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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday, March 19th, 2009
4:10 A.M.

When I was rummaging through the photo albums looking for a particular photo for the photo hunt last Saturday, I came across the photos I took of the grand opening celebration of the Anheuser*Busch Brewery in Northern Colorado that we decided to attend. That day, we hopped in our car and drove north from our home about 45 minutes up the interstate past a small town called Fort Collins. The brewery is situated between Wellington, Co. and the Wyoming border. Hey, I wanted to sample the free beer! Besides, I love the Clydesdale breed of horses!! While I scanned the photo for the hunt, I took these photos out of another album and scanned them....

One thru Seven are photos while Eight thru Thirteen are facts on the breed:

Top left: the infamous fetlocks/'socks'. Top right: part of the harness.
Middle left: The famous Budweiser wagon. Middle right: a colt
Bottom left: another colt Bottom right: Entry to the stables

And one of my favorite photos that I took that day, is two lead Clydesdales and for me, it shows the companionship and familiarity of the horses from the stables. What a show horse!! I love them. In fact, I love the horses and what they stand for more than the beer itself. If you ask me, instead of the "King of Beers"...the Clydesdale is the "King of Work Horses". And these at this brewery are highly pampered. I've never SEEN such a clean stable in my life. Notice all the silver, real silver on all the horse tack....even the Anheuser emblem in tooled silver!!!! If and when I come back in another life, I wanna be a Budweiser horse.

- - -

8] The Clydesdale is a breed of heavy draft horse developed in and deriving its name from the district in Scotland where it was founded. Its type was evolved by the farmers of Lanarkshire, through which the River Clyde flows. The old name for Lanarkshire is Clydesdale.

9] Most of the horses range in size from 16.2 to 18 hands and weigh between 1600 and 1800 lbs. Stallions and geldings are taller and will weigh up to 2200 lbs.

10] The Clydesdale horse breed is best known for its size, and the feather above the hooves.

11] Believed to have a history of over 300 years, their use as warhorses in the 17th century to their work in advertising today, the Clydesdale horse breed has undergone powerful changes.

12] Queen Elizabeth II saw a colorful Clydesdale pulling a milk cart and was so impressed with the animal she pressed it into royal service as a drum carrier to haul a 90-pound silver kettle used by the Household Cavalry band. Similarly, colorful horses today are referred to as drum horses or gypsy horses and are bred for their color, long mane and tail.

13] August A. Busch II admonished his son for buying a new Lincoln Town Car during the depression, he found outside the brewery in St. Louis, Missouri a Studebaker beer wagon with an eight-horse hitch of Clydesdales. They were formally introduced to August A. Busch Sr. and Anheuser-Busch on April 7, 1933, to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition. The horses remain today as the company's mascot.


Here is one interesting site. All about the Budweiser Horses. And then, turn up the volume on your speakers....and,

Meet "Jake" He tells you about coming to America!
[Budweiser Clydesdale 'history' commercial]


Around 10 yesterday morning a gift arrived at the door. The delivery lady had a huge planted pot for me; from my sister. Sister's Day had begun. [see Wednesday's post; below] I then got a call from Colorado and she told me that she thought I needed another plant to have outdoors. [It's a running joke around our family that Anni is 'plant happy'] Anyway, a huge hibiscus tree was given to me. Now, for Sister's Day I can stand by the newly planted flowering tree and toast my big sister and our long lasting's beautiful!

Also, a text message from my sister-in-law. She's doing pretty well considering she had brain surgery. Miracles do happen! I was told that she gives thanks to us all for prayers for her. A long, difficult battle is ahead of course, but with that note, my emotions soared!! To a happy level I haven't seen in over a week.

Photos below are the hibiscus tree from my own sister.....


  1. is THAT what they're called. i used to call them horses with pygama pants.....

  2. Shadow Awwwww, that's a cute description tho, really.


  3. Some beautiful pics. Where I live now I'm surrounded by horses, though I don't ride myself.

  4. we used to love to go to the state fair and see the clydesdale they are my mothers favorite
    thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog come back and visit whenevery you have a chance

  5. Great post.thanks for the info.

  6. Good Mornin' Anni,
    I enjoyed readin the information ont the Clydesdales. I have always loved those kinds of horses also and thought they were the most beautiful horses ever. I still do to this day. Love the Hibiscus Tree your sister sent you and that was really nice of her to send it to you. I used to have lots of houseplants when I was married the first time. I don't have any now. My green thumb probably isn't what it used to be either. LOL. "PRAISE GOD" for a miracle in your Sister-In-Law. GOD does work and will answer prayers if we go to him and ask him. I hven't put up a post yet. I've been busy this morning, so maybe I will later on. Take care my friend and have great day. May GOD BLess you and yours. "THANK YOU" again for the beautiful work you did on my blog yesterday.
    Karen H.

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I've always loved the Clydesdales, but there was a lot about them I didn't know, apparently! Great TT! I really love informative ones. I've got two up - one at Everyday Tarot and one at Coffee Break

  8. Clydesdales are such beautiful, BIG, horses. I love to pet horse noses - it's one of the joys of life. :)

  9. Anni,

    I love Clydesdales. They are magnificient beasts. We saw the stable at Disney World in Florida, and yes, it was spotless.

    Grandpa used to have two Clydesdales and they are definitely gentle giants, or at least his were. I wonder if Mom has any photos of that team.

    I'm thrilled that your SIL phoned you. Great news. She will have a lot of work to do and I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

    The hibiscus tree is beautiful. I'm sure you will have many years of enjoyment out of it. It's so nice that you and your sister have this tradition. I know you both enjoyed it.


  10. Aren't those Clydesdales beautiful? Thanks for sharing.

  11. I remember going to a friends farm when I was about 9 or 10 and being fascinated to see him walk right under their horse. Those things are HUGE. Great photos. Happy T13!

  12. Mary To clarify was a text message that was forwarded to me through an email. I don't have 'text messaging' on our phone...we had that disabled. Sorry for the confusion. She does have her cellphone in her room now, but is only able to do text messaging for now.

  13. What fun for you on Sister's Day~ And to hear from SIL as well - good day all around.

    Good info on the Clydesdales, from my neck of the woods. I kind of chuckled when you called Fort Collins "a small town" - I guess compared to Houston! How big is your city these days?

  14. When I was a kid the horse I spent the most time on was a Clydesdale quarter horse mix. Best horse ever.

  15. I very much enjoyed this post! I live in France, but I moved here 3 years ago from Loveland, CO.

    So, I am very familiar with those Budweiser Clydesdales from the brewery in Fort Fun. :)

    Thanks for posting this & thanks for stopping by my 13 imaginary flicks. ;)

    Happy TT to you!

  16. Beautiful pics and very interesting facts. I didn't know alot about them before.

  17. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures. Have always wanted to learn to ride. Now I'm a little more inspired..:)

  18. I guess I thought of Corpus Christi when I was asking you the population - how big is Corpus?

    FC has around 150,000, which seems big when you've watched it happen - it feels crowded up there pushed up against the foothills as it is.

  19. I have dear friends who currently live in Fort Collins but I have never visited them there.
    Love your information about the Clydesdales!!
    and I love your new hibiscus tree, very beautiful and meaningful!

  20. Thanks for the photos - reminds me of my visit to Busch Gardens ages ago! Here's a few Bud slogans to go with your photos:

    When you say Budweiser, you've said it all.
    For all you do, this Bud's for you.
    The Genuine Article.
    The King of Beers.
    Where there's life, there's Bud.

    I went topical this week - my TT :

    Thirteen Ways to get your money back from those bailed out bank burglars!

    Happy TT!

  21. I love the Budweiser horses, especially the winter commercials, I too live in Colorado and have never made it to that tour. Maybe I should. Great pics, Clydesdales are so pretty, I have had the joy of riding one.

  22. What great photographs. I'm glad to hear your sister-in-law is holding her own.

  23. Anonymous3/19/2009

    What great pictures of the Clydesdales, I've seen them at fairs & such, but never at an official Budweiser gathering.
    That's a beautiful tree, I hope it stands by you long & in good health.

  24. These horses are indeed very beautiful and their outfit ! we have similar horses here also used in the past for pulling beer wagons, today they carry tourists !
    Happy sister day !

  25. Ive always loved visiting the Clydesdale horses when I go to Busch gardens in VA - they're so impressive. Great post :)

  26. They are indeed majestic creatures. Love the bottom photo of the two horses together!

  27. The horses are gorgeous - thanks for sharing them with us!

    My prayers have been added to the hoard for your sil.

  28. Ooh, I love the Clydesdales, too. Even before I knew they were the beer horses, I loved the breed. They're so strong and magnificent...

  29. Great info on Clydesdales. I like learning new things about animals.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  30. We wintered our hibiscus tress in the garage and they did great. We'll be setting them out by the pool again soon.

  31. this is a very intersting post, Hootin' Anni, I didn't know that they were so heavy!! You definitely wouldn't want one ot fall down on top of you!

  32. awww, those horses are so pretty ;-)

  33. jettied3/19/2009

    First I hope your sis in law continues to do excellent..I will keep her in my prayers!!
    2nd i so want one of those horses!! i just love them..I love your last oic of them!! And ..
    3rd cute new look!!! and I have been having trouble posting a comment I been here just wouldn't let me!!

  34. How fun. I always love it when the Clydesdales' are in town. Great pictures (I agree the last is the best and for the same reason)

    Also enjoyed the follow-up of "Sister's Day"

  35. I always called 'em "the beer commercial horses." Now I know better.

  36. Anni,I have an award for you on my site.

  37. Although the bottom one is super sweet, I really like the composition and the glint of sun in the one on the top right.

  38. All of the sudden, Im thirty for a Budwieser..hmmmmmmmm. lol. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

  39. I love horses in general, and Clydesdales and Percherones in particular! Neat pics and facts on them. :o)

    It's midnight and your cuckoo clock just chimed a dozen times! LOL! ;o)

    I'm glad your SIL is doing well!

    Enjoy your hibiscus! I had a giant red one, but it didn't like being shaded by my redbud tree as it grew and the hibiscus just kind of faded away. I may have to plant another one, but it will be in full sun if I do.

    Happy Spring, Anni!

    Love and hugs,


  40. That is great news about your sister-in-law!
    I love your new blog design. That bunny is just too cute. :)

  41. That was an interesting story of how the Clydesdales became the mascots for Anheuser-Busch. Thanks for sharing.