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Mad Egret, Mad March Winds, & Survival Madness

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NOW THE CHALLENGE if you choose to accept it

Can you hear the Mission Impossible Theme Song?
This won't self destruct tho ---

......I took the liberty of moving this section from a previous post here so it won't be lost in the mix of other blog posts... I spotted this "A" for Anni in the scrub-brush, wooded area and thought I'd challenge y'all!! If you have a camera, would you be willing to search high and low for your initial in any natural state - i.e., branch, shadow, water ripples, flower petal, a leaf...anything? For your first name? Like my "A". Can you see it?  The linking tool will close on March 31st!!!

Pass it on to get more involved!!!


Reflections of Springtime in Texas!

Awwwwww, Spring! Nothing could be finer. Well, maybe Autumn. But that is a close 2nd when it comes to welcoming the newness and awakening of a new, fresh season. The deep blue skies, the new births they animals or crops 'springing' up in the rich, black soil around here. The cotton plants are nearly 6 inches in height already in the fields!! Or maybe some newly hatched chicks or the bird life all around busying themselves; building new homes. It's such a glorious time of year. On our short daytime excursions here and there, I am seeing all kinds of 'new' delights that refreshes and brightens my day. I went 'shopping' for photo opportunities from fences, macros, beautiful Spring skies with a threat of Spring rains or a deep indigo with happy clouds, Spring colors of yellow and green. Oh and anything newborn. I found all I was shopping for and share. Wanna come along?...

Reflection of a Snowy Egret
A beautiful sky!
A couple of NEWBORNS
"Auntie Santa Gertrudis and Nephew Calf"  Her calf is hidden behind Nephew
Mama & Baby Girl
Closeup of Redhead Ducks & a Blue Winged Teal
Pond from Rainwater
Prairie Wildflowers
Multiple Fencing
Ranch & Fencing...Pond & Northern Shoveler Ducks in Flight

...and we didn't have to leave home to find more Springtime Goodies. In fact, in our own back yard. Coming to a post soon...


ONE: “And the Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Complete Poems

TWO: If you have Windows 8 version...or later [I think there is a Windows 8.1] and you like the program but detest the "Charms Bar" when you move your mouse over to the far right side of your window monitor...I finally figured out a "fix" to rid myself of the annoyance. LOL

Here's how:

Right click on the taskbar [the active bar that is at the bottom of your window...the bar that has the date, time, volume, etc ---
Find Properties. Click on Properties. When that opens, click on the "Navigation" Tab. You'll then read "Corner Navigation". Scroll down just below 'corner navigation' and check the radio button "When I point to the upper right hand corner, show me the Charms Bar." Once that is checked, click "Apply" and then "Okay". Done. Simple. And no need to mess with the registry!!!

No more charms sliding in if you move your mouse around. Except when you WANT it...clicking on the upper right hand corner of your monitor.

THREE: My recent read is entitled Holy Fools; of which I'm about half way through. Written by Joanne Harris who also wrote a good story and made into a movie:  "Chocolat". Her words flow so easily and the storyline is light with a bit of mystery and charm of a world between a carnival act, a love affair, and a gal who bore a child out of wedlock to end up hiding out in an abbey in the 1600s. All the twist and turns in her young adulthood and the man she once adored comes to life with a longing to not put the book down so the pages keep turning. For her, and the leading man, it's a love/hate relationship that, for now, reveals much turmoil and high emotions.

FOUR: Wednesday last I had a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist. I will schedule an appointment with the ER surgeon in three months following my doctor's request/suggestion. The EKG performed this past week showed well. There have been no complications and I feel good. Exercise is still limited, travel should continue to be short flights for now. But, after the 3 month visit I should get a 'go ahead' with life as normal as possible....if all goes as well as this past month.

FIVE: Soon, the sound of the cracking!! Contact between the ball from the pitcher's mound to the home plate!! Baseball season. I love baseball.