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Blue Skies, Smilin' at Me...

To begin, this is one of my favorite recent photos. The clear blue sky dappled with white clouds...all reflected on the pond:

It seems ages since I've been posting for Hootin' Anni's. I'm here today to report on what I've been doing the past week or two since last I published anything of significance. I'm still slowly working on a row or two a day on my sugar skull afghan....and by now, I seriously have doubt I'll finish it by Day of the Dead [Día de Muertos] -November 1st/2nd. Where I live, in south Texas with Old Mexico at our back door, there is a huge Mexican influence across the border in USA and our towns along the coast and other border states. And, besides, I really like the whole concept of celebrating the life of those that left us behind.

Then of course, there is Halloween. My favorite time of year for decorating. Yes, I like to decorate for Christmas too, but Halloween is time for fun, spooky, and downright witchiness. This year, the decorations are a bit scant around Anni's abode. I put out a partial amount of my witch collection, added some webbing and so far that is about all. I think I'll call it good. I did buy, from the dollar store, four solar pumpkin/jack-o-lantern outdoor stakes. But, I bought them with the intention of using them as 'candlesticks'. I don't know about you with your taper candle purchases, but most times with me, I find I need to either light the candles letting the wax drip in the candle holder or use some stuffing to make the candles sturdy and snug/tight. So, this time 'round I thought I'd use the webbing and add the solar lights for candles. Here is the result of two on our dining room table. No waxy mess to clean up, the lights remain illuminated without fire hazard all's a win/win idea in my opinion. And a 'holiday' festive touch without any worries or no big cost breaker on any budget!!!

For birding trips, we've taken a couple of day trips while I've also taken several times-out to drive to the islands while Bud stayed home and did yard work, trimming, weeding, etc. As my bird photo blog title states "I'd Rather B Birdin'". And Bud knows that. So, he's content with letting me take some quiet time by myself and enjoy the outdoors in search for a migratory bird here and there. On my solo treks I've spotted a lot of warblers which always pleases me; they're so colorful!! And I always focus on birds perched on or near fences for Ms. T's Good Fences:

[top left to right] hummingbird, warbler, green heron, inca dove

The two birding trips we took together were 1] The Celebration of Flight in Calallen Texas!   While there, seeing hawks, owls and other birds of prey along with passerines, a family of javelinas shared the bird lime-light!!!  Not only a family of javelinas, but a baby as well!!! 

And,  2] was a day driving to Falfurrias Texas...seeing and getting photos of some wintering birds heading south such as the Western Tanager and others I posted photos of on my bird photo They're very pretty, and unique birds. You don't know what you're missing unless you click on the link!!

In the interim of decorating, yard work, birding, and crocheting, I've also been working on eight more photos of different 'new' birds I've photographed and readying them for a new addition in a frame of eight...for my dining room collage walls.  I also bought the frame...ordered the prints online and will make a short drive to town to pick the photos up and place them in the appropriate sections and then get the frame mounted on the wall of my bird sanctuary room. Speaking of room...I'm running out of wall space. LOL

I've also been contemplating the master bedroom make-over.  So far, new curtains and a bed spread/comforter combo has been purchased.  Now it's to have a matching paint mixed for me and tearing off the wallpaper in the master bath to begin that project.  I'm waiting patiently for cooler weather so I can have the bedroom windows open for ventilation.  When will that be y'wonder?  Cooler air?  Only cool air is between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.....after that it's climbing into the 80s real quick.  Sometimes still 90s. The humidity is finally dropping by leaps and bounds, but the warm air in the afternoon remains. At least it's a bit more tolerable.
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