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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This'll blow you away.....

You can find this on You Tube by searching for Tippecanoe.

The song I chose this week ties in with my trash talk entry found below. With the political year coming on full force in America, I think this one is kinda fun ---

written in 1840
by: Alexander Coffman Ross

PHOTO CREDITS: Kayak and Canoe Rentals on Padre Island, various mini-vans [do you know how hard it is to find mini-vans these days? Mostly around here, it's either cars, trucks or SUVs], grocery store shelf of "LoG CabiN" syrup, and the flowing waters - from our faucet.


Oh who has heard the great commotion, motion, motion
All the country through?
It is the ball a-rolling on
For Tippecanoe and Tyler too

And with him we'll beat Little Van, Van
Van is a used-up man

And with him we'll beat Little Van

Sure, let 'em talk about hard cider (cider, cider)
And log cabins too

'T'will only help to speed the ball
For Tippecanoe and Tyler too
And with him we'll beat Little Van, Van

Van is a used-up man
And with him we'll beat Little Van

Like the rush of mighty waters (waters, waters)

Onward it will go
And of course we'll bring you through
For Tippecanoe and Tyler too
And with him we'll beat Little Van, Van

Van is a used-up man
And with him we'll beat Little Van

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It's time for a little sharing...a little gossip over the fence in blogosphere....aka, some weekly trash talk!!

    Former President John Tyler, born 221 years ago, still has two living grandchildren. The one-term president isn't a well-known historical figure; he's probably best remembered for helping to push through the annexation of Texas in 1845, shortly before leaving office. So, how is it possible that a former president who died 150 years ago would still have direct descendents alive today? As it turns out, the Tyler men were known for fathering children late in life. And that math is pretty outstanding when added up:

      John Tyler was born in 1790. He became the 10th president of the United States in 1841 after William Henry Harrison died in office. Tyler fathered Lyon Gardiner Tyler in 1853, at age 63. Then, at the age of 71, Lyon Gardiner Tyler fathered Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. in 1924 and four years later at age 75, Harrison Ruffin Tyler. Both men are still alive today. That means just three generations of the Tyler family are spread out over more than 200 years. President Tyler was also a prolific father, having 15 children (8 boys and 7 girls) with two wives.

And the comments, tho some were silliness [as always] some were highly impressed; as I was!! Here y'go....

MP posted: Finally, a cool story......should interview them for the follow-up.

Shelia posted:
Definitely puts a perspective on history. I would love to talk to these people and learn all they know about their relative.

duber posted: Dang, son, there's some lively geezers in that family. Wonder how old the wives were.

Bob posted: Kids at 63? 75? That's pretty good considering there was no viagra, cialis, or levitra back then.

missskeptic posted: I have a special regard for Tyler - he signed the abstract which granted the land which eventually became my grandparents property. I still have the abstract with his signature.

ElGuapo posted: That is kind of crazy..they are obviously a bunch of horny old men...

ANDROLOMA posted: Three generations lasting over 200 years is truly impressive. Interesting article.

Gravy posted:
This is quite interesting I love hearing stuff like this. Imagine knowing your grandfather was president over 200 years ago. I would love to hear what these two men have to say.

Paul posted: At least, back then, they were more apt to be screwing their wives instead of the country.

and last one shared this week:

Mr. Natural posted: Tippecanoe and Viagra too?*


ARTICLE IN FULL from Yah00 found here
Images of grandsons courtesy of Google Search
No infringement intended


SHERWOOD PLANTATION [still owned by Pres. Tyler's grandson, Harrison Ruffin Tyler]
LYON GARDINER TYLER [Pres. Tyler's son - father of two living sons - Pres. Tyler's grandsons]

**In reference to the last comment shared today, the campaign song popular during the 1840 Whig party convention...TIPPECANOE AND TYLER TOO ---[William Henry Harrison "the hero of Tippecanoe" (a battle between Native Americans and United States) and John Tyler]
portrait of Tyler from White House Official Presidential Portraits


  1. how i love the second photo!

  2. the first i mean. :)

  3. That's a pretty catchy tune and illustrated perfectly with your photos Anni. I read that story about Tyler's grandsons, it is pretty amazing.

  4. Another history lesson! I appreciate all the effort you go to in order to provide us interesting stuff! Thanks, Anni...and the photos were perfect to accompany the song. Seems like a familiar refrain right now - trashing the opponent!

  5. That is really interesting! You find the best info to share. :)

  6. I found it amazing about Tyler's grandchildren living today.

  7. Oh, that was certainly fun facts to learn! I love the comments. It's pretty amazing to me that some old geezers keep on going for that many years. I remember that song from somewhere, and I'm not that old! :-)

  8. LOL...those Tyler men sure had some good genes!!! Very creatvie post Anni...your photos match up so well to the song!

  9. Always educational & a hoot ...
    Have a gorgeous day~
    TTFN ~

  10. Wow Anni what a great history lesson.
    I've heard the expression Tippecanoe and Tyler too but didn't really know the origin.
    Hugs C

  11. That is amazing. But my dad became a father at 72, my mom was 30 years younger.

  12. Liebe Anni,

    war einige krank und du präsentierst mir hier den Sommer, will ich auch haben*g*

    GLG Marianne ♥

  13. you are so full of wisdom my friend.

  14. Great photos. I love the way the water sparkles in your photo. I bet it was hard to find vans to photograph. They aren't as popular as they once were.
    My husband loved your story. He is a history and geneology buff and was intriged by this story.

  15. I don't know that song, but agree with SquirrelQueen - it's catchy! Wow! How I'd love to sit and chat with Tyler's grandsons - they must have interesting stories to tell!

  16. Well, now I learned something I've wondered about off and on (more off than on, to be honest) since I was a teenager. I had heard the phrase "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too" but had no idea where it came from.
    Now I know.
    Of course, I don't know why I wondered about it in the first place.
    Interesting, if I don't give too much thought to those old men fathering children. So, are there any great-grandsons or did the old habit die off?

  17. Wow, can you believe my surprise when I saw the word Tippecanoe. My dad was the YMCA camp director for Camp Tippecanoe in southern Ohio back in the 60's. The camp is still active today and is located near a small town called Tippecanoe, Ohio. Weird how things work! Amazing post Anni!

  18. I'd never heard this song before...I have it playing now on youtube:-) I remember learning about Tyler during history lessons at school but I had no idea that he still had grandsons living, WOW! I can't even imagine becoming a parent at the ages they were, they'd have to lock me up in an asylum! lol Loved the comments as well, too funny. xoxo