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CONCLUSION - Tale of Two Sisters

I tried to keep the routine of walking... a lot for exercise! One morning, early, as the sun came up, this beauty graced my time at a park on the island!! BEFORE Sharon was up for the day.

The last couple of days with my sister by my side, she wanted to go see the Gulf, the Bay, and find the "Red Bird"!! One sunny morning we walked the seawall and then had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. We both ordered Coconut Shrimp. What we should've done was order just ONE basket and shared...there was way too much for one person to eat in each basket of shrimp. Delicious, but with 10 large butterflied shrimp per order...neither of us could finish our meal. Along the seawall, we stopped at the yacht club and watched the shrimp boats come in...stopped to read some of the landmark markers along the way, and enjoyed the sea breeze, the pelicans and gulls, the ships coming into harbor, and people watching. Being outdoors, in the humid, hot air, we never stayed long. So our dwindling time together was shortened as the days went got hotter, and wetter. At home, with air conditioning, was the norm. Some of our plans were nixed because of inclement weather.

I've seen the bays in town, but yet to see the Gulf of Mexico! were her spoken words and wishes early one morning. So, off we went to the beach on the islands. The evening before it was stormy again, so the trip to the Gulf was 'iffy' chances of more rain. When we arrived it was sprinkling and the winds were strong so walking the beach was delayed a bit. I got in the trunk of the car and pulled out our two camping chairs and we sat near the pier on the leeward side watching the surf and talking of ol' times from our youth. After about an hour we hiked back to the car with the chairs and ventured along the coastline, with the surf by our side and sand beneath our feet. Again, we ended up eating lunch on the pier. Cheeseburgers and beer. Not the healthiest menus at these establishments, but still the company was the best part. Once we arrived back home, Bud took over. He cleaned the car of sand on the carpet and we sat down to reminisce more and ended up playing pinochle and then a few games of hearts, while the crock pot simmered of split pea soup that Bud had prepared for the three of us. For dinner, we watched a movie, Kate and Leopold, while enjoying the warming, comforting soup with salad, crusty bread, and fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I look at this photo of my sister, looking out to sea, and wonder: "A penny for your thoughts". Was she thinking of her husband she recently lost? Was she thinking of her times long ago when she was single and living in Texas? Her family? Was she missing her home? What was gong through her thoughts? As I view the photos of the time had with her, I feel sad knowing that she has to be a lonely soul; without her love of her life beside her...maybe he's with her in spirit!! I like to think so....

In Colorado, there are no cardinals! I frequently text her photos of the beautiful red bird to share with her. Sharon mentioned she was hoping to see a cardinal. Of course, they're year 'round residents here along the coast. This time we drove to the northwest along the river. Oftentimes if not ALL the time, I find 'em at the park. We entered the park and hit the hawk platform first. We heard them singing in the trees, well hidden. Of course, being on the platform, we were looking DOWN upon the treetops. Patiently we waited for one to come out of hiding. Here they are....the female showed up at the drip fountain first. Then, as she drank her fill, the male arrived to join her!!  

Sharon: "Oh my...he's beautiful!"  "How on earth did you know where to find 'em so easily?" 
Anni:  "I'm a birder, it's easy to know where they are".
Sharon:  "Thank you!"

I just smiled silently and watched her with all the excitement of a child on Christmas day.

All too soon, she had to pack her bag and prepare for her return flight to the Western Slope of Colorado and home. The time flew by. We were both tired, but happy to have had some quality time with each other. Bud enjoyed her company also. At times, around the table, they talked politics and other such stuff where I just listened. We concluded our sister adventures with hugs and kisses and more tears...

Safe trip Sissy!! Text us when you arrive home.

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