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Take a Hike!!

Saturday morning I took a hike to the bay...Oso Bay. I was curious to see how the construction is going on with the new nature learning center and the multiple trails that weave in and out of the shrub chaparral areas before ending at a small area that is covered with bay water. The area was teeming with cottontail rabbits and birds. Plus the wildflowers, which I look for when I'm out walking trails, were blooming just about everywhere!!

I only got up to 7400 steps that morning...HOT and very VERY sultry. Too hot for me, so I left for home in my car with AC on high in hopes Bud had the laundry folded and the AC on high at home too. [He had both done!! What a guy.]

Anyway, my tale for this past week or so goes like this: many different dove species reside year 'round in South Texas. I happen to capture them often 'on film', along with others such as pelicans and seagulls. Here are some doves [Inca Doves] perched on brown pelican that had 'gone fishing' along a fence line in the boat channel that separates Padre Island from Mustang Island. Then, the two seagulls were there to greet us one morning, early, perched as a couple of docents on a fence post, at the National Seashore Park to voluntarily guide us down the boardwalk incline to the beach:  One gull seems to be telling us to head "due South" while the other one on the right thinks "the trail to the left is better".

One day, while on Mustang Island, I sat on the jetty for a long time watching the brown pelicans feeding, diving, feeding, resting and diving, for fish.  The brown pelicans are definitely one of MY FAVORITE shore birds.  And right now, the males are really colorful in their breeding plumage.  I'll show you some photos at another time from the area....

I have more to chat about!!

- - -

On to some more political satire and false claims during campaigning:

With presidential election coming all too soon I try to keep from being bothered by the nonsensical speeches....until either of the campaigning nut jobs come up with something that irks me. LOL...all too often. One of the candidates claimed this during a speech:  The firearms industry is “the only business in America” that’s protected by federal law from certain liability lawsuits" and changing this will certainly put them out of business; bankrupt them. 
    I say: B.S. to that noise!! What about the cigarette companies? Sure they've had and lost lawsuits before, but the claim on the tobacco industry did NOT bankrupt them and the candidate states that a new law will bankrupt the rifle/gun manufacturing industry! Then, there is the automobile industry...are they not protected against the fault of neglectful drivers that kill the innocent? To me, it's the DRIVER not the automobile industry that is sued. Okay, then, what about the drug manufacturers? Are they not protected against unlawful distribution/selling....and the mishandling and overdoses we see/hear about? Not to mention the multiple disclaimers of side effects with the advertisements to help protect them against lawsuits. They ARE protected. And matter if another insipid law is passed, there is always the black market. People WILL BUY....look at the prohibition days. I think the easy solution for this claim would be that all gun manufactures should label their product with "The Surgeon General claims the use of firearms is not good for your health"!!!

- - -

Now, how 'bout a media-ism? AKA a blooper...kinda sorta!!
View the video HERE [I hope it continues to be available for a while]....if it's a broken link because of the time frame, here's the 'scoop': TENNESSEE - (WRCB) Customers at a Checkers restaurant in Cleveland, Tennessee say they found a disturbing scene over the weekend: hundreds of buns, just feet away from a public toilet. Video confirms the buns were in the bathroom.
    I say: What do you expect in a bathroom? Buns, either packaged or unwrapped is the norm, isn't it!!!

- - -


A meteor shower will be seen around the world this coming week!! The Southern Hemisphere will see more activity, but we in the Northern parts will also be able to see a few meteors - just lest than those in the 'bottom' half of our globe! Clear skies permitting. Here you'll find the details!

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