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Wordless Wednesday follows---

In 1999, I published this poem dedicated to my parents. They've meant the world to me, when they were with me and now, while they're sleeping....

[this photo is of me -in yellow, with my family in the back line...hubby, son, me and daughter. And in front reverence, my parents, on their 55th wedding anniversary. Soon after, my mother had her first of many strokes which would eventually take her life- picture is old, some 20+ years ago. Our son is now working on getting his doctorate in History, and our daughter has given us two grandsons---one of which is 18 this year!!! Golly, I'm getting old. :o)]

The poem I composed is entitled:


More than half a century their love was.

At a baseball game they met.
Schoolmate and brother ushered acquaintance.

Flaxen hair she had.
Blue eyes, glittering in the sun.
Father asked his friend....
Do you know her?
Sure! She's my sister, Mother's brother replied.
I'll introduce her. But, wait.
Wait 'til the end of inning one.

Flirtatious? Yes, indeed.....and, why not?
Hmmmmm she thought. This guy,
a man of such competence, he's gotta be fun!
He was a find, what we can call hot!

Dark hair parted in the middle. Dapper,
dressed to the nines.

Father & Mother....
Wow! This one, yes this one...
He/She just hasta be mine.

Love grew.

Sacred vows were declared.


Life together was not always a ball game.
Work mixed with laughter.
Hardships, good times, days mixed with tears.
The harder they worked, the more they laughed.
And stronger their bond became.

Years passed....

I grew to adulthood.
Didn't acknowledge the affection they shared.
Too busy all wrapped up in myself.
No, I didn't bother. Never cared.

As age turned into decades.
I realized something dear.
Their life was spiritual, so vibrant.
So true to each other.
A union was pledged, unbroken.

All too soon....

The dark hair parted in the middle
and flaxen braids disappeared.
Even a paunch for a belly was seen.
Golden curls were replaced with silver strands.
Years passed, but their love remained keen.

A third generation was created.
Great grandchildren to indulge.
Warm hearts with open arms & devotion combine.
A house full of happiness, a room full
of love. And...
Most of all, these parents are mine!

Mother left.
Father stayed a while longer.
His lonely heart couldn't handle the loss.
Or maybe in his mind what he felt, was blame.
He left us shortly thereafter.
No more sorrow he was in.
They're again eternally together.
Now watching us below, at our own "ball" game.

And their daughter....?
Gone are those days now.
I am told time heals all, tears shed in vain.
The loss will never leave me.
This sorrow will always remain.
But I now, the one with no care,
relive daily the memories galore.
Today, for me, their love was true.
With me, it will always be there.

With great admiration
and devotion....
Your daughter, Anni

Copyrighted and written 1999©
Please do not steal


  1. My great-grandparents were married for 72 years. He (93 yrs old) got up one morning, kissed her goodbye and went to the dentist and had a heart attack in the chair. She only lived a few years after that - too sad and lonely to go on.

    A wonderfully well-written poem.

  2. A lovely poem.
    My grandma had many strokes and they eventually led to her passing, my Grandad followed two months later.
    With my mum being in and out of hospital all my childhood they were more like second parents to me, so the loss was felt deeply.
    I think this is a lovely tribute to them.

  3. That was beautiful...We're never ready to lose them. My dad was 50 when he died. I miss him every day.
    My only regret is that I never knew him as an adult. I was such a "kid."

  4. Oh Anni, that poem brought me to tears, so beautifully written and straight from the heart. Like usual, we don't realize at the time what's right there in front of us until it's taken away. Loved the picture!! xoxo

  5. Anni, what a beautifully written poem. It's a great tribute of the love your parents shared with each other and others.

  6. That's a very nice tribute to your parents ! I didn't know you so serious, but sometimes we have to or just are. Your father looks like a twin brother to my american uncle ! Same face, glasses and (no) hair. It's really amazing. When I looked at the picture I started to doubt about my mind ! My uncle with another woman and family !

  7. you made me cry. :) the good kind of cry. I love your poem

  8. Anni,

    The tribute poem for your parents was so very touching! I'm so glad I found it to read!


  9. Beautiful and very moving - thank you for sharing such heart warming stories of life.

  10. What a cute picture of you all together! That's great! And your poem is wonderful! I bet your mom cried... :)

  11. This is so sweet! And the picture is a treasure.