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LOST but Not Forgotten

Have you ever been in this predicament? Something of little monetary value, but valuable to you, is lost? Well, for weeks, I had lost something that is just that, little to no value, but valuable to me being that they were my favorites! I searched high and low, in pockets, purses, jackets, car glove box and gear box between the driver's seat and passenger seat, drawers, shelves, trinket boxes....even got so desperate I dumped all my stuff from my jewelry box and scattered them in front of me, searched through every piece, bit by bit! Still nothing. They were gone. And, I was almost in tears.

Recently, as I was taking out clothes from the washer to put them in the dryer, a light bulb came on.  I checked all the drawers and doors of my jewelry box, but I NEVER lifted the top lid that has a hidden mirror to guide you when you put on pieces of jewelry.  As soon as the clothes were loaded, I went to the jewelry box and started taking things off the top so I could open it...Did I find it in there?  


In fact I didn't have to OPEN the top mirror.  As I was taking off the stuff from the top, I opened my cat music box to listen to the title song from the musical, CATS, and there they were!!  My cardinal cloisonne earrings... All snug as a bug in a rug!  Funny thing, I now remember placing them in there for safe keeping so they WOULDN'T GET LOST.

I'm so relieved.  Now, should I wear them?  Or will they fall out of my piercings and I not even realize it 'til it's too late?  I do tend to catastrophize..  In fact that at times could be my middle name.  Anni Catastrophize Blogger.