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Lion's Park Conclusion....

...Can you spot the green kingfisher?...

My first intention was to walk the grounds of this park and search for birds. It was early when I arrived, very little bird activity at the time. I became engrossed with the verdant beauty of my surroundings and found myself looking up at the majestic greenery, I forgot about birds. Except for hearing a kingfisher on the river as I stepped out on the boardwalk that hangs over the slow moving water [seen above as she readied to fly away], a hawk that few nearby into a tree and I stopped to photograph it in the mist...several vultures on a radio tower off in the distance away from the park, a few what I believed to be female indigo buntings at the pond, and heard a cardinal. Other than that it was a silent respite from the bustle of city dwelling at home!!

...stopping by the woods:

Miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep...

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