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Easy Peasy...Autumn Decor Projects

This is posted Monday, tomorrow October is here!!!  Finally here with all its glory!! And what better way to decorate than with pumpkins?!! Through my email subscription, I saw two ways to decorate pumpkins without them losing their 'freshness' date too quickly and would make great decor for Autumn I LOVE the first idea a great deal...

Here's the first one:
photos courtesy of BHG Holidays

The 2nd one I liked a lot [this one is carved so I'd probably not do it too early in the season]:

Another idea from a few weeks ago, the door decor ...wreaths in particular. This one was quite unique and VERY "Autumnish"
Juniper-and-Bittersweet Rake Wreath
Add instant color to your front door for fall by tucking strands of bittersweet, juniper berries, and the feathery tips of Eastern red cedar into the hollow stem of an old rake head [the lawn brown kind...not metal ones]. Wrap jute around the bottom of the rake head and tie it into a bow for a simple rustic touch.
Editor's Tip: If red cedar isn't available, use any type of fir for a similar effect.

...I don't know about y'all, but Autumn brings out the cook in me also. Finally, the kitchen can be utilized without having to crank up [or down, really---colder indoor temps] the air conditioner to keep yourself comfortable while preparing meals. And in the Fall and Winter months I LOVE cooking/baking!! Casseroles always seem a favorite for the two of us. Once I make a full batch, I split it in half...freeze 1/2 of it and serve the other 1/2 for a meal and then again for leftovers. Bud and I both like leftovers the next night. Keeps doing clean-up and a lot of dishes the second time around. Anyway, again with BHG email subscription I found two new recipes that has been tested in their kitchens and both look like winners!! I'll share the links with a graphic.


With chicken breast, corn tortillas, peppers and jalapenos, adding a couple of cheeses to the mix just makes my mouth water in anticipation!!! Preparation time approximately 45 minutes and serves 12!!


Preparation time is less than an hour from start to finish!! If Mexican style food is your forté, then this will surely be a crowd pleaser. The key ingredients here are tortilla chips and refried beans. You can adjust the recipe to make 1 1/2 of the recipe to serve a large crowd, but the recipe shared with the graphic link serves 8.


  1. Those pumpkins are so unique! I love those ideas, especially the candy corn look. Wish I could be that clever. Happy October, Anni--almost!

  2. Oh my gosh I love them all. I love the witch on top and all the decorations - I could use them here! Lovely.

  3. I love the pumpkins and that rake idea is so cute! Thanks for the recipes. They look good!

  4. What a spiffy rake "wreath." I agree that when the weather changes and it's cooler, kitchen work becomes more fun. I've been baking a bit, too - gotta stop!

  5. I LOVE the decorating ideas! We were just doing some pumpkins today. I hope you will be showing us pictures of YOUR fall decorations!

  6. Great ideas!!! I have done all my decorating but crafts with the grands is on schedule for October. I like the ideas you found!

  7. Hello Anni...

    These pumkins Looks very nice ... My favorite is the mouse :)

    Greetings from Germany

  8. HI Anni, the pumpkins looks so cute and I love the Autumn rake. The casseroles look delicious. I wish my family loved the mexican style food as much as I do. Thanks for sharing, happy OCTOBER!

  9. The candy corn pumpkins are really cute and I've seen that rake idea and LOVE it.
    The casseroles are making me seriously hungry, especially that first one.
    Cool idea with your virtual treat hand out

  10. I love the pumpkin with the rats! And those casseroles are making me drool!

  11. LOVE the candy corn pumpkins!!