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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Rockport Texas

On Tuesday Morning, the forecasted, predicted, high temperature along the coast was 93 degrees in Corpus, and in Rockport [north of Corpus Christi by 30 miles] it was to be around 85 degrees. I thought it has been nearly a year since I've been to Rockport's beach park, so I hopped in the car and drove up to the area. Now, I drove through the main street in town on highway 35 a couple of times heading to Galveston and Goose Island, but since Hurricane Harvey last August [last time I was at the beach park was July 2017] I have not been in town. Boy, once off the highway, I was again shocked...all my familiar landmarks were/are gone!! The art center, so many sculptures and icons IN the park grounds...gone! The covered pavilions [3 of them]...fenced off...too much damage done from Harvey - and of course human lives/homes/and livelihoods take precedence over park repairs. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning, and I easily walked my 10K steps within the park's boundaries. On the far north side of the park, Rockport officials along with the park administration cordons off a vast area to protect the breeding grounds of shore birds and migratory birds that come here to raise families....right now, for the most part, the three species busy making preparations for the upcoming events are sea gulls, terns, and skimmers...

I took pictures:

After this park and my walk, I drove to Linda Castro's Sanctuary, stopped at the Demo Gardens and Tule Creek Trail...had lunch, stopped at the grocery store in Portalnd and then back home. After my shower I was ready to relax, read my book [Mrs. Sherlock Holmes], fix dinner and watch NCIS's season finale...[by the way, this year's 22 episodes have been greatly disappointing!!!]