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Wednesday May 6th, 2009
3:40 A.M.

Join -Wordful Wednesday

If you visit with me often enough, you perhaps remember back in March, when I blogged about my sister and I celebrating Sister's Day? And she had delivered to me as a gift, a hibiscus plant? And I planted it that very day? Then, days later, I realized that there are more than one plant grafted together to bloom different colors? Do you remember? Well, here is an update, as promised. There are three in one. Pink, orange and red blossoms, all in one plant. It's amazing!! I can't wait for it to grow taller. The photos will enlarge in a new window.

~....End Wordful Wednesday
COMMENT HERE if you'd like to skip over "in the news" humor and Winston's Gotcha Day below


IN THE NEWS: I read last night that in London, scientists have unveiled an automobile that will run at proposed speeds of 145MPH, all on a new biofuel. Now let's go no further on that for a sec...the biofuel? Chocolate Factory waste!!!! As the story on the 'net tells us, the engine works by burning vegetable oil and chocolate waste. First off, I'm thinking that perhaps they should think this through and produce something that would become an energy drink then. Don't you? Some fool will buy it if marketed, I'm sure. But wait. There's more!!
    The steering wheel is made out of plant-based fibers derived from carrots and other root vegetables,
    and the seat is built of flax fiber and soybean oil foam.
    The body is also made of plant fibers.
Ummmmmm, that is scary. Think about it for a minute or two. Light weight. Fibrous. Just picture it....driving at top speed with other, future made autos such as this....all out on the highways and biways of the world, traveling in all four lanes. Mix vegetable oils, chocolate and flax....bammm!!! Yep, bamm. That's either coming from the exhaust pipe, OR we've had a mishap on the I-225 Beltway!!! Veggies [flax equals laxative in my book!] plus need a toilet, not a car. Someone literally rear ends another veggie wagon and what do you have? Not only will you get the crap scared outta ya....but there's not enough CHARMIN™ to clean up the veggie slime!!! In other words, you wouldn't catch ME even thinking about purchasing a biofuel English version of a green auto. That puts a whole new perspective of going green...did someone say greens? As in collard and carrots?!! But!!!----I would like to find this chocolate factory.

- - -

AND SOME MORE:I learned something yesterday. When I copied and pasted the Robert Frost poem on my Tuesday blog, the last word looked funny after I published the blog entry. The last word being 'fulfil'. I thought the word, fulfill, was spelled with two 'L's at the end. The spell checker had no caution line under it. Hmmmmmmm. So I went out to Google and typed in "define fulfil". Spelling it with just the one 'L' at the end. And lo and behold it can be spelled either way! I didn't know that!!!! Never stop learning.
    fulfil also fulfill ( ) tr.v. , -filled , -filling , -fills also -fils . To bring into actuality; effect: fulfilled their promises. - 53k - Cached - Similar pages -
Still, it looks odd with one "L".

- - -


also, yesterday was Winston's "Gotcha Day". We adopted him from Corpus Christi Humane Society 4 years ago May 5th


  1. Hi Anni
    That loks god enough to me as you have way to many leters in you language
    for us foreigners, just kep throwing away al the leters we have no use for.
    it makes it not so dificult for us more deadly people to spel ,se? how I could fulfil this coment without dififculity ?
    Jah____ it does look strange, I admit it. let us just keep the difference in spelling each others language, it is good for the brain to have something to work with- he he he
    Have a nice and not too difficult day, in fullfilling your painting on your house.
    Du er den bedste!!!
    PS - something I try to remember-
    A parent need not be apparent but "apparent" must pay the rent, so remember this word always has the 'rent'.

  2. Mutti The English language is the most difficult, I think. Even to us born speaking it. I like your reference to parent/pay rent.

  3. Anni-You and your flowers!!!
    It is not nice to envy, but it's just before I do, you have a way with flowers-always putting the right colors together, very beautiful!!!

  4. Beautiful floral pictures. I am more of a Winter and Fall gal myself, but the flowers in Spring sure are pretty to look at. :o)

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  5. Your hibiscus plant is beautiful! Winston is so cute and yes - fulfill looks funny with 1 L!

  6. Your Winston looks very much like my Marlowe --both Brits, one a PM and one a PW (playwright), LOL!

    Loved the flowers, but as someone who is hopelessly in love with cats, the shot of a quizzical looking Winston makes my day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. your hibiscus is amazing. and i so love them, i've got a peach one.

    that car??? i'd be worried it might get eaten by the hungry by the sound of things...

    thanks for the lesson, never to old they say. 1 or 2 it'll be.

    and give winston a cuddle from me, will ya!

  8. I love the hibiscus. I can't imagine having the different colors in ONE plant. That's amazing!

  9. Ohhhhhhh hibiscus is my very favorite! That is going to be one GORGEOUS plant when it gets BIG! Wow!

    Awwww... Winston's anniversary... Happy Happy!

  10. Wonderful plant. I wish you would come do some landscaping for me and then hang around and take care of it. I love the flowers, just hate the work involved in caring for a yard.

    The rest just made me smile. :)

  11. The hibiscus is fabulous! I just love them and the three in one is amazing.

    The car story is a blast - ridiculous things being done on a daily basis!!

    Yes, fulfil without the final l is strange - but Mutti really made me laugh! So true, about this goofy language of ours.

  12. oh, it's beautiful. What a nice gift! We planted one last year, unfortunately my black thumb got the best of it.

  13. Anni,

    Your hibiscus is beautiful. I've never seen a multi colored one before. Very beautiful.

    I'm with you! No riding in that veggies car. What will they think of next?

    Happy Anniversary to Winston. I'm glad he was adopted by you and Bud where he is well-loved.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  14. Beautiful flowers, I wish I had a green thumb, I only seem to turn things brown.

  15. Beautiful flowers. You got 3 in one plant! Very nice & that you have a special sister's day.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy WW!

  16. Have a special sister's day. Your hibiscus is gorgeous and I'm envious.

  17. First : happy gotchaday Winston !! you were lucky to land in a hootin Anni's home !
    Are you sure this car is running or is it for eating ? or maybe for both ? The three colors in one is indeed amazing !

  18. lovely - that is likely what I will get from my MIL

  19. Beautiful! Have a great Wednesday!

  20. Anonymous5/06/2009

    Your flowers are beautiful. I smile every week when I come here, sorry I missed the past few weeks of WW because you are onew I really missed seeing.

  21. They look very pretty and so does Winston.

  22. Your hibiscus is gorgeous!!!! I have three of them, 2 red ones, and a yellow one but they are growing in separate places in my garden.

    I've always spelled fulfill with two L's...learned something here too!

    Happy Gotcha Day, Winston!

  23. No way I could I put out hibiscus out side. I haven't yet seen a hibiscus sweeter it could ware.

    Maybe if I was younger I might be interesting in a car that goes 145 miles per hour. I slow down and that way can see more.

    Coffee is on.

  24. Winston is beautiful, first off!

    the flowers are as well! i've never heard of sister day. cant imagine my sister and i celebrating it but oh well. :)

    i totally love the family pics you have posted on your sidebar!!

    have a great day!

  25. How gorgeous!!! I love flowers!

  26. Such a great post.

  27. Your plant is gorgeous. Love the vibrant colors.

    That car does sound a little iffy. Wouldn't want to crash in it... or run over one in my minivan for that matter.

    How did that awesome kitty end up at the humane society. Glad he found the purrfect home. :-D

  28. Nice pictures of your flowers. I like that your cat has a "gotcha day"! Maybe we will do that too if I can talk my husband into getting a cat.

  29. Beautiful, beautiful hibiscus plant! I love it!

  30. How cool! Did she graft them herself? That is really neat to have all the different colors on just one plant. Happy WW!

  31. That plant is beautiful. I love that it blooms different colors.

  32. Your flowers are beautiful!

  33. That is so cool that they grafted different colors together! What a bonus!

  34. Gorgeous flowers! And LOL at the exploding car - ugh at that thought. And happy Gotcha Day Winston!

  35. Gorgeous flowers! LOL at the exploding car - ugh at that thought! And happy Gotcha Day Winston!