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The LONG Hot Summer...

With 85°F upon waking up these days around 5/6 a.m., I sigh in hopes of a cold front moving through, but alas, I honestly want to just go back to bed and sleep through the summer heat. I know darned well the temp will just climb up and up. Two days in a row by mid afternoon, it's reached ABOVE the century mark.  It's the price we Texans pay for the other three beautiful seasons!!  But, on Wednesday this week, I couldn't take it any longer. The early morning sky was cloudy, the temp, yes...STILL HOT, but the overcast was better than full sun. I drove to the beach in hopes of enjoying some of the sea breeze. Upon arrival, the wind was brisk, the waves were quite progressive at times. I walked, and walked and walked. Easily reached my goal of 10K steps in no time. Thing is tho, it wasn't a continual walk; stopping to watch birds and waves, and people. At least I wasn't a shut-in any longer.

As I walked along the shore listening to the beating and rhythm of the waves and listening to the gulls laughing as I headed north from the parking lot, after a few hundred yards, I decided to climb the dunes for a while!  Yes, there is always the danger of venomous snakes lurking in the grasses and brush, but a change of pace was overhanging with an urge to explore.  Besides, there was an open boardwalk!!  Sifting through the loose sand I stepped up. I even found a hidden gravesite as the silent brown pelicans soared above me...

- - -

Back on the beach, I headed south in the direction of Brownsville, Texas and Old Mexico some [some 160 miles from where I stood]. By now the shores had become active with families with their children having some Summer romp in the Gulf to cool off! Each enjoying their time as they saw fit. I passed joggers, beachcombers, campers, surfers, and fishermen off the popular pier. The sky was now partly cloudy and the cloud formations were beautiful, and always unique! The last image of the cloud formation, I liked how the cloud opened up and the sun's rays came thru....

- - -

The birdlife, I spotted several. But, it truly was a morning for the Black Skimmers. They were very active. Along with Least Terns, Laughing Gulls, Brown Pelicans, Western Sandpipers, Willets, one lone Caracara flew over the dunes heading north [as you can see it in the 2nd photo from the beginning of my post], and ONE LONE Semipalmated Plover...

Brown Pelicans

Willet & Least Terns

Least Tern & Black Skimmer

Black Skimmer & Laughing Gull [in last stages of molt]

Western Sandpipers [black legs! with one in the middle of this 1st image, with yellow legs...that one is a Semipalmated Plover]
...and the lone bird in the last photo is a close up of the Plover]

- - -

By 10 a.m., it was time to make an about face and head back to the car for the drive back home. The humidity was building up as the sun began to bare down on me with extensive heat waves! Back at the parking lot, I got my chilled bottle of water from the cooler after opening the windows, and sat at the covered tables to watch the people as I cooled down and give some time to let the air circulate in the car before I got in....

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