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Willy Nilly Ribbits plus one...

1]  Y'all know that I really like NCIS. Well, this season, a new spin-off from NCIS is NCIS New Orleans. I like this program also; so far. In fact the last time we watched it online, the episode "The Recruits", while Agent Pride [Bakula] was sitting with his daughter in the outdoor courtyard with his grandmother's piano ---that looked so very familiar! The fountain in the background. In fact a couple of screen shots from the exterior of their headquarters in New Orleans looks, again, familiar! The outside of the hotel. I can't find out for sure anywhere I've researched - for "on the set filming locations"...but, I would almost guarantee you it's filmed at the very hotel we always stay at when we go to New Orleans...near the French Quarter on Rampart Street!! I've sat way too many times in the courtyard to not see the familiarity in these set locations. The hotel used to be a girl's school and converted to a hotel. It's an historic landmark within walking distance to the Quarter....it's actually called the Landmark Hotel!! If you watch the program, when the sequence of the closing event on this particular program, in the background the open doors over his shoulders is the dining area of the hotel...

a couple of photos I share...from our last stay at the Landmark Hotel in N. O. and then, the same fountain/courtyard from the program...

Watch it online HERE By the way, my favorite character on this program so far is the 'Bama boy...Agent LaSalle

2] Got new rubbers¹ on our car this past week. Wow. Just practically glides over the asphalt now! But, oh the cost of tires¹...unbelievable. I can't complain tho, this business here in town is great with awesome customer service and courtesies and amenities for their patrons, I continue to go there and will as long as they're in business!!

3] After so long of being in a drought, I believe we're getting back to the sub-tropical weather that is 'normal' now. At least here of late. There was a storm a'brewin' in the west of the Gulf moving over Campeche Bay...it may or may not bring in a tropical storm/hurricane to our area, but I'm sure it'll bring us more rain. Once a drought ridden area, now it's flooding. One day this week, even the interstate highway was closed because of dangerous flooding. Go figure. I guess that's the way of nature. We've had so many days of constant warning alerts on our phones. On Monday this week, the power was completely off on NORTH Padre Island due to heavy storms, and the clouds were ominous/black and evil looking over there. Before, during, after, and the next morning...rain, sun and blue skies. The first larger photo is of an intersection through the windshield of our car - with an ambulance. But notice the dark clouds above that were building up before the flood gates opened and drenched this area of the city.  Then, the golden, scarlet thunderstorm clouds after the rain...

the smaller images are of the heavy rains that came to our yard...they can be enlarged by clicking on them

4]  The book I mentioned I was reading [Maplecroft] intrigued me from the back cover...but let me tell you, the blurb on the back cover was and IS a bit misleading:  "This evil cannot hide from me.  No matter what guise it assumes, I will be waiting for it.  With an axe."  Being that the book's theme is Lizzie Borden, I was hoping for a good murder mystery of some historical value.  Instead......I got BIZARRE.  It's more or less a science fiction work.  If you're into horror fantasy so to speak, this will be a good book to pick up and decipher it all yourself and on your own terms.  For me, it was quite mediocre, and disappointing for the fact it was utterly far-fetched and entirely unbelievable.  Yet, I kept reading to the end to see just how it ended....trying to keep an open mind and hoping all the time it'd get better.    Its outcome was poor and didn't get that much better.  There was closure somewhat, but I threw the book down after reading the last page and said "That was weird!" Now, I'm gonna try to get through the massive, non-fiction book, Team of Rivals [author on my sidebar].  All about Abraham Lincoln's historical era.

5] ...with heavy rainfall, out come the croaking frogs!

One More...#6....Lately, if I'm not logged into my Blogger account and visit others, I find word verification on blogs that normally don't have robot prevention!!  What's up with that?  Another glitch?  Did someone hack into Blogger servers and  it's now playing havoc with our blog comment forms?  FIX IT.  I detest word verifications.  lol