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Thursday, May 7th, 2009
5:39 A.M.

13 facts of my 'home town' area, below the house work update

    Dear man of mine, and myself, we took the day off yesterday of home repair and exterior painting. Actually, we didn't do much of anything but make a trip to Lowes Home Improvement store. I found three new macrame plant hangers for outdoors that will hold the three plants that used to be hanging from the patio roof covering, and Bud will make ready for them to hang from the eave over the patio today. One will be a good hour's job, I think, since it's a nasty, cantankerous, stickery, cactus plant!!! The arms of the cactus hangs over the pot and is clinging to the old macrame. Goody. When it blooms, it's gorgeous, but when it's just hanging over the edges of the flower pot, it's nasty. I can feel the needle pricks now, just thinking of repotting it and getting the new hanger around it all. We also had to buy a 2x8 piece of wood and a 1x2 piece to replace around the garage door frame before we paint out front. At the bottom, near the driveway, I thought there was wood rot from rainwater in the past....but nope. When I pushed on it to see how far the 'rot' goes up the wall, I pushed right through it.....and found. Termites!! [we had 'em coming up the underground --through the bathroom exhaust pipe...subterranean ones a couple years ago] So, now we have to treat the wood that remains, and replace the old destroyed wood with new. We'll do that today. And prime the new wood with primer before beginning the paint job on the front of the house. In the meantime, I was reading a little ditty on the historical drought that has hit our area this's bad! It so dry, even the front yard grass is pulling up from the ground!!!-------

    9:33 A.M. addendum
    Bud and I just finished tearing out the termite rotted wood and replaced it all with the new wood! Yay. [but I think we disturbed a wasp nest somewhere, the garage was full of 'em....what next? LOLOLOLOL ---the garage has been sprayed.]

Yaho* News on Historical Drought of which we're living right now. It's been NO RAIN for months. Crops are not showing, water table is at its lowest...we need moisture. But, while I read this article, knowing just how dry it is, I thought a bit of the history of our Texas county would be something to list for Thursday. Here are 13 facts of where we reside:

1] 1519 - Corpus Christi Bay located and named by Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda.

2] The wreck of three Spanish ships near the southern end of the island in 1554 was the greatest disaster to hit the Spanish fleet in the New World up to that time?

3] 1766 - First "official" use of name of Corpus Christi, printed on Spanish map.

4] 1845 - Mexican-American War. Corpus Christi becomes encampment for US military.

5] 1846 - Nueces County [pronounced new AY seas, meaning: Spanish for nuts -edible nuts] was formed from San Patricio County.

6] 1846 - Town is officially named Corpus Christi and gets a post office.

7] 1852 - Corpus Christi is incorporated.

8] 1862 - City is forced to surrender to Union forces during the Civil War.

9] 1919 - The worst hurricane in Corpus Christi history comes ashore.

10] 1924 - Port of Corpus Christi is completed.

11] Approximately 17 communities make up the entire Nueces County, Texas.

12] Celebs born on record .... a] Eva Longoria -3/15/1975 b] Farrah Fawcett -2/2/1947 c] Billy Powell -6/3/1952 d] Lori Singer -11/6/1957 e] Sidney Sheinberg -1/14/1935 f [Lou Diamond Phillips grew up in Flour Bluff, Texas a suburb of Corpus Christi]

13] National Seashore Park [On Coastal Bend] is 60 miles of pristine sandy beaches

BONUS: Padre Island National Seashore has one wheelchair designed for use on loose sand available for loan at no charge! Users must leave a driver's license or their personal wheelchair at the information desk while the beach wheelchair is on loan. Cool.....personally, since I don't need one in my life...for now anyway,.....I think it would be a fun thing to ride on the beaches, ZOOM ZOOM!!!


  1. Thinking of you sweetie.

  2. I'm a little more educated on Corpus Christi now! Thank you!

  3. Hope you get some relief from the drought soon. We have had SEVEN days straight of pure rain! Not even a peep of sunshine! Must be the way the jet stream is flowing!

  4. Termites --- I've had to have two different home treated for termites. Yuck. The exterminator told me there were to kinds of houses, "those with termites and those that will have termites". But since moving down here Robert and I have developed a theory --- Fire ants trump termites. Seems that where the fireants are the termites aren't so bad. Just my theory -- no proof.

    That wheelchair for the beach is an awesome thing. I wouldn't mind playing around with it either. :)

  5. that was cool, I have walked on your sea wall there Did you hear FF is in very sad shape

  6. nice article,thanks for sharing!

  7. oh dear, i hope you guys get your spring rains real soon. that termite!! i could hardly read the story, my eyes kept drifting to that... thing, which i discovered was a termite. i hope you get rid of them...

  8. Termites! ICK
    My inspector always says it is not IF a home has termites in Texas...its when!

  9. Very interesting TT ! I alsways love to read about the history of places.

  10. Here's hoping you have rain soon. I loved the history you shared with us. Make sure Bud is careful with that cactus.

  11. Anni,

    Your house is going to look fantastic when you and Bud are finished with all that work. I'm looking forward to the "after" photos.

    I'm sorry that your area is experiencing such a bad drought. We have had sufficient rain here and then some. It rained all night last night, but the sun is shining this morning. It was a gentle rain and great for that little garden the boys and I planted.

    Very interesting facts about your area. I always learn something when I visit you. Thanks so much for sharing this history.

    I hope you take today to relax. You and Bud have both been working hard on the house.


  12. You can gladly have some of my rain if you want. We've had a damp spring so far after a couple of glorious days.

  13. Interesting info about C.C.

    Praying rain comes and the termites go...

  14. It's so nice to live in an area that has an historical flavor. Our town is only about 7 years old...where's the fun in that?

  15. I could use that wheelchair. My little electric scooter won't work on the beach.

  16. I wish I remembered my time there! But since I was in utero, I guess not.

    Homeownership is one of those gifts that keeps on giving and taking, eh?? Lots of work always. DC has been off his job, enforced vacation, for 4 weeks and has worked on stuff around here non stop. I don't know when he would have done it all if he'd been working!

  17. Anonymous5/07/2009

    Termites are not good! Glad you're getting rid of them. Very interesting list, that was a great idea.

  18. What wonderful history of where you live. Doing a rain dance for you! Happy T13!

  19. You and Bud have sure been busy. I have hopes that one day Jim will actually have a job close to home. It would be so nice to be able work on things together.
    I saw your post about the clothes line on Pea's blog. Not having those absurd rules is another reason I love where I live. Where we were before I had a retractable clothes line. When I wanted to use it I pulled it out and attached it to a post, and then it would reel back in when I was done.
    Thank you for the history about your area, I like things like that.

  20. I feel for you on the lack of rain. Hope it comes soft and significant soon.

  21. We deal with termites around here too ::sigh::
    Interesting facts about Corpus Christ, hope you get some rain soon!
    The wheelchair is a fantastic idea!

  22. Termites and wasps and droughts, OH MY! Termites and wasps and droughts, OH MY!

    Sheeeeeesh! What NEXT is right?! I'm really sorry to hear you guys are having a drought - especially since after driving halfway across the country and back in deluge upon deluge of rain, I honestly didn't think I was GOING to hear that blasted "D" word this year! Sure wish the north could send some your way....

  23. Wow! had no idea Corpus had so much interesting stuff in the past!

  24. The beach wheelchair looks fun even if you don't need to use one to get around. Thanks for sharing the interesting facts and pictures.

  25. Termites...the very word gives people the shivers here. There are suburbs where the houses are being literally eaten away while people live in them. Usually because they had the misfortune to get a shonky pest sprayer firm in the first place, you know the ones that charge the earth and water the stuff down. Glad you got rid of yours.

    I was interested in the 13 facts about Corpus Christi...what a lovely name for a town, the Body of Christ... I really like that.

    Have a lovely weekend and hope you survive the cactus repotting, or should I say, Bud.

  26. Ugh! Termites! There is a veritable plague of carpenter ants in our neighborhood. The next door neighbor's tree fell over a little while back. It had been gutted by the little buggers. We are all constantly treating the houses to make sure they don't infest.
    I had no idea Corpus Cristi was that old. I found the history very interesting.

  27. Good luck with your continuing house projects. Loved your 13 today and am reminded why my traveling friends visit your area repeatedly.
    Hugs and blessings,