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A Week in my Life...

The last few days have been a whirlwind of odds and ends getting started yet most are not close to being accomplished.   I did, however, take my car in to get the safety inspection so I can renew license plates. It takes so little time, but it's just getting motivated to get stopped at the mechanic and get it done, y'know? It's not one of my favorite things to do. And with this covid mask having to be worn, and sitting with all the other people in the waiting room isn't a particular thing I was looking forward to doing. But, it's done for now. I can now send in my proof of insurance papers and renewal slip and then wait for the county to send me the window sticker. What a hassle! Speaking of hassle...

We had some plumbing issues this week. I went to brush my teeth the other night; stepped on the throw rug in front of the bathroom vanity, and water gushed up between my toes! A leak in the piping under the sink. Called the plumber, and they showed up at 8 a.m. sharp the following morning, fixed it. BUT...ready for this? When he went to turn on the water to the house's shut off valve outside, THAT broke!! So, more repairs, more money. What do they say about Murphy's Law? What can go wrong...will!?!! Now it's running the fan on the carpet to dry for was saturated.

And, that instigated a bit of house cleaning. The plumber dude was wearing a mask all the while he did his repair work, but also tracked in the house, I vacuumed and did a bit of dusting. By then, I was ready to just get out of the was too late to go birding [hot!] so I just went to "At Home"...a store quite like T J Maxx's Home Goods, but more or less a warehouse. They have all kinds of Christmas stuff, I checked 'em all out, and then went to the curtain aisle....been thinking of changing out the drapery in the living room and dining room area, but didn't find anything I liked or the colors I want. But, I still enjoyed the time away from home, even if it is too early for Christmas, ya, I know, it's not even Halloween yet, but I see it differently than early for GOOD selection before it's picked over. And, it's still fun to browse the stores whether you buy or not...

I love the frosty look of this display. Festive

The wire trees are sparkling, but certainly not my style. I like the traditional evergreen.

And then, there's "my fetish"...Santas!!

I left thinking that I may go back and get the two 'fairy' Santas. Maybe. I'm still debating.

After this stop, I drove to the liquor store, bought me Tequila Rose [a strawberry cream liquier] and went home and made a big pot of vegetarian chili.

The next day I spent polishing a silver teapot I found at the thrift store for $2!! And continued work on a craft project for Autumn decor after I take down Halloween stuff...

That was my week so far.

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