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Getting Colorful Today....

I rarely do sketches in color. Even tho I have colored pencils and oil pastels, a set of watercolor paints and acrylic tubes plus two easels, I tend to use my soft lead #5 pencil and sketch pad to draw. It's easier to pick up and just use ONE pencil than having to choose which color to put on and then try and shade that color to have it look natural. For me, graphite pencil sketches are a bit more dramatic in my a good book. You read a good book and use your own imagination on characters and scenes, then...the book becomes a movie.  Nine times out of ten, the book is better. Imagination - where your brain chooses what the character looks like or the tree lined lake in shades of evergreen and indigo dappled with the golden aspen leaves is in your mind as you read...the golden leaves in your mind could be a true gold or perhaps shades of tangerine or cantaloupe gold. WORDS give you color, as do scratches with a pencil.  Black and white gives you depth and allows interpretations that are yours alone...besides...Did I say, it's easier? Well, it is!!

Texas Bluebonnet and the one that won a $200 award at the Botanical Gardens...The Mexican Hat Blossom [Texas Wildflower].  By the way the winning prize money, I donated back to the Botanical Gardens.

Pansy and Railroad Vine [a sand dune morning glory - like flower]

Texas Fire Wheel flower and Poinsettia bracts.

That all being said, for the last week, week and a half, I've been working on another colored pencil drawing.  With the 2019 Oscar nominations and the movie 1917 [war genre] as a nominee for best picture, I couldn't help but think back long ago, when in school, we used to wear crepe paper red poppies pinned on our collars/lapels for Armistice Day.  I was then, compelled to sketch out, in color, a red poppy.  My drawing will be my next post as soon as I can get it up and pre-scheduled to publish; hopefully tomorrow.

Portfolio - Chapter one
Portfolio - Chapter two
Portfolio - Chapter three
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  1. I agree that black and white looks more dramatic and I can believe that it's easier than doing a picture in color. Either way though, your drawings are amazing. I like the last two the best today.

  2. Hello, I like the B&W sketches and the colors are beautiful. Beautiful art work! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  3. I never knew what a poppy was or saw one worn, until the past few years here. I agree with you, I love the pencil best and the books are for me like they are for you. that said, these colored ones are so pretty and I love the firewheel best of all... waiting to see the newest and bested poppy

    1. Poppies do best in drier climes, so it stands to reason you didn't know about them.

  4. I really like the colors and the wild pink bindweed with the sun in the background, sure is a beauty! The Texas Firewheel is a colorful bloom too. We have always called that one an Indian Blanket in this part of the country. Maybe they are different, though.

    1. It's really railroad vine...huge, saucer-sized blossoms. Ya, but you know Texans...they think everything is Texan. Lol

  5. Well it stands to reason that you are an award winning artist. That was nice to do with the prize money. I enjoy the color but really like the pencil sketches the best. You see the detail with the sketches where often we are dazzled by the color and miss some really neat detail.

    1. Yes...much more detail in my opinion. I agree.

  6. I liked the black and white, but these are just stunning.

  7. Hello Anni, these flowers in colored pencil are beautiful. the blues are my favorite colors, so you know which on I will choose as my favorite, although the poinsettia is also very attractive! Thank you for giving me heads up with your comment about your art. Viva la art:)

  8. I just want to say they are all beautiful and congratulations! You have a great talent.

  9. I always enjoy seeing your talent. You are a gifted person.

    1. Thanks Michelle. I've got lots more to come.

  10. Lovely work, Anni! Your careful sketches and colorful blooms show familiar flowers in beautiful detail.

  11. I enjoy your sketches, whether color or black and white!

  12. We're in the depths of winter, so colour attracts me!! Lovely work.

  13. So lovely! I am especially fond of the bluebonnet, that wonderful Texas flower. Thanks for sharing these! :-)

  14. You are so talented!

  15. wonderful flowers, you can draw so beautiful i love it, they are so fantastic !!!
    Birdphoto is nice!!
    greetings Elke



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