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Fragmented thoughts & autobio...

first, the Fragments...

  • Past weekend, woke up early to a balmy 74 degrees F outside, clear skies. Within two hours the temp had dropped 24 degrees and clouds rolled and boiled, bringing in a cold front, and just a drizzling of moisture. And then, Thursday morning....woke up to a freeze warning...tho, our yard's low was 37 degrees.
  • I think I jinxed the playoff favorites of mine...Neither the Denver Broncos nor the Houston Texans won. Bummer
  • The last two episodes of NCIS have blown me away!! Especially the Tuesday before this week...whoa. So unexpectedly poignant... Cote de Pablo should be nominated for an emmy for that episode. Seriously.
  • I need to bake something. A pie sounds good.
  • Photo work on the DVD project is moving along more slowly than anticipated. Not too much is being accomplished. And here I thought it'd be a simple project...but no, it took me a couple of days just to find appropriate music to save so I can upload it later. LOL I'm taking the photo of some [not all] and adding a watercolor effect. For instance:

    All my photos will be framed with the misted oval, and titled with bird name...but very few will be 'watercolored'; it's too time consuming.
  • I was invited to join in on bloggers' "Friendship Friday". I'll try to participate when I can...

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    This week's theme is "Autobiography". So, I'll begin with my Blogger Profile Info. I'm a daughter, sister, wife [to the same man for 45 years in May this year], mother to two grown adult children, and a grandmother of two grandsons. I've been known to play the piano, tho I was never too good at the left hand. LOL --- I love to paint in watercolors, oil, and seldom I dabble in acrylics. Some of my work has been shared here...on my sidebar, just click on the drop down menu under the art easel. I'm crafty too. My newest obsession is birding and bird photography!!! We, as in my husband and myself, go out birding at sunrise most times, and travel to the islands to catch the perfect bird photo. I started another blog [again, as you can see on my sidebar] to share my bird photos...called "I'd Rather B Birdin". I love to read, a fanatic over movies, enjoy playing table games such as cards, trivial pursuit, cribbage and chess. I never did get 'into' electronic games as the generations ahead of me have done. I've had heart surgery in the past, but this last year's report card from the cardiologist told me I was a 'success story'. Doing well. My favorite color is...well, let me back up a bit, my favorite colors are: cobalt blue, royal purple [dark] and forest green. After retirement, we moved from Colorado where I lived for a little over 40 years...went to Tucson Arizona for a decade, and then wanted to live by the beach, so Coastal Texas is now where we call home; enjoying it immensely...beachcombing, just walking along the shore with the sea breeze in our hair and the salt water on our toes. Here at home, I have two fur babies...a white persian, Winston, and a black tabby, Tahoe...Tahoe relocated with us from Tucson to TX. The bonus question this week is "Who's autobiography would you like to read". I may come across as odd, but if John Wilkes Booth were to have written a life story, I would find it fascinating to see how his mind worked by reading what his own words were back in the days. Keeping this as short as I can, I will end here. And pass on my thanks for the invitation to join Friendship Friday.

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    1. It dropped 50 degrees in TWO hours??? Wow is all I can say. A John Wilkes Booth bio would be awesome, I totally agree. You and I have been married almost the same number of years!

      1. No, Ginny, you just misread the didn't drop 50 degrees, it dropped 24 degrees...which you'd surmise at 50 in temp.

    2. Pie does sound good. I just picked up a few apple my self and thought of doing a pie or a crisp.
      You said "it got down to thirty seven" wow we would be taking off our jackets.

      Coffee is on.

      1. LOL...ya, I remember those kinda days....37 in Colorado is near shorts weather. [insert wink]

    3. Autobiography? Hmmmmmm---Wish some of my Bruce or Ballard relatives had written one. I'd love to know more about some of them, especially my 3th Great Grandfather, the Honorable Thomas Ballard, founder of the Ballards in Virginia... From what I know, he had a very interesting life which I would love to know more about.

      We love NCIS also... Wow--what a great show. AND---the teams (which are left that I like are Baltimore and San Francisco... The head coaches of both of those teams are brothers. Wouldn't it be great to see them play each other for the Super Bowl win????

      Have a great day tomorrow.

      1. Better yet, it'd be quite interesting to read his wife's bio....being kidnapped and all.

    4. I love the red cardinals. And it is in the 70's there - nice!

    5. It almost sounds like you are in Kansas with a 24 degree drop in temperatures just like that! Love the cardinals and your "special effects". Always fun to try something new. Have a great weekend, Anni. Mickie :)

      1. ...we're not in Kansas anymore Toto. Sorry, it just had to be said. LOL

    6. Being born Texan and living here all my life, I know that if you don't like the weather, just wait a day or two, it'll change. Yes, it drops that fast when a cold front comes cause it's so warm, or usually blazing hot here.

      My son in law is from Colorado, and he is an avid Denver Broncos fan. He and my daughter have friendly wars going on when the Broncos or Cowboys play. They played a pre-season game against each other and my daughter and her husband went and she wore a Cowboy jersey and he wore a Bronco jersey. A house divided....

      1. well, you know I don't like the Cowboys at all, at all. The whipped some butt on the Broncos first ever super bowl long ago, and that crocked it for me. Never to be a Cowboy fan from that day forward. I hold a grudge. ;o)

    7. I found all of this very interesting. I do understand the movie editing process. I go bonkers just trying to make a YouTube video with Windows Movie Maker. My daughter can whip one together in a few minutes and it will be good too!

      I love movies too but am not into regular t.v. shows too much. The birth of cable and satellite t.v. changed me forever with that. Wow, commercial free movies whenever I want.

      I too prefer auto-biographical material. I fell in love with it in the fourth grad when I checked out a book on Ghengis Khan. I alos love old movies and am a sucker for melodramas.

      I too had Friendship Friday down as a meme to start but unexpected company showed up and I couldn't get it done.

      You got me hooked on birding and getting phtots of birds. I learned a hard lesson yesterday. Don't use a new UV lens cover all day without checking your first few pictures. Oh Anni, I was out almost all day, took 435 photos and all are pretty much garbage except for maybe 40 or 50. I am hoping I can fix the one I got of the deer.

      I find your auto-biographical material very interesting. It's always fun to learn about new people. I have been through Colorado many times. My favorite place is Colorado Springs. I don't like Denver. It's difficult to navigate in a big truck.

      It's still cold here too. Although we did get up i to the 50's yesterday. Wow, a heat wave! Oh I loved this. I learned a great deal about you and it's all good as I expected.

      Happy weekend!:-)

    8. That is an awesome bio. I think you have a fabulous blog and I enjoy following it.

      1. Wayne, coming from you, I take your comment and hold it dearly. Thank you.

    9. I have been enjoying the latest NCIS shows, too. I also watch the LA version, a different sort of show (no Gibbs, after all). The season started slow but has been getting better and better. I found your autobiography interesting, especially that you moved to Texas after 40 years in Colorado. I wondered how Tucson fits in there: Colorado to Arizona to Texas?

      We moved from Colorado to Washington state in retirement and found it to be a perfect home. Other than a bit more rain that I would like now and then, it's just where I want to be. :-)

      1. Ya, at first, Bud and thought we'd like desert dwelling...which we did for a decade, but soon got tired of the blue sky year 'round and the white hot sky and inferno in the summer. We wanted a change of weather patterns year 'round without snow. And Texas, after doing a lot of research, fit our desires.

    10. I need to go back and watch NCIS again. It's not a good idea to have my laptop on my lap when it comes on!

      1. ya, you don't want any distractions watching LAST week's ncis. :o)

    11. Your weather is as changeable as your bird photos.
      Mama Bear

      1.'s creepin' up on 70 degrees today. {{{sight}}}

    12. I love NCIS, and you are right about how poignant and good that episode was!

    13. I saw those episodes, too! Cote de Pablo did an amazing job, but I also thought that Michael Weatherly was good, too. I loved the way he looked at her -- it said a lot. And the end of the 2nd episode....

    14. It's turned cold here too confusing me on clothing choices! Your photo is gorgeous as I'm sure the DVD will be too.

      I understand the beach loving as I have lived all my life near the beach in Florida.

    15. Enjoy your weekend.

    16. Any pie left? We can get that same kind of weather here but don't know what the biggest drop was in one day.

    17. Anni
      You are a woman of many talents?..and I would like to add to the list of things that you are...and that is a good friend and we Are happy to know you.
      As for my ball attire I am at my best in furs Plus ther will be lots of dancing and since Pip and I are vertically challenged I don't want us to trip.mol
      Hugs madi

    18. Oh neat auto-bio!!! Massive drops in temps are hard to handle :-(

    19. Yes it def is a football bummer around here too. We wanted Denver...
      Things may be looking up for our Eagles we have a new head coach but I'm just going to wait and see.
      I have not watched NCIS for some time. I would love to get caught up.
      Your photos are just beautiful. I have a friend that is writing a book about a cardinal, it is going to be good...
      Great choice-John Wilkes Booth would be fascinating to read.
      Have a blessed weekend, stay warm:)

    20. It seems like "projects" always take longer than anticipated, don't they? I know for my, even doing a "quick" blog post always takes longer than I think. Your DVD project sounds nice though, just be patient. There really is no rush and you'll be very happy with it if you take your time and don't rush it. Enjoy the journey as they say.



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