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Just let me know...if you get bored with these. I have many to share that have now been saved on a disk. 

Saturday I had another question directed to me in the comments. This time, it was Sandra. She asked: "Do you sketch from looking at the subject or from photos or both and can you sit and look at me and sketch me?"

Good question! To answer: Honestly, unless you're willing to pose for me for days, I NEED a PHOTO instead. For many reasons tho. If I have just a subject to look at in person, the shadows differ by the minute, movement and depth disappear and reappear in other areas. I would like to say I throw caution to the wind, but I try too much for perfectionism, and a live subject is not there for me like a photo. If it's landscape I still need a photo because of lighting and shadows. For most of my drawings, I usually take a week to 10 days to finish a, I need a permanent guide and use of a photo supplies that need. Granted I have done some by memory of faces. A few come to mind and I have that to share later...I will point them out to you. Some sketches I begin just "pops out" for me and I add a bit here and there from looking at the original photos.  I do play around somewhat, but not often.  And, I must be VERY familiar with the face in order to accomplish what I see in my mind. 90% of the time, tho, it's a photo guide for me.  Thanks for asking.

The  hand on the Cross [Easter sketch], Howling Wolf, Iris blossom, Fox

Portfolio - Chapter one
Portfolio - Chapter two


  1. I can't even pick a favorite. I love them all.

  2. Hello, Anni! You are talented. I love all the sketches. The Howling wolf is a favorite.
    Wishing you a great day!

  3. Who could get tired of looking at your wonderful art? Certainly not me. Keep them coming for as long as you want. :-)

    1. Thanks, will do. In between day trippin'.

  4. keep posting! I love seeing them. maybe I will be inspired to try again myself. love the fox but love them all. thanks for the info on my question..

    1. It was a great question. I like the fox too. (Not my drawing per sè, but the animal)

  5. No matter how you get there when sketching, the end results are wonderful. Thank you for sharing and please show us more!

  6. I say keep them coming also. You are doing so well what I so wish I could even a little bit. The fox got me. I think the fox is my spirit animal.

    1. Wondering now what my spirit animal is. Hafta find out.

  7. You are very talented Anni, your artwork is excellent. Thank you for this very detailed description of how you interpret your art. I found it very interesting. Happy New Year!

  8. I admire your ability to capture all that detail in a sketch.

  9. I'm loving these. The fox is my favorite this time.

  10. All of these are amazing! I love them all!

  11. These are absolutely wonderful...I know I say that in some form every time you show something but I mean every word of it. Sandra's question was a good one.



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