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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I can see by this photo that my jowl and neck are still a bit off from the procedure done a couple of weeks ago. Which reminds me, I have to go in to work the treadmill tomorrow at the physician's office. Oh dear me!! I don't wanna!!! And some days I feel as tired as I look. But, here I am, doing something I like to do....draw with a pencil! And I fell in love with the witch that I'm using on my blog's themed template. I wanted to try my best to draw her. So, I sit down with the paintshop tube open in front of me, and I copied it and put it on a white 600x800 image. Then, began from there by enlarging it to fit my monitor screen to be able to see a bit of the details of the tubed image. By enlarging it quite a bit, the image becomes pixelated, but I can get the idea of where the shading should be.

Once I had the outline drawn in 'regular pencil', I began working on the facial features and the fingers, hair and hatband. Then, after about an hour or so, I put it away. I find if I work too long on some of the art work, I tend to make too many errors and frustration shows its ugly face and I crumple it all up, not to attempt for a 2nd time.

Today, after I went to Hobby Lobby for a small skein of 'eyelash' yarn for another Halloween project I started, and after going out for our lunch, I came home, took out the pencil sketch and began once again. Hoping to have it finished by later in the afternoon so I could begin working on finishing the other craft work. And while I was using my heavy-lead sketching pencils to fill in the darker areas, I got an idea to use my pastels afterward. Well, don't laugh, but since we relocated to Texas, I can't find 'em...and I don't know where I packed them, if indeed I even packed them at all!! I may have donated that along with a lot of other things when we moved. *shrug*

Well, the pastels were out of the question. So, I borrowed hubby's colored pencils after I got the shading done and felt comfortable that it was okay. I wanted to add color. From the image on my blog you can see that the cauldron goes all the way across the witch's right side...I wanted a bit more of her arm. So, I made the cauldron a bit smaller than was in the image and added her right arm a bit. So she has a bit of color and a 2nd arm. I tried to use the coloration of the same. I'm satisfied. Maybe someday I'll have Bud make a frame for it. For now, she'll go in my portfolio of sketches.


  1. I am in awe! I attempted to draw a few things on the chalkboard last night at Catechism Class and it was horrendous! The kids made me promise to take some art classes before I tried the next time.

  2. Gosh Anni! That's fantastic! Did you ever take art lessons or did you just teach yourself. Great job!!!

  3. Well, Moogs, I took art in high school. But, that's all I've ever had. And when I think about it, there was never any 'drawing' involved. Thanks dear friend.

  4. Sandy...I'm sure your art wasn't that bad...they were just teasing you. Glad you like it.

  5. Nicely done Anni! She's lookin' bootiful!

  6. Wow you are such a great artist - I love that!
    Happy Halloween soon!

  7. Wow!

    That drawing looks real good to me!

  8. Anonymous10/11/2007

    I love yoour art work

  9. I seriously envy people who can take a thought and put it to paper. I'm just not coordinated in that way. Crafty, yes. Artistic - not so much. Much like sewing, I think it's just something ingrained in certain people's DNA. (My sister can sew like mad. Again, me, not so much.)

    Your witch is LOVELY!!

  10. Love the new haircut!
    Have a great weekend..:)

  11. Love the drawing! With all the technology going on (and yes, I do love drawing with my mouse), people consider a pencil drawing old fashioned. They've probably never experienced the feeling you get once you've created something you can actually hold - unlike all the computer graphics. Not the mention the smell of the pencil and eraser (or is that just me being silly?)

  12. Anonymous3/19/2010

    Thank you for the pleasant discovery of your colors of the wind page. I cried when I heard it today although I heard it so many times in the past . It made me realizre that my love of all Gods creation is at my very core. God bless you.