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Blood Wolf Moon

On January 20th, we in North America were supposed to be able to see a total eclipse of the super moon. Well, since earth's shadow would begin to cover the moon's light around 10:30 pm and last for over 3 hours, I must admit, it was too late in the evening for this ol' gal. Altho, pray tell, I was gratified that we actually had clear sky for the event! I drove to Whtecap beach on North Padre Island for the moonrise. The sun was still in the west, and about 30 minutes before sunset. The horizon along the Gulf was a bit hazy so the moonrise was somewhat fuzzy in the east. Several chairs, tiki lamps, and campfires were set up along the shoreline for those that planned on staying out in the cold winter air for the eclipse. I just walked for a while, taking photos, and then it was time for me to go back into town and pick up our pizza I ordered for dinner and watch the Kansas City Chiefs lose...and the Patriots win again!! Here is what I saw...

campfires and chairs along the beach

as the sun was setting...

...the moon was rising!

By the time I got to the jetty on this section of beach, I turned around, got back to the parking lot, and before getting into the car to take off for home, I saw this behind the dunes...

Driving out of the parking lot, away from the sand hills, I rolled my window down and took this one last shot...