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Projects and Blogging....

First and foremost, some of you realize that my Wordless "Oil" Paintings are not really painted!! For those that may be confused, I feel [from reading the recent comments you left me] that I need to explain. As I have posted on my sidebar [scroll down], the 'oil paintings' are just photos of mine where I use the antique oil filter that is linked there.

Now, to go a bit further...

I have three projects that are taking up a lot of my computer time since I only allow myself an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon of sitting on my butt time! I am busy writing/composing letters to all my state's congressmen/women to voice my disappointment in our government; especially this fiasco of the repealing of Obamacare and the 'threats' of raising our premiums to cover it!! Which I believe is most unfair for the fact, those of us that have been paying into our private insurance for decades...well, I think we should NOT be penalized just because those that wish to chose this Affordable Care or the 'newest version' if ever it passes and we, that have private insurance...should Not have to pay for THEM. Those of us who hold a policy through insurance companies are being nickled and dimed to pay for others who want 'free'. Not fair, and I am loudly voicing my disgust in their [congress] handling this and cheating us. This is all taking up a lot of my time. I am also calling, vocally, if I can get through to their offices!!  I'll probably end up with a satellite following me but...I don't care at this point.  Americans need to give voice to the unfair acts that the government impose on us citizens.

Another project, when I'm done with my letters to congress, I have an ongoing Microsoft Word Project that is a multi-hundred page work in progress. I've not worked on it for months, and have vowed to get 'er done before summer ends and I can be outdoors beginning next month, I hope!

Then, lastly this is just in the 'thinking' stages right now but I plan to revamp one of my witch dolls, in yellow!! Each one I have purchased over the years, I have been hoping to find one cloaked in black and yellow ribbon and lace...Nada. So, I told Bud, "I'm gonna make my own in yellow". Afterall, yellow is part of a candy you see mainly during that time of year...candy corn. Right? So, yellow just hasta be a Halloween color besides black and orange and purple!! lol

So, while I'm working diligently to get some of this done, I am taking a break from blogging.
I will get to visiting with you, when I feel I can take some time out from these listed above to say a biggo Texas Howdy to y'all!!!

In the meantime, I bid you adieu for now. See ya later this month, I hope. birding meme at I'd Rather B Birdin' will continue in my absence from Hootin' Anni's tho...


  1. Hi Anni all the best with your projects, especially the letters to congress. Bully for you. See you when you get back to blogging. Greetings Jo

  2. I am glad your birding blog will be continuing! I do hope you get some answers to your calls and letters. This is the way the Democratic process works! Good luck! I am wondering what this huge hundreds of pages projects is. Well, yes, yellow, orange, black are all Halloween colors! If she is yellow, perhaps she will be the good witch. I bet yours will be even better than one you might find, because you are so very artistic.

  3. I am thinking it might be a lengthy break to get all this done. of course the witch only has a couple of months to be finished which is a hint when you will return.. I like the idea and can't wait to see her... I got a headache thinking about the Word project. I do so hate those kinds of things, Excel and Word make me crazy.. I agree with your letters to congress.. I hope they listen but I doubt it.

  4. You have taken on quite an undertaking and I'm totally in agreement with you over the congress project. Sure hope you can fit in your witch revamping. Your bloggin' break sounds to be just the right timing and I'll keep looking for your return. You are a very gritty lady in my point of view! Kudos!

  5. Well you go get er done and I'll see you when you get back

  6. Have fun with your projects and we will see you when you come back!!

  7. Have fun on your break...I do think of yellow as a Halloween color...

  8. Love your spirit, Anni - put in a good word for all of us, will ya? What a fiasco. I love the idea of yellow for fall and Halloween. Let's make yellow the 'new black'. Haha! Enjoy your break and take time to do the things you love, too. x Karen

  9. I say kudos to you! I completely agree and am very disgusted with the whole situation. I have called my congresswoman and left a message, but I feel she just ignores those she doesn't agree with. When I've called in the past, I always get a little note back saying how important it was that she voted like she did...
    Have a good break and you'll soon be feeling very accomplished!

  10. I swear I must have been on another planet when I read this before. I too am wondering what the hundreds of pages project is. As for the other...I am sure no one wants to hear what I have to say. I do agree with what you think, though. We used to live with neighbors that you could trust with anything. I could have had any number of kids take care of pets when we leave. Now, it is government subsidized housing down a few blocks, and we seem grown men walking the street at all times of day. I assume walking a few blocks down to the bar. They get help with their rent, but still have money for cigarettes and bars. And yes, we probably pay for their insurance. And from what I hear about so much of the insurance, it has such a huge deductible, that people don't really get much from it. This is another instance of I wish I had the money to invest in following the money!

    There, I have done said too much.