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"Don't Fence Me In..."

Secretly, I had good intentions of posting another, entirely different fence this week.  An attractive white picket fence.   But, since we traveled along the Mexico/USA border at the edge of the Rio Grande River last week, Bud and I saw several areas of open fields with this monstrous fence ...here and there, sporadically...never a solid horizon to horizon fence. Which seems odd. Trust me, along several sections of the highway and open fields there was NO fence. And at other times the fence was there. In my political stance here, I'm wondering just how this can be effective in its purpose? Makes no sense to me, and a waste of tax payers' money!!!! There were, seriously, sections of no fence where a trio of semi-tractor trucks could easily drive thru the opened area side by side, abreast. And one area where we had to go to get to a birding sanctuary, there was no fence at all on the road that crossed the railroad tracks...yet, there was a fence on each side of the road with a Border Patrol vehicle parked alongside the road?!! [last photo...as you can see, the border fence to the right of the Border Patrol vehicle] Say what? More money ...this time in wages and vehicle expense!!

Okay, enough of my babbling...this fence is something you don't see every day. Unless of course you live along the U. S. Borders. Funny, we lived in Tucson AZ for a decade and never saw the likes when traveling to border towns like Nogales and Douglas...just never paid any mind to it back then. Go on a vacation to south Texas and see partial sections all over the place. And obviously, the fence isn't keeping the illegals and contraband from getting to our country...if it was working, why, then, do they have border inspection stations, stopping traffic to have the K-9s sniff out for drugs in vehicles, and more agents checking trunks and running a mirror on the underside of your vehicles?!! I ask, is this making any sense? The illegals are going to get here if they want to badly enough...somehow. The fence is NOT stopping them.

THINK ABOUT IT --- picture this. A van load of illegals and the driver [called coyotes] KNOWS where the inspection stations are, right? Okay...say about a couple miles BEFORE the driver gets to the border patrol station, he stops and lets the illegals out from 'point A' to walk to the OTHER side of the border patrol station....picks them up from the planned marker at 'point B', then drives away with little known action from any one patrol agent!! Unseen and unnoticed. Oh, and not to mention tunneling or arriving by boat along the Gulf of Mexico to add a few other ways.

Things that make you go "hmmmmmm".

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