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Turtle Soup

Today, my mother would have been 108!!!

I left early in the morning, just as the sky was getting light for the day. Once the sun came above the horizon, I pulled off the side of the road to take a photo...realized I had failed to insert the camera card; leaving it home!!! So, the photo you see is AFTER I parked to walk. I carry and extra camera card in the CD compartment for dumb moves like this one! The sun has been up already for about 20 minutes before I got the card loaded!!! As I mentioned in my previous post my daily walks outdoors are cut short because of the dangerous heat index. Being on heart medications, it's even more dangerous. So....even tho walking time is shortened from the other three seasons of the year, I still try and get out most days. This time around, I again tried to walk where there is more open air instead of the hot, stuffy park where the trees hold in the humidity and temperatures....I went to Packery Channel on North Padre Island. The walk was quite uneventful. Even the birds were near nil. But oh, once I noticed the sea turtles popping out of the channel for air....I took pictures!!  There were hundreds....Here are some of what I saw as I tallied my steps:

Once I got to the end of the jetty walkway, I ventured off the beaten path and traced the shore on the sandy beach. Before turning back and heading the way I came to get where I was, the sun was getting, white hot! As I walked the beach, very few seagulls were about. They too are listless. A dozen or less terns flew above the water line and just before I got to my parking lot, one lone spotted sandpiper was on the hunt for his breakfast. I headed home. Once home I made a pot of spaghetti sauce [vegetarian] and cooked the pasta. Setting it in the fridge for dinner that evening. Every once in a while I like to cook a large multi-serving meal like spaghetti for leftovers. Once that was done, and cooking dishes were cleaned up along with the kitchen counters, I sat and read my book.  Oh....and a 2 serving sized bowl of Texas's own Blue Bell ice cream for dessert.  COLD!!!!