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...There's no place like home...

Forecast predictions over the weekend were mild and sunny. NOT. At least in the early morning hours of our Sunday. We decided to go over the Harbor Bridge and stop at the only K-mart nearby. Long ago, before Christmas even, I had purchased a new bedspread combo for our extra bedroom. I have been wanting to repaint and change the color scheme in that room for months. And, with the bedspread combo came a need for new curtains. I thought that they'd be an easy match for the blue that is the main color on the spread. I was wrong in that assumption. I've been carrying with me for quite a while, a piece of thread from the new bedding to match with curtains, and I don't want to buy online 'cause the blue won't be the same once it's delivered to the house. I know that, I can feel it. So, I've gone to Bed & Bath, Marshall's, Target, Wal-Mart, T J Maxx, Penny's and probably others. Nothing. Yesterday, with K-Mart in mind, we stopped to walk the birding/hiking trail at Sunset Lakes in Portland, Texas. As we crossed the bridge, going over the ship channel, a cloud burst happened....heavy rain...then, by the time we got to the causeway, the sun was out, shining brightly. No more rain. We walked, I was watching for birds of course, but also watching the horizon where the intermittent showers were occurring over the city skyline. Half way through our walk, I looked over the trail and saw a line of heavy wet heading our way!!!! And it came quickly! We both got soaked to the skin. Too busy, I was watching the horizon and not paying attention to what was directly above us at the time.

North the far distance [to the right] you can see the Harbor Bridge...

...the bridge disappears with the fast moving squall!!

...then...All's quiet on the Eastern Front!!!

After our soaking, I went into the port-a-potty and changed my wet clothes to dry ones. We always have a spare outfit in the car's trunk. We're birders...we know that things like a surprise storm can hit at any moment. And our extra clothes [and shoes] come in handy!!!

A few of the birds we saw here in our short, but wet walk:

If I were a bird tour guide, I'd tell my followers that there are several different species of egrets. But, only one with yellow feet!! And to use a memory/association technique...the phrase when you were young..."Don't Eat Yellow Snow"...hence, the SNOWY egret. The egret with the yellow feet!!

At K-mart I found the perfect blue to match. Go figure. Sheer curtains like I had pictured, the softest pale smoky I need to take the thread I've been carrying around with me to pick out a paint color to match. Bud's gonna do the rolling and I'll do the paint brush at the baseboards and ceiling lines. Should be an easy task. Except for moving furniture around. Ugh!! [I'll take it easy...or I will have the wrath of Bud down on me!!!]   Giving time for Bud to peruse his passion [the book shelves in the store], I walked around and ended up in the garden shop...found this...somehow it came home with us.  It goes well with our nautical kitchen/dining room.  Last night, I lighted it up and it played such a symphony of wonderful shapes and shadows on the ceiling---

Unlit - Lighted

Ceiling "Art" from the nautical glass floater -the globe light

This morning, early, we drove to Tule Lake near the oil refineries. The last time we were in this area, the lake itself was nearly dry. Today, not so much!! It was quite a bit filled. But nearly deserted with bird life. There are two covered gazebo platforms for us birders and each of them, we found in the rafters, Barn Swallow nests. The parents were busy keeping them fed...

Since there wasn't much activity at this spot we drove a piece up the interstate and turned toward Kingsville, Texas. We stopped at a county park in Calallen, Texas and drove around the park's twisted, winding park road. Again, no activity on the lake or the river!

We headed home...where I finally finished the library/computer room Spring Cleaning....the window - the last tidbit of a 3 day cleaning for the room!! Scrubbed the venitian blinds, the glass panes, and polished the window sill...the room is cleaned for another year. Reason I did this one? About a week ago, I reached back to unhook the computer's modem and my hand went through WEBS!! Yikes!!! Time to get off my butt and get this place cleaned out. Done. Done, done!!!