, it depends on the season. Actually all fruit is good! I love fresh fruit. Summer, my favorite fruit is home-grown tomatoes [yes, they ARE fruit] and Bing Cherries...then later in the summer season, fresh right off the tree peaches, and strawberries. Autumn, Jonathan apples and pomegranates are getting in the stores...[but the peak of the season is early winter]. Winter would be pomegranates once again and fresh bananas. Spring would be bananas and store bought apples - or if there is any left that I froze in the summer, fresh strawberries - or dried fruits like apples, blueberries, apricots and cranberries. Now veggies? Year 'round any kind of lettuce. Tho Romaine is my favorite, I like the bitter sweet taste of Romaine. Anything that can go in a tossed salad....radishes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms [that's fungus I know], cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, even ice berg lettuce....salad would be my all time favorite veggie. Hehehehe

Favorite junk food?
Salty, buttery, hot, popcorn. The theater popcorn is best. I love may not be considered 'junk' food per sé, but it IS fattening. Even cheesy chip dip.

Favorite between meal snack?
Probably peanuts or pistachio nuts. And yes, I love leftover room temperature.

Do you have any weird food habits?
Well, there isn't a category here that should be, I'll add it with the 'weird' section. The weirdest food I've eaten is smoked's not bad. And then to some this would be considered "weird foods" but I love 'em....Rocky Mountain Oysters....nope not the oysters from the sea!! [if your curiosity is piqued, look it up on Google] ---Anyway, to get back to the question: You mean weird food habits like food combinations or style of eating? Well, I guess the weird food combination would be Lays Potato Chips while munching on a slightly green banana. I love the salty/sweet combinations of taste. I always eat my bananas with a handful of chips. Oh....another 'food' that's kinda weird to people is the fact I drink Dill pickle juice. Not a whole lot, just a sip from the jar now and then...I like the dill and vinegary taste. And the style of eating? I eat my salad LAST. Just before the dessert. I don't eat my salad BEFORE or DURING. It's the last thing I consume at the end of the meal. It 'washes' out the mouth just like jostling wines around your mouth to cleanse the pallet.

You’re on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on?
Diet is a four letter word. I don't do diets! If I wish to eat light, I fill up on WATER beforehand. Then, I'm not hungry and a small portioned meal can satiate me without losing the good minerals, vitamins and protein a body needs.

You’re off your diet. Now what would you like?
To reiterate, I don't do diets. So, I would like: to win the lottery!!!! Travel around the world and sample all the world's different cuisines and experience the culinary arts.

How spicy do you order Indian/Thai?
Love spicy!! I can't recall at the moment what kinda pepper they use in their dishes,'s a small but whole smokey red color and dried pepper...but it'll give you a back kick that'll knock you down....and I love it.

Can I get you a drink?
Golly, I'm beginning to feel that I'm quite boring here!!! I am assuming alcoholic beverage here? I used to drink margaritas and Tequiza, and loved my vodka gimlets....but now, it's just water with a twist of lemon. [heart medications keep me from indulging in any beverage with alcohol]

Red wine or white?
Nope. Some day soon, once again, maybe---if I can get off all the meds eventually.

Favorite dessert?
Let's just say, if you set a plate full of iced brownies and then beside that, a pie....I'd eat both!!! At least sample 'em....I can not turn away from these two desserts. And it'd be a long list of 'favorites' for pies---it's easier to list the ones I DON'T like: Pecan [I'd rather save the pecans for the brownies...way too rich in pie] and custard!!! Any other pies you'd see evidence of my consuming them.

The perfect nightcap?
One of our cats wrapped around my head on the pillow!!!! What? Like I said I don't drink. Oh maybe a cold [icy cold!!!] glass of skim milk with a half muffin ---or hot chocolate.


  1. G'Day from he other side of th globe. We don't bother with halloween here much, sounds like fun though. I found you blog on a link from Merle's blog. I enjoyed reading about your food likes and dislikes but I am trying to be good and it made me hungry. I enjoy food too much and have put on a third of what I worked hard to loose earlier this year. You put such a lot into your site. Bye Love Linda.

  2. You drink PICKLE juice??? And you only think MAYBE SOME people might think that weird??? ROFL!!! And Anni... I don't know how to tell ya this... but... bananas are no longer considered HEALTHY if they are consumed with chips on the side! LOL!
    You did have fun with this one didn't ya?! You done good. Glad ya enjoyed it!

    Oh... and the car is ... fascinating! I bet if they ever hit the road SOMEone will call them "cute"... gag me!

  3. I hate liver and onions as well! I'm okay with fried okra. And have never had the nerve to try oysters! Yuck! And hey, pickle juice is okay, once-in-a-while.

    I avoid parallel parking, too, and luckily in the small town where I go to shop, there are plenty of spaces without having to parallel park.

    Your blog is just too much, Anni. I love it.

    All the best,


  4. I loved your answers. But Pickle juice?????? That IS a little weird.
    But I love your nightcap. I have the same one....especially during the winter months.
    Have a good week.

  5. Pickle juice? Oh what the heck- why not? I like and dislike alot of the same things. How many of us have anxiety attacks when thinking about liver?? I would chew, then hide it in a napkin and run out to the bathroom to spit it out. What is it with liver from the 50's??? You'd think our parents were out to poison us! I think liver is an adult food, to be honest, though over here, the kids love liver paste, which is usually home made and tastes great! Nothing like liver on the pan - Oh Yuck!
    Regarding Halloween - go check my blog - hehe.....
    Love Loony

  6. Anni,

    Thanks so much for the lovely treat. I will attempt to link it back to your blog. I'm not exactly sure how to do that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again. I'm honored.


  7. Did I tell you how much I like your blog design? It's so cute!

  8. that car is just odd

  9. You are SO creative! I wish I had your skills.

    And I like that little car, I think it's cute. I know, I'm weird.

    We used to drink pickle juice at the skating rink but I haven't done that years.

  10. My grandsons drink pickle juice and love it!

    You did have fun with this meme!
    I loved reading your likes and dislikes!!

    I still don't care for liver and onions.... My Mom made it all the time for my Dad! love ya, Carolyn

  11. Thank you so much for the gift! It is the 1st one I have ever gotten since I started blogging. Thanks again, Anni.

  12. Hi I found your blog from my sister's blog. Crystal Martin. Memiors of a mommy. I totally love your blog it's awesome. Halloween is my favorite holiday and this blog puts me in the season.