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MEMErized by heart...

I am going to try and add images today for most of the following week's memes since it will be kinda busy around here with not much time to be online. Nature Notes and Our World is all inclusive for EACH image. So, here goes:

Reflections Weekend:

A 'tame' goose [one of several] that is a full-time resident of a park on Holly Drive.


A bleeding heart plant found in the city park along Shoreline Drive.


The two birds here in these two photos along fence lines...top: Willet bottom: Mourning Dove
The Willet was spotted at Indian Point Park and the Mourning Dove was sighted at Oso Bay Nature Center. Both perched on fencing that meanders in the 'swamp/marshy areas' of the parks that take you to observation platforms


A very temperamental morning sky with two Nighthawks catching flying insects after an overnight storm.


Can you tell me what kind of critter this is? Yes, it's an animal!! [I purposely 'softened' the image to blur it somewhat] There is a story behind this image, and I will get back to regaling the tale in time. I have more photos of it, but I haven't the time to sit down and type the whole saga for now. The very day I got the photo of the mourning dove, shown above, I saw this fellow/gal out in the marshy part of the bay water. I thought I'd add this as a 'teaser' for now and get back to you.

WILLY NILLY - 5 Randoms

May 28th is National Hamburger Day. Yahoo did a taste test of the top 5. I disagree with their #1 choice!!

Don'tcha just hate it when you read an email and there is something of interest [for me this week it was a birding tour for the Houston Metro area]. And the details listed had no real pertinent information?!! Responding to get the hour/date/meeting place was a waste of my time....why didn't they include that in the initial email?

This week I did my own taste test. For a cool refreshing mid-day drink, I've been drinking a 'new' NATURAL Ginger Ale that is three times the price of Canada Dry which has a great amount of sugar. Ummmm, the natural Zevia Brand is boasted to contain no artificial sweeteners and all other kinds of hype, but it really leaves a nasty after-taste.  And to top it off, I really can't say there is much GINGER flavor.  Sometimes cost isn't a factor in the 'better' product.  This is case in point in my opinion.

Monday is the 1st day of Hurricane Season for the Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico....National Oceanic Atmospheric Association {NOAA for short} and other weather websites predict a Lower Than Normal Season....guess what?  I disagree.  lol

History Channel has a mini series airing on cable/online sites....TEXAS RISING.  It's about the aftermath of the historical battles after the Alamo.  I can't say I'm impressed with it so far...it's more or less likened to Eastwood's Spaghetti Westerns.  And to know who is who for the most part in the beginning is a bit frustrating...but gets better when the characters are known.  The series is just okay.  Nothing spectacular....and besides, a TEXAS history of the birth of the state...filmed in MEXICO?  Why, Goliad [even in the 1800s] and the surrounding area in real life, people, doesn't even come close to what the HC has depicted....what's wrong with this picture?   Why couldn't it have been filmed in Texas y'wonder?    I understand that the viewership dropped considerably for the 2nd installment...it's just not all that  historically significant for the most part.  Hmmmm.  Highly disappointing in my opinion.  Mundane script, mediocre acting, wrongful surroundings, a bit inaccurate according to state history....Definitely a C-, and by the time the 10 hour series is over, I'm not so sure it may drop to a D.  I will watch it in its entirety tho.  It's history...even tho inaccurate and sloppily produced...the 'big celebrity cast' won't help pull it to an award winning series, sorry to say..