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  • The February issue of MY TEXAS LIFE is online. Some 'hearty' recipes this month!! View by using the sidebar link.

  • What a terrific book I just finished reading! [THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN authored by Ron Rozelle] So filled with a personal view [tho fiction, but based on factual events] on the historic Texas Catastrophic Hurricane of 1900!
      Still, today [2012]....This event holds the record as the United States' deadliest natural disaster.
    From the beginning to the ending epilogue, it was profound, poignant, and oh so imaginary step back in time, and what the people of 1900 Galveston Island went through on the fateful Saturday in September when a catastrophic hurricane pummeled the area with destructive winds, rain, and the ferocious Gulf Waters and floods. Families, two orphanages, houses...etc. Background stories of the citizens' efforts to stay alive, while still the author gives a 'human' perspective of their lives. From the two weathermen of that time, to the rich and very poor. Outstanding!! And the epilogue [I rarely take time to read an epilogue]...but this book, I didn't want to see it end, it was that extreme...the epilogue has a modern day NASA weatherman traveling to Galveston and just viewing in his mind what it would have been like some 100+ years ago. I rarely do continued research after reading a novel, but this book had me online several days, searching for answers and images!! Read it if you can. It's well worth finding it and adding it to your 'to read list'.

    IMAGES OF THE AFTERMATH -found online

  • We tried CiCi's Pizza for the very first time ever... this week; not bad. I really liked their Spinach/Romano Cheese pizza. And their salad buffet was really cold, fresh and crispy!! Oh, and need I mention the dessert bar? Whoa...Boston Cream Pizza? Yep, according to Bud I should try it..."it's super" he goes back for seconds in that department, lol!! I had one slice of Pepperoni, the Spinach Romano pizza -one slice. A large bowl of pasta/chicken/vegetable soup, a huge salad with three different lettuces/red cabbage/baby carrots/grape tomatoes/red onion/black olives...topped with light Italian dressing and garlic croutons. Along with the salad I grabbed and added to my plate two garlic bread sticks. I had no dessert, but Bud made up for what I didn't take. He doesn't gain an ounce and can eat anything in front of him!!

  • Valentine's Day is coming ever so quickly! I love red, so this is another good holiday to decorate the home with hearts and love. I didn't do much, but had to have something: valentine's ribbon, glass hearts, ladybug hi-ball glasses, mice in love, and red candles [can't see the candles but the silver candle holders], and red shredded foil [all on the fireplace mantel], the living room coffee table, and not to forget the dining room table---

    ...the fireplace

    ...on the coffee table

    ...the dining room centerpiece

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    I took this image of a wildflower [sunflower] that I posted on my Monday's blog for Mellow Yellow and macro Monday---Making it aged newspaper. The steps I used in PaintShop Pro were: "pastel" 2] "colored edges" 3] "aged" 4] "picture frame preset" 5] aged again 6] then, added the gold title plate with "FADED GLORY" with these results:

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    This painting has been a favorite of mine for a long long time. As a youngster, the image was framed and hanging on the municipal's library reminded me of my grandparents, even tho my own grandparents don't even come close to physical features in this painting--I don't know why, but it just did. Then, as I grew older and had two children of my own, I saw it again, and told Erik and Irene that 'once it reminded me of grandpa and grandma but now it reminds me of my folks, YOUR grandparents'. Well, just a few years back, Erik came to visit us from Houston for the weekend, and he had in his car's trunk a surprise wrapped in brown paper. When he got it into the house he handed it over to me and I tore the papering off, only to find that he found the print and had it framed....Keeping for the theme of Valentine's as I have with hearts and flowers today, I thought this would be a perfect time to share it. Of course, it's on the fireplace wall surrounded by the silver candle holders, I mentioned above, with red candles. The painting is titled THIS IS MY LOVE and the artist is Leslie Emery. Painted in 1950 [I was one year old]. It is a gift and wonderful gesture from Erik, that I will treasure, I hope, for years to come...

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    From another site GALVESTON ISLAND FACTS, it stated:
      The Cold Facts of the Great Galveston Hurricane
      Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 120 mph The official anemometer blew away after recording a sustained
      wind speed of 84 mph and gust of 102 mph.
      Estimated Storm Surge: 15 to 20 ft Galveston's highest point stood
      only 8.7 feet above sea level.
      The storm surge occurred at high tide.
      Estimated Saffir-Simpson Category: Category 4
      Estimated Dead: 8,000 -- 6,000 in Galveston + 2,000 in surrounding area (Some place the figure as high as 12,000).
      Estimated Number of Homes Destroyed: 3,600-plus in Galveston.
      Estimated Total Damage: $25 to 50 million (
      in 1900 dollars);
      $500 million to $1 billion (in 2003 dollars)




    1. Wow, that was "quite the hurricane" in 1900! Love your Valentine's Day decorating--quite festive. Cici's buffet sounds quite good--making me hungry right now--we may try it tonight! Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

    2. I love historical novels. I am going to put this on my to read list. Have a good day.

    3. I so love your blog! You are a delight, and a kindred soul! I love love love have done a fabulous job of subtly decorating! BTW, I am cool and collected, but there are some in my family who would argue calm! I am a redhead, you know, of Irish and Cherokee Indian descent. Have a great evening...I am going to try to locate the book!

    4. The book looks interesting, especially those photos!!! We have Cici's here and I have never been, now I should go!! I love your Valentine decorations!!! What a perfect gift for you, of your beloved painting!!! Do you know anything about who the people are, did the artist give it a name, can you research it?

    5. That sounds like a good book on the Galveston hurricane of way back when.

      I was living north of Conroe, Texas when Hurricane Alicia came in the 80's. I remember the dumbass mayor of Galveston waited until almost too late to put out an evacuation order. And that was a very mild hurricane as they go.

    6. That does indeed sound like a wonderful book! So very sad that only 3 children of the 62 in the orphanage survived that hurricane. Such devastation as seen in the pictures.

      I love your Valentine decor, everything looks so pretty:-) I was at the dollar store today and I had to laugh because now they have the St. Patrick's Day and Easter stuff on the shelves beside the Valentine stuff already.

      I think it's so wonderful that Erik surprised you with that picture, knowing how much you liked it:-) xoxo

    7. Glad you enjoyed your book. It does sound like a very good read. It is so sad that there were so few survivors. I guess coastal dwellers should be thankful for the early warnings that we have today.
      I love Cici's spinach pizza and salad. We don't eat there often, but when we do I get the spinach pizza, a salad, and sometimes soup.
      Your Valentines decorations are so nice. The only thing I have is a small flag outside.
      Your Blog is always such an interesting read. I enjoy it very much.

    8. Anni, Thank you so much for inviting me to see your Friday Fragments post. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

      That book is now on my reading list. I love history, as you know, and this looks like a great read.

      I won't be decorating for Valentine's this year because of time constraints but your decor is always lovely.

      Wow! I absolutely LOVE that picture. I will have my eye open for that one. The man looks almost identical to my great-grandfather, whom I adored.

      Thanks again. I'm hoping to post some things for Black History Month here in Canada. Always interesting to search out those less known.


    9. I like CiCi's too--love the bread sticks, the spinach pizza and desserts!

    10. That book sounds very interesting. I love your valentine decorations, thanks for sharing. Eddie and I have never been to Cici's Pizza, might have to try it, sounds good. Eddie loves pizza.

    11. I enjoy historical novels, so I'm definitely going to add that book to my "to-read" list. ;-)

      There's no Cici's nearby, but a pizza buffet sounds delish ... but dangerous (as I definitely have a weakness for pizza!).

    12. "Faded Glory" is pretty cool. I love sunflowers, of course, who doesn't?!

    13. Your decorations are pretty! I have not tried CiCi's yet, but will have to now that you said "boston cream pizza". Have a good one!

    14. great post!!! enjoyed your blog...

      visit my blog!!!


    15. I love how you always change the background on your blog for each season/ holiday...impressive!

    16. Your decor is very beautiful.
      I just had to go and read about the terrible storm how very interesting.
      Thank you for sharing some great history of Tx.
      I love pizza and the salad bars.
      You sure did make me hungry.

    17. Wonderfully artistic version of your flower photo.

    18. What an interesting post - in so many ways. Love your submission to Photo Art Friday - looks like professional work!!

    19. Hi Anni, wow, what a great post full of all kinds of things. That was so nice that your boy got your favorite painting framed. I'll keep my eye out for the book; I love all of those old photos.

      Have a great weekend,

      Kathy M.

    20. Beautiful post.
      I will try to find a recommended book. Looks very interesting.
      I love your Valentine decorations.
      That painting of your grandparents is wonderful and fireplace wall is perfect place.

      Regards and best wishes

    21. Ooh, we love CiCi's!! Fills the kids up for not much money.

      I can't wait to read that book! We love history and we haven't done Galveston yet. How delightful!! I will be curious to see how it compares to the Johnstown Flood, in PA. That visitor center claimed it was the biggest disaster in the US to date. Though the flood was before the Galveston hurricane. History is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

      I love that print!! I have never seen it before, but I would love to get something like that done for hubs and me. I agree, it is a captivating painting. how lovely!!