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Just Pictures...and a FEW Words

Another birthday has passed....waiting for my annual Shrimp and Fries!!! Anticipation... arrives to the table! And the day coincided with Fat Tuesday...aka Mardi Gras. [And I didn't have to do any flashing of the boobs.] The waitress gave us TWO strings of beads, and the three gentlemen at the next table found out it was my birthday and gave me THEIR beads. Purple ones!! My favorite color!!

Guide Fence along the Road to the Pavilion Parking Lot at Charlie's Pasture Preserve
...and fencing shadows along the walk to Lydia Ann Ship Channel

Wildflowers along the ship channel walkway

Then....I spy!!

"I dare you to come closer!"

"I double dare you...."

"I mean it now....stay away from me or I'll poop all over that bench!"

"Fine, be that way.  I'll just mosey on over this way...."

"...heading on over here."

"If I hide in this grass, the ol' gray haired lady can't see me."

"Can you see me now?"....the camo works...right?"

"The game's over! Go away now, y'hear?"