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"America's future is not written by our enemies... America's future is written by our heroes."
~9/11/2018 * Patriots' Day

...a Beautifull Day in the Neighborhood!

The sky was clear, the sky was blue...the sky was awesome!! The day was perfect after a frost that blanketed the grounds before sunrise. I waited until I thought the grassy path to Pollywog Ponds was dry from the freeze so my feet wouldn't get too wet and cold. Everything was fresh and clean. Some of the trees were changing color while some were already barren. All was quiet. I was the only one out walking in the area. Hawks were soaring silently above, very few early birds were in the forest. By the time I got to the ponds I had to stop and turn around. The river was still at flood stage, and the grasses around the water weren't  mowed, and I didn't want to take any chances going further....besides, with the lakes so full, the waterfowl was nearly nil. Two birds floated on the surface, a Coot and a Pied Billed Grebe. I turned around and when I made my way back to where the car was parked, I headed to my next destination....another park in of my favorite 'hotspots' for birding; Bazemore Park. But, when I arrived there, the two entrance park roads were blocked off..."Park Road Closed". All, again, because the river was way out of its banks, flooding the roads and the park grounds. The only area open for anyone was the Hawkwatch Platform. I parked there and climbed the platform to see only a mockingbird, a woodpecker, and two deer.

Here's what I saw at Pollywog Ponds...

At Bazemore Park...

The remaining water seen on the grounds is still from the previous flooding.

Then, off the hawkwatch platform a beautiful pair of deer! The doe was only there for a fleeting few minutes before she dashed off into the shrubbery....the buck remained feeding, but alert to all the noises and movements.