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Signs of the Times aka-Nostalgia Lane

--- from the 50's. I know this ages me, but when a youngster, during summer vacation and traveling somewhere by car, one of the 'fun' things to keep from boredom was reading the highway signs! And Burma Shave was one of those that kept you awake and from whining "Are we there yet?" Once on a deserted highway, far from the maddening crowd...out of nowhere, a sign along the highway shoulder would appear. It usually had just part of a sentence. 5-10 miles down the road another sign would show up with another section of the sentence in text...on and on it would go, around curves, behind a boulder, in the barrow ditch...somewhere another sign would come to view until the last sign that promoted the product....Burma Shave!! [shaving cream in an aerosol can] For examples I add here:

My job is ...drive another 10 miles or so, then:
Keeping faces clean ...drive another 10 miles or so, then:
And nobody knows ...drive another 10 miles or so, then:
De stubble ...drive another 10 miles or so, then:
I've seen ...drive another 10 miles or so, then:


This cream ...traveling the desert highway, down the road a piece:
Makes the ...traveling the desert highway, down the road a piece:
Gardener's daughter ...traveling the desert highway, down the road a piece:
Plant her tu-lips ...traveling the desert highway, down the road a piece:
Where she oughter ...traveling the desert highway, down the road a piece:

I remember these dearly as they kept us kids entertained along the long, boring stretches of roads when we wondered if we'd ever get to our destination. Read more of the Burma Shave Signage HERE with links for 4 pages of them

How 'bout popular toys of the 50s?   I'm sure you'd agree that probably the most coveted toy of that generation would be the Barbie Doll.  Altho Barbie was a 'dream' figure [literally speaking and playing dolls], she was to be the first anatomically correct doll ever produced.  And 'cause we girls wanted to live out our fantasies, keeping us again from being bored, we were given a companion for Barbie....his name was Ken.  Clean shaven, perfect.  Funny thing was the Ken doll mold had him in underwear if you decided to change his outfit....and perhaps go swimming with his love interest....the underwear?  Flesh colored...all to cover up for our 1950s innocence standards of that era.  Barbie sold for ...ready?  $3 back then!!

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