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Step Right Up...the Main Attraction today is....

A drive to the island on Saturday morning, I stopped several times along the way 'cause raptors and kingfishers were hanging to the power lines, and atop the power poles. I saw hawks, kingfishers, osprey, American kestrels, more grackles than I could chart, cormorants...all perched high above the highway. Pulling off the road onto the shoulders and ditches away from the traffic flow, I took photos and drove on. It took me a lot longer than normal to arrive at my first stop. Once I arrived, I walked up the ramp to the observation deck and boardwalk, and the lake was truly a sea of white!! This photo really doesn't show you the numbers of winter migrants!! White pelicans by the hundreds, dozens of egrets, and a huge number of white ibis. Of course there were other birds, with the likes of heron, egrets, stilts, gulls, ducks. But....the highlight was one of the resident alligators just 3-4 feet away from the boardwalk, in shallow water! It was amazing to me to see this massive creature so up close. It was sleeping in the warm sun. I took photos of course, and took time to use the zoom lens to filter through the shallow swampy water to get details of its feet. Come, take a look....

These two look like they were cropped  - but they are TWO different photos.  Just in sequence as they came off the camera card.

Once all the birders on the deck realized and saw me leaning over the railing with my camera, they decided to investigate what I was taking photos of, and eventually a crowd gathered. I then left this area for my 2nd hotspot...

After the massive waterfowl crowding the lake, this next area was very quiet. Five ducks [blue teals] and one lone warbler greeted me only. I left shortly after taking photos. Can you see the warbler in the reed grasses?

Look...Upper left center.