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This is the 'book cover' from the week's posted photo. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA on the counter and purchase the book and enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction. For all the rules, just click the button above; then, participate!!

Here goes---

book title:
*:*:Expressions of Anni:*:*:
    No matter what path you take in life, there are always thoughts and expressions running through your mind as you take steps forward. Here, in this book, Anni shares by-ways taken through memories, song, love, family, laughter, tragedy and added for fun, some zealous, zany bridges she's crossed or come upon near a certain fork in the road during all changes of seasons. The original poetry will make you laugh, cry, ponder, and perhaps trigger a stroll down your memory lane!!

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Note: Actual poetry published by moi!

If you like, each poem link will open in a new window...and I've written and posted many different styles...each linked in POETRY under the sidebar's 'table of contents'...or others over on my Poetry Blog ---also linked on sidebar. The following critiques are taken from comments on individual posts.

Sharon wrote of "Eclipse of Darkness": I loved it.You sure do have a gift for words.
Shadow says of "Eclipse of Darkness": Your poem is simply amazing, so perceptive, a true reflection!
Pea writes of "Autumn Colors, Autumn Splendor": Anni, you truly are a poet at heart!! I just loved this one, the words made me picture it all in my mind, bringing it all to life.
Mar critiques of "Alphabet Haiku -part one and two": Love your haiku's, what a creative mind!
The Gal Herself wrote of Alphabet Haiku -part one and two": Q was my favorite --
Carmen writes of "Love Beckons True": You made me cry. :) the good kind of cry. I love your poem


Yesterday, I had posted some photos of years back of our two kids to represent the song: "The Way We Were". Anyway, I also posted that my parents used to take our two kids camping and fishing as often as time would allow during the summer months and into early fall if weather permitted. The kids loved these excursions. And it gave time for Bud and me to be alone for a long weekend, and sometimes an entire week. VERY often, dad's favorite place to go fishing from their boat, was a place called Horsetooth Reservoir just outside a small town, nearing the Wyoming border by some 60 miles. The reservoir was huge....and only a little over an hour's drive from where we lived. It was in the foothills, behind the football stadium for the CSU Rams [a college world renowned for their veterinary medicine --we used to use their facilities often for our horse and our smaller pets, dogs and cats]. But, back to was a most unusual mountain. You could see it from the interstate highway #25 looking west toward the Rocky Mountain Range. Or, way before it became an interstate highway. Not too often, but seldom, Bud and I would drive up there when the kids and grandparents were camping out to spend a day with them, and go hiking since Bud and I were never big on fishing like our kids were.
    From this article: its history--
    According to legend, a horrible giant guarded the Valley of Contentment and prevented the Indians from hunting game there. After Flying Eagle discovered the giant’s den, the great Chief Manumoku was chosen by council to kill the monster. Flying Eagle used a white rabbit to lure the nighthawk guardian of the giant from this post. Then Chief Manumoku, clasping a tomahawk studded with stars, slashed the sleeping giant’s heart once and again as it attempted to rise. The giant’s blood turned the valley red and the cleft heart became the stone we now call Horsetooth Rock.
Well, while scanning and preparing the photos for my blog entry yesterday, I scanned and didn't use these two of their favorite fishing spot close to home. My nephew, who lives in Windsor Colorado, close by, says it's all now quite inhabited and housing surrounding parts, tho still a park, it's all changed and not as open country as it once was when we lived in Colorado. What a shame---


  1. I can certainly feel you beckoning me to follow you down memory lane!

  2. Great idea to pick a book of poetry for the picture...and so fun to get to read some! Beautiful, as are your memories!

  3. Great blurb. I love that you incorporated your own poems into it - and when I have time, I'll be sure to check them out! Would love to buy this book.

  4. I enjoyed your blurb and the pictures of Colorado the way it used to be-spectacular!

  5. Enjoyed reading your post again. I enjoyed the history lesson you added to the park very interesting indeed.
    Beautiful photos btw.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I could see this one sitting on the coffee table and being pickup and enjoyed time after time. Your book is a perfect choice for the photo.

  7. It is a shame, but thank goodness we can still see the tooth sticking up in the heavens! The lake is still beautiful, though a few years ago they emptied the whole thing for a couple of years to repair the whole reservoir thing. If never knew any of that history!

    I keep meaning to ask you who the lovely picture is in your header.

  8. A book of your poetry, yup that's another one I would buy:-) You have such a gift for writing and I truly don't know why you haven't become a famous author!!!

    That's quite the story behind Horsetooth Rock, leave it to the Natives to have such fascinating legends:-) There's a place called Manitoulin Island about a 2 hour drive away from me and there are all kinds of legends/stories about most of the island which has mostly Natives living on it. I hope to make a trip there soon and I'll post about some of the legends!! xoxo

  9. Intriguing blurb, I'll have to check out your poetry.

    It's always a shame when "civilization" takes over a lovely uninhabited area.

  10. I enjoyed your take on the photo prompt. I also loved that you put the photo on a book...very cool!


  11. Such a lot in 81 words, Anni. Your blurb definitely makes the reader want to find out about your highways and byways. Well done.
    And I love the photos of Horsetooth Mountain.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  12. Nice turn with the photo prompt to introduce a memoir! It fits beautifully. Well done. Also, I hopped to your poetry page--you're so talented, Anni!

  13. Sorry I'm so late. I had a "Grammy Weekend" and just got back.

    I adore the lovely leatherbound volume you created. (So clever!) I love that this is a memoir instead of a novel. Marvelous idea.



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