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Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
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From Irving Berlin's lyrics:

What'll I do with just a photograph
To tell my troubles to?

When I'm alone
With only dreams of you
That won't come true
What'll I do?

Now what'll I do? Where do I go from here? I'm so confused! For whom do I cheer? Which team? I just can't......

...I can't believe this!! My two 'home teams' won. Both teams that are now pitted against each other for the division title this season are teams I had the privilege of going to their games since the franchises were infantile! The Arizona Diamondbacks swept their playoff series last night! Altho, I was fretting the D'Backs pitcher; I thought he was terrible, and couldn't understand just why they kept him in, playing! Guess Mr. Melvin knows best. *shrug* Do I cheer with this home team? [We were living in Arizona when the D'backs came alive as a franchise and formed a winning team---they beat the Yankees in the World Series in 2001!! That was a fantastic team back then!! Wow, I can still see the winning hit in the 7th game!!!] Last night, they swept the playoff games ---they did the clean sweep with the Chicago Cubs!!

Then, there's "my" ROX [Colorado Rockies]!! I lived in Colorado from 1954-1995 ...41 years! I grew up in Colorado. I graduated in Colorado. I married in kids were born whole livelihood was in this state. Up until hubby retired and we moved to the warm climes of Arizona. I saw the first game ever for the Rockies. We traveled to Tucson from our home in Colorado each Spring break to watch a few of the Spring Training games....I've been an avid follower of the Rockies ever since! Then, when we moved to Tucson, we were just minutes from their training field! And when the new TEP park was completed, we attended most home games for the D'Backs and then their 'off or travel days'...we attended the Rockies games at the Reid Park [Hi Corbett Field]! Last night --another clean sweep against the Phillies.

What a dilemma I'm in! Who to choose? I just can't pick sides. I'll be happy to see either team in the World Series! But deep down, I think, I feel more strongly for my Colorado home team. The D'Backs, as I said, have been there done this!! They have a World Series Title. The players of that era, six years ago, have their diamond rings! Colorado has yet to go to a Fall Classic! I think secretly, deeply, I will quietly root for my ROX!! [And if they DO whip D'backs rattles---I'll cry. No, I'll probably sob!!!]

So, come October 11th--I'll be in front of the TV. I'll be wearing my purple Rockies garb and have my D'Back's snake and rattle. The clamour I make will be just as if I were in the stadium personally!! I can't wait. Bring it on!!!!!

The first division championship game? Pitchers? My two favorites...oh lordy, ---Brandon Webb [Az] and Jeffrey Francis [Co]--- Two of the best all around, this season!!!


Funny story behind this all, is, at the beginning of the season, I joked! I joked to hubby, suggesting that the D'Backs and Rockies were gonna be pitted against each other in the playoff games! He laughed and snubbed the idea. He swore the Rockies wouldn't get far. Well, now here they are, here we are---a little joke turned to reality. NOW what'll I do? *sigh* Awwwwwwww, what the heck!!! Come on Rockies!!! Be strong like you've been all season...tear the rattlers off the D'Backs tails!!! [did I just say that]? Hope I didn't jinx them. I've been known to do that.


"In the BIG INNING..." -- God, as related in Genesis 1:1. Proof God invented baseball.


  1. I had the same problem with the Phil's and the Rockies! Glad the Rockies won. I'm all Colorado now, I've past the mark where I've lived here longer. Son born here, that makes me semi-native right?

    A friend is flying in from Philly today, now I can jab him a little.

    Where did you live in CO?

  2. LOL!!

    Oh,my!! What a funny situation for you!!

    You'll be both happy and sad- however it comes out!!


  3. Hi Anni ~~ What a problem you have.
    My team was second last this year, so
    no problems there. You could too a coin? Thank you so much for your visit and very kind words. I am glad
    that you enjoy my posts and the jokes
    make you smile. I am no Treasure,
    Anni. I just enjoy gathering bits and pieces to post. I am always glad of any jokes etc, so would be happy to receive one from you. Take care,
    my friend. Love, Merle.

  4. That's all chinese to me, lol ! I really don't know what you are talking about. I don't even know the different sports here not even the so famous soccer (football) ! My son was here over the weekend and just left, was nice to see each other again.

  5. Anni,

    You certainly had a conundrum here. I love the part about you predicting early in the season that the teams would face each other. I think that is hilarious. I would have loved to have seen the look on your hubby's face when your prediction came true.

    Thanks for stoping over to my Writing Nook. Your visit was very much enjoyed and you're welcome anytime.


  6. Thank you for the treat! :) What a great idea. :) I will definitely "pay it forward" tomorrow. :)

  7. Thank you so much for the treat!!
    I Love that icon!! I will be happy to pass this out. You are so neat to think of me! Thank You so much! This is a treat!!!

    The Chiefs are on TV right now so I will be back later to pick this up and pass it out! You know how I am about the Chiefs!! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  8. Ok, the chiefs lost..... I have the Sweet Treat up and now I am going out and tell them to come and get a treat!! Thanks again!! This was so fun!! Carolyn

  9. A virtual Halloween!

  10. ROFLMBO!!! Ohhhhh booooy! What ARE you gonna do!? Holy cow! If I was worried about your heart before, I'm POSITIVE we need to pull the plug on that TV of yours now!!! Good thing it's IMPOSSIBLE for them to come up against each other in the WS!

    Well... I suspect that no matter what happens in the playoffs, you'll get over it and be HAPPY to have someone TO cheer for in the Series! Right?

  11. Good evening Anni, I have been gone all day and just got on my computer and found my treat from you....I love candied apples.... Thank you very much.. I will pay it forward soon..
    You have the perfect blog for Halloween... Baba

  12. Well... Hootin' Anni, I have paid it forward five times....Come see. Baba

  13. Thank you for your sweet and yummy treat! I love caramel apples and I will definitely be handing out some on my blog this week....

  14. Hi Anni. You're very sweet to create your own treat. Talk to Grams passed the award to me. It's always nice to meet someone new thru blogging.