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Woe is Us...

Count 'em....three days without internet!! Our phone carrier [of which I connect to the internet via hotspot] was offline for three days!  A very few times, when trying to connect to other blogs, I could get in by rebooting my phone and reading blogs...commenting was a whole 'nother story tho.  Some I could, and some I couldn't. So, if I didn't pay you a protocol revisit after you left me a comment...I apologize. They are/were switching from a 4G network to a 5G. At times, both Bud and I were at a loss when we couldn't get online. Me blogging and visiting blogs, Bud just surfing the 'net.   Texting and calling weren't affected. We could have easily gone to Starbucks or somewhere with free WiFi,  still the time at home  was well-spent, I guess, doing without.  But a few times we felt unable to relax from withdrawal symptoms and a bit of mental restraint. WE DID get a lot of small tasks done which we have put off because of our phones calling our names.....ummmm, did I just do a pun?

Thursday morning all was mostly back to normal routine...the internet was accessible, slow...but hello Google!!  The connection speed will get faster as the days progress.  We're back in business boys and girls.  At least until the company gets another bright idea to make it all 'new and improved' again.

So, what did we do with our 'free time'? Walking, yard work, a bit of house cleaning and small repair work, movies on DVD, tv season finales [NCIS really should not have been renewed for the next season in my opinion, they need to get new writers or get rid of Bishop, Torres and that forensic psychologist...ZIVA returns?  Oh no.  I am tired of the writers of the program always going to Gibbs's flashback of his past!!].  We also went shopping!!   Then,  I got all my quilt/embroidery squares stamped and ready for the stitchery.  And a lot of time was spent with jigsaw puzzles. Now that my sister gave me a puzzle table for just that purpose, we've been hooked on puzzles. She even recently sent me a jigsaw puzzle catalog. Of course, I will order some in the future. Mainly 'cause they're all so unique from what you find at Walmart. These two below were finished [one was started before the phone going offline]....

* * * *

The humidity is building up...soon Hurricane Season will be upon us. We've already had one tropical storm this week....the first....Andrea. In the Atlantic. They're coming. One of my walks consisted of traipsing through the tidal pools behind Packery Channel Park. The level of water from the high tides made it a challenge. Slip sliding on the muddy shore! And to top it off, I only saw three usual is 20-30. Even the seagulls [which I rarely count] were down to 5. Usually dozens!!!

To get there, I crossed JFK causeway to drop down onto North Padre Island:

....past the water park {Schlitterbaun]. The photo below is taken from the mudflats looking back the way I came...

As the gentle surf rippled against my shoes, I watched a hermit crab creep along in its limit of one carry-on condo...

...and tho very few birds seen, I watched a white morph Reddish Egret with its feeding frenzy. They have a very unusual feeding habit. [seen here] Fun to watch. Anyway, as I stood a good distance from it, with all its concentration on hunting, it finally did notice me standing in the mangroves, and took off to places unknown: