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As the song lyrics go...

"First the Tide, rushes in....."

In our area, high tide was an exceptional dilemma the night of Thanksgiving and morning after.  Friday, to avoid the congested streets in town with holiday shoppers out and about searching for that special money saving deal, we decided to drive to the islands for a morning outing and as we turned to head to Mustang Island from NORTH Padre Island we could see down the highway that Port A and Mustang Island was getting heavy rains. We then turned off onto the beach access road and headed to the channel to do our walking instead. The day was overcast, warm and balmy with a slight sea breeze. As we got out from the car the roar of the channel about 1/2 mile from where we parked was slightly a waterfall cascading from high above!!! Rarely is this heard along the channel. Most days/nights it's calm and very few ripples, if not glass like.

The high tide was higher than normal, and yet receding. There was a lot of muddied surf at the water drenched beaches and ankle-deep, washed up sand on the walkway everywhere when we finally arrived at the jetty. And the wave action along the channel and out to sea was higher than normal also...there must have been a storm out in the Gulf somewhere. Bud and I were mesmerized by the force, the danger, the beauty, the sounds, the colors, the curls, the spray!!

Be careful!! The jetty is wet and very slick. Keep your feet firmly planted and hang on to the fence railing!!

I'm keeping the images small [all but the first and last one] for loading time; you can click on them to enlarge---

Across the channel, another jetty and some of the hotels can be seen. The fog was drifting ashore. Joggers and local residents/hotel guests were taking advantage of a quiet morning with exercising and watching the turmoil and rolling surf! One foolish gal was testing fate! I don't know if she should've been deemed 'brave' or 'stupid'...but she defied the force and let the waves bash up against her body; thankfully, I didn't have to witness her being washed out in the Gulf!! One family outing was cut short; in a boat [shortly after I mentioned to Bud "I'm surprised there aren't any boaters trying their luck at fishing out here in this mess!"]. Their boat surely would have been capsized if they continued, but they turned around and left the sea only to try another day....I hope!

...and of course the bird life. Along the calmer length of channel, we found egrets, herons, willets, turnstones, pelicans, terns, one osprey, a caracara [Mexican Eagle], sandpipers of many kinds along with sea gulls of course. And as we were leaving, along the access road, one lone meadowlark.

Caracara aka Mexican Eagle

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