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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out
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Haiku in Triplet...

Living by the sea and the storms that make angry take on a whole new meaning, I tried to convey the beginning and the end. Making it a happy ending!!   A traditional Haiku must have 5/ 7 /5 syllables in three lines - that's more challenging than expected!!  Still...

Kinda 'cheesy' but none-the-less, here's my story.  With a 'musical' tone...

Beacon cloaked in fate
Squall slays, consumes; devours

Sounds of passage ebb
Percussion, tide, diminish

Melody, descant
Aria, quiescent rest

Photos used are not mine...they're from a Google free image search and then I used a filter in my paintshop pro to have a bit of 3-D effect; like oil paintings. Images may be subject to copyright, but NO infringement intended. Artists unknown.


  1. i was getting all excited over that first shot thinking you took it. that is gorgeous.. all of them are. since i don't know what a Haiku is, i can't check your work. will take your word for it. well now i know what it is but still don't.

  2. I'm thinking on the same lines as Sandra. I was kind of wondering why we had never seen that amazing photograph. I remember in school having to write a Haiku. I pretty much sucked at

  3. Nicely done! Can't say I was ever successful in writing a haiku.

  4. Those are outstanding images! I'm not much of a haiku expert, but they follow the rules. :-)

  5. In the first picture I can feel the cool spray, I need it tonight.

  6. I loved the moods created by the three Haiku.

  7. Hi Anni! That flower on my blog is on my verbena bush. I love the way it's a circle of blooms, in one flower!

  8. I've wondered how CC has fared the rainy weather.....hope all is ok there..
    we are having a lot of rain for West Texas but no flooding....

  9. Enjoyed these a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Your presentation here is always lovely and your words wise and so often wonderfully funny! These three complete quite a moving story that blends beautifully with each photo!