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RARE Aplomado Falcon

mating couple

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Country Roads....

Bud and I took a leisurely drive over the back county roads, to Bishop, Texas.  While we were stopped at Bishop's town park I walked around the lake then onto the extending path that goes into the dense wooded area following a small river bed.
After the little time we spent there we then went on to Kingsville, Texas.

Bishop, Texas...

Just a few feet off the paved path, there is this log constructed feature. Now, in strategic areas, there ARE many owl boxes and a chimney swift 'Chimney" on the lake's edge. I figured this is for birding observation, but not sure. I didn't climb it. Perhaps it could be a play 'fort' for kids, but then again, not - it's quite high up and could be considered hazardous to the young. Also, no safety features and soft, cushioning on the ground below. Besides, the children's playground with tons of playground equipment is on the opposite side of the lake! Who knows.

Across a residential street, the pathway extends to the creek bed and fields of farmland. Hidden in several areas close to the walkway you can find Blue Agave. [This is what they use to make the prime varieties of tequila!!!] And here and there, a few outcroppings of bamboo...

...Kingsville, Texas

We arrived a short time later at Dick Kleberg's Park [Kingsville] with a lake.  We soon left. We drove home, and took different back roads. All in all it was not very fruitful in regards to bird watching, but we DID get out of the house.

[yes, that's Bud]