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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out
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Yesterday was a good day even tho when and where I walked, the park was once again closed after I arrived. The gates were locked shut on the one side  [Corpus Christi, Texas], and standing water was blocking the path on the other side [Portland, Texas]. I left almost as soon as I arrived since I couldn't drive into the pier area or walk to the observation deck. Driving to the other side of the park through the entrance road, I found standing water on the lane with a cautionary sign. I know the road, and knew it wasn't that dangerous to drive through and the water wasn't deep...I just slowed down and crept through. Getting out, I began walking the trail only to find there was water on the trail. We have had exceptionally high tides this past month because the moon being closer to earth, and these ponds being tidal ponds, there wasn't a chance for me to walk any further. I left, and went shopping; afterward getting a pizza to take home for our lunch later that day!! lol

Tho, it was a disappointing morning for birding, it turned out okay. I read mostly. Then, the late starting championship game between the Yankees and the Astros. The series was tied 3 wins each; this last game was winner takes the pennant and will be pitted against the LA Dodgers in the fall classic, the world series! After the nine innings, 3 hours later at Minute Maid Park in Houston, the Astros advanced....American League Champions. The Yankees went home!! I'm excited and hope it will be a win and title "World Champions" for Houston. Something GOOD just has to come to the city after this big loss from H. Harvey and the devastation left behind its wake!!!

Tuesday evening, I'll be glued to the TV!!!