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Today, on this fine Autumn Monday, our hostess is Pamela, and she requests this:

"I want to see what you see on any given morning this week; from somewhere very near where you live. Front porch, back porch, down the street, around the corner. Just makes sure it's your neighborhood. Post a photo that will send me to the travel agent to book a weekend at your local Bed & Breakfast."


Well, my immediate neighborhood is a cramped subdivision, and not much to show off but homes, homes, and more homes....who wants to see that? So, I'll take the trip for Monday a bit further, into the city to attract your attention to the surrounding beauty [this is the part where Pamela says "very near where you live"]--well, this round trip is total 20 minutes' drive -across this freeway and around that expressway --all within spittin' distance of my home.....

Besides, the nasty mosquitoes in our yard are havoc on my body....nope, nope, nope...I'm not going out there!! Okay, I will begin here at home. As you come through our front door these days, you'll first get your eyes full of this wreath I made for the 'season'!! The wreath is grapevine, wrapped and swaddled in Spanish Moss and black maple leaves, with a faint hint of spider webbing. The buzzard is perched near a headstone marking H. E. Gowan Down. [he going down].

As you step down into the sunken living room from the front door foyer, to your right is the big window looking off the front porch into the front yard. In this photo, looking out toward the street we live on, through the hurricane shutters, the morning sun is peaking over the horizon. We have a yellow trumpet bush near the brick column and a mountain cherry tree with its twisted trunk.

Then, from the living room window, looking past the fireplace on the exterior wall, you can see part of the dining room. The dining room floorplan has an angled wall for the exterior wall, and an angled division wall that divides the kitchen from the dining room. This is looking out one of the three windows, into the backyard, off the patio. You'll have to look through the palms sitting on the patio to the flowerbed filled with roses, texas sage, bird of paradise and canna lilies!!! [again, you're looking from the interior to outdoors through hurricane shutters] When I do go walking in the morning, if I walk the immediate neighborhood, I take nothing with me but my cell phone. So the only chance of showing you a bit of the city's close areas to our home, I'll hop in the car and stop around the round trip vicinity to show you a bit here and there. All in all, it's about 20 minutes' drive round trip. So relax and let me do the driving.....


Now, for a few treats for the season...In and around town. The word neighborhood is defined as 'vicinity' or 'surrounding area' And while driving in the vicinity of our area, just minutes away from our house....These I share:

From this photo if you look closer, some 300 miles from here is still the devastation of the hurricane Katrina and what's left of New Orleans!! With this photo you can see that the water currents of the ocean are quiet and still. [I was wading in the gulf just the other day, and I can say with all honesty that the water temp dropped from 'bathing' temp to a cold shower!! I don't think there's any worries about destructive storms any time soon. ]

But, Corpus Christi is not all about hurricanes!! There is a lot to offer here, just a few minutes from our home! Here, is one of the many historical homes from the area. We have a special area called "Heritage Park" where many of the mansions and small plantation homes have been relocated for historical purposes --and, saved for future generations and still allow for progress of a modern city.

This is a very common sight around the T-head! The 'wharf'. Pelicans perched on piers. With yachts and shrimpers docked in their specific spaces. On a clear beautiful day, it's enjoyable to just sit on the seawall and watch the waterfowl diving for the fish in the calm waters between the breakwater and the seawall. Again, if the traffic lights are green all the way to the T-head, it's about 5 minutes from home.

Just a couple minutes' drive from the seawall, across the ship's channel, is a museum of Corpus Christi's history and science. Here in this photo is a display of the first crowning gown of the "Queen of the Buccaneer Days" which is of significant historical value of the city. "Another colorful bit of Corpus Christi's history has its setting in the early 1800's, when Pirate Jean Lafitte and his band of pirates plundered and pilfered trading ships plying the waters of the Gulf of Mexico." The first celebrating of Buccaneer Days was 1938 to remember the rich history of the Spanish and the Pirates.

And, heading back from the city to our subdivision, we cross the Corpus Christi Bay Bridge. This is taken from the museum...we're UNDER the bridge right now getting into our car to return home. We go drive a piece, and circle around and climb up and over the ships' channel, heading back to Interstate 37 and Crosstown Expressway.

On the city's side of the bridge, just off to the right is an historic graveyard which we visited during our round trip for Fun Monday....but that'll be later in the month. A bit closer to Halloween. What better time to show the eerie historical and dilapidated headstones of yesteryear? You see, I am supposed to be 'selling' Pamela on the idea of wanting to spend some time here at a B&B ---telling her about the haunts in the city [literally] ---she'd not return!!! So, come back soon. Hope you enjoyed what's just "outside my yard" Fun Monday!!!

Next week's Hostess is Janet.


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  1. Wow, that sure is lush where you are.

  2. love to sit by the water side and watch the world go by.

  3. Anni, thank you! How cute and fun! :)

  4. I have never been to Corpus Christi. You have convinced me to visit. I am packing the bags right now. Will you call my boss?

    Anni,I love your Hallloween trappings.

  5. I've never been to Texas, though I'm finding there are a lot of cool bloggers there.

    But then there's the whole George Bush thing. Can't yall do something about that guy?

    Loved the pics. I wanna stick my toes in the gulf, too. now.

  6. very fun! thank you for the peek into your world.

  7. Wow! What a 'loverly' decorated place you have here. And who gave you permission to use me as one of those decorations? **wink**
    Great post. I had to go back and read it because I was so captivated by the October glamour everywhere.
    I was born in Texas and still love that state...most of the time...Go Sooners!

  8. Hi Anni,

    I enjoyed the tour of your town!
    It's very pretty and I'd love to visit there someday!

    Hope you're doing well these days.


  9. Wow, beautiful pictures.

    What's up with the mosquito's this year? I'm like a human buffet.

  10. Ah, another coastal dweller. I've moved inland by about 20 miles, but I used to be about 8 miles in and saw gulf water nearly every day... Hurricanes were a big factor in moving inland. We couldn't get house insurance anymore.

  11. Corpus Christi looks like a nice place to live.

  12. Love the pictures. It looks so manicured and wonderful there. We had a one hour lay over in Texas, Dallas I think, and we were heading home to VA from CA. We stayed in the airport and I remember walking off the plane and feeling the humidity through the cracks. It felt like VA.

  13. I just called my travel agent. (:

    Hurricane shutters?? whooooo - I'll be checking out the weather reports before I show up.

    I could smell the salt air when I saw the ocean. I so love the ocean. But on the west coast (Oregon & Washington, the water is so cold it aches the bones)

  14. Whew! What a great whirlwind tour of your beautiful town!

  15. I wanna come visit. It looks like a lot to see and it is much different than here at this time of year. With all your spookies about, I can see why you are suspicious of the bee hives. I assure you, I got close; there were bees.

  16. Palm That was a fun tour, thanks!

  17. What a great tour Anni! The BEST part of Corpus though is of course - the GULF! I love that shot looking through the trees! Gorgeous!

  18. Anni,

    Beautiful photos! I enjoyed the tour. I've never been to Texas but do hope to visit one day. I'll have to be sure to put Corpus Christi on my list of places to see.

    Thanks for sharing.


  19. Ah, I had a lovely stroll, it was wonderful, thanks :-)

    Love to take a dip in the sea, well, maybe just with a toe.... *giggles*

  20. A Texas girl who loves Halloween?


  21. Hello dear Anni:-) Thank you so much for coming by with wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, very much appreciated! I'm just waiting for my mom & Ross to arrive so I've got a bit of time to visit some of my favourite people:-) I so enjoyed seeing parts of your beautiful it all is!! Hmmm, I'm wondering how long it would take me to drive there??? lol I'm so in love with all your Halloween decorations, you are definitely the Queen of Halloween!! hehe Love ya! xoxo

  22. I love the mansion!! Beautiful! I also love the pelicans at the wharf. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!!

  23. hello. I found your blog from Junebugs. You're all decorated for Halloween! I just wanted to stop by to say hello!

  24. I loved your tour! and the ocean view! Ohhhhh! I loved it!!

  25. I love your harbor views. You have a great downtown, too. And, you are on the water (despite the tendency for it to be chalky brown) & that is the best part.

  26. Your site is awesome! I have not visited often. Do you go all out for all the holidays or just Hallowe'en? Great time visiting. Thanks...and to reference the Bard, also? Awesome.

  27. I would certainly book your B&B
    Great Halloween idea :)
    Thanks so much for your visit and bday wishes, I had so much fun I might change my opinion about my own bdays, lol!

  28. you live in Corpus? my husband has step-family in the area. cool.

  29. great tour! you've got a nice view from your living room window. so much green!

  30. it looks so green and tropical. I want o come visit some day.

  31. Thanks for visiting me...I posted some more pictures that might interest you....if you're a Pioneer Woman reader especially....lovely photos of yours, my daughter has been to Corpus Christi a couple of times.

  32. well this is a mighty incredible blog site you have..

    I am inpressed...I will have to visit more often...


  33. You are a creative feast! Love the CC photos and history and the art is great.

  34. Haha, I just love your wreath! Cracked me up.
    Looks like a gorgeous area you live in!

  35. I've never been to Corpus Christi it was nice to see so many pictures of the sights there!

  36. Hi Anni ~~ I enjoyed seeing where you live and the photos are great. Loved the tombstone !! Thanks for your comments and the joke which I posted last night. Glad you liked my friend's orchid. It is beautiful.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  37. You know, I think I can just make out the Katrina effects on New

    Nice little tour--but I'm waiting for the spooky tour, myself!

  38. Wow ! it looks like if you live in a beautiful area ! Didn't know that it was that close to New Orleans ! But next time you take pictures of your house's outside take these storm things off, I couldn't see properly and I am very curious, lol !
    I am sure you were born in a haunted castle (probably Ireland) in your former life and there are still some left overs in your life today !!

  39. How, how, how did I miss your Fun Monday? Well at least I'm here now. I didn't realize you lived in Corpus. hmmm. We lived there for 9 months, then moved up here. :) We really liked the beach and our home, I hated to leave that home (Cal Allen, Wood River) but I hated the heat.

    Beautiful photos!

  40. In all the years I was in Texas, I was only in Corpus Christi a few times - and not for long. I would love to go back and see the historic homes again. And LOVE your wreath, btw!

  41. I practically live in Corpus! I'll have to check out your Halloween decorations when I'm there next (probably Thanksgiving). Meet me at "My Favorite Muffin" for a bagel?

  42. It's taken me a long time to get around to reading all the FM it's almost time for the next one!
    These photos look very appealing, you gave us a great tour.