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No Pot of Gold...But I've Seen Rainbows Galore

First and foremost, I want to relay my deepest and heart felt thank you to all who have stopped by and left such endearing condolences for the loss in our family. Your thoughts and prayers lifted my spirits. I really, really found comfort with your kind words.

Now...I get back to regular blogging.

To recap, I began painting a couple of weeks ago; my most recent project.  This is my created rainbow of colors..

I started with a sketch as seen here and then blending some colors for the background complexion to appear a bit 'swampy' on a  hot summer's day. While I let the first step of painting dry overnight, I studied over and over the size, shape and feather colors of the wood duck, so I could have the 'model' etched on my brain to begin painting in the details. By the way, this duck, I have only seen once in my lifetime...and that was decades ago when I lived in Colorado. Now, I am on a quest to find one in Texas. So far, no wood ducks have been photographed...but I keep hoping. Some day, I will spot one hidden in the reed grasses and sneak up on it before it flies off and get a photo to add to my bird photo collection. Some day!!!  Working a bit on it here and there, while allowing certain areas of paint to dry before continuing to add more elements, the colors and shape of the duck began to form, revealing the duck I would like to see again in real time. I know they are in south Texas; I've had emails from other birders telling me they have spotted them. In the meantime, I will have only this to remind me of my quest. When the painting was near complete, I added the minute details of feathers and markings and framed it. It's now part of my dining room wall of my other bird paintings of the Indigo Bunting, Cardinal, Tri-colored Heron, Brown Pelican, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, and Great Blue Heron.

"Silent Wings"

- - -

I'm always raring to go walking for the exercise and fresh air!! And check know....those feathered beasties that sometimes elude my camera lens...
There are days when we're out with our binoculars but only a few birds, if any, are seen. That's when I begin looking at my surroundings. One day it may be the wonders of the sky...
Seen high above...a flock of Sandhill Cranes!
The sun rays warmed my soul!

...other times I see sun drenched tidal pools with the sea breeze creating ripples that dazzle the eyes like diamonds...

...the colors of the rainbow are everywhere:

...other times, the unique or 'one of a kind'. Some things you just don't see everyday! Like...

---or, nature's hearts!

...even, at times, city ordinances show a rainbow of color!

SO NEXT TIME SOMEONE TELLS YOU TO Take a Hike! - Take in the colors and shapes around you.