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Water Garden in the city's culture center complex

from the beginning...

...trailing along the banks

to cascade into the garden...
...circular oasis in the central complex,
shaded and benches, to relax and enjoy the tranquil sounds...

...bubbling and refreshing on a hot summer day!!

This fountain is in the middle courtyard of the art museum in town [seen with paid admission]...

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Bud: "Anni, did you go out to get the mail yet?"
Anni: "No, it's too hot for me." "It'll all be there in the morning."
Bud, slipping on his outdoor shoes: "Tsk, tsk. Guess I'll go out and bring it in."
Anni: "'re my brave 'wittle' hero."

When upon his returning indoors, I ask:

Anni: "So, is it hot enough for you?"
Bud: "I'll tell you just how hot it is and how hot the last 30 days have been." "Look at this!!"

He throws the opened envelope on the table, I glance quickly and fall over as he catches me in midair....

Anni: "Ho-o-o-ly CRAP. If it weren't for the cats' comfort, we really should conserve more!!" :::evil grin:::

Bud, struggling to keep from dropping me to the floor says: "Ya, right, and that's your excuse, and you're stickin' by it, right"? the air conditioner hums softly.

Alas, the utility bill for the month of July tripled from the previous month. Since back then, the A/C has been running 24/7. Lordy!!! roflmao. I gotta laugh...otherwise I'd go crazy. But of course, if I DID go crazy, it'd be a really short trip arriving.

- - -

Oh, and by the way...
the drought continues to scorch the whole state of Texas. Of the 254 counties, there are now 249 counties that have outdoor fire bans!!! That's a state record, if you really wanted to know. Secretly, I thought you did.


  1. That fountain area is gorgeous!
    We are waiting for our electric bill. People around here have been saying it's the highest it's ever been because it's been so hot.

  2. Cool water shot, I like the first one, it looks like a framed art

  3. I love these kind of watery art - fountains in cities. Beautiful pictures Anni :)
    Have a great day!

  4. The water garden photos looks fabulous, would be nice to have a walk on the trail, refreshing and very cool atmosphere there.

    24/7 a/c waaah it happen to us here in South Australia during a very hot summer, but we got almost trippled bill as well.

  5. The wWater Garden looks lovely, especially the third photo Anni. It must help bring a sense of relief from the heat.

    Our electricity is billed once every three months so can seem very expensive, but then, I wouldn't want to pay our food bill for three months in one hit - helps keep it in perspective.

  6. Anni the water fountains are very refreshing.
    LOL I have tears in my eyes:
    1. from lol'ing that was too funny
    2. I feel about 1/2 your pain on your a/c bill. Our hasn't arrived yet. My B is retired from our power company so our bill power bill is auto drafted. We have not had long horrible heat you all have had but it will be at least doubled from the last month. Every time I pass by our a/c I kiss my hand,rub it on the a/c and say thank you!!
    Hugs C

  7. Oh, my. Well, we just got our utility bill, too. It was twice the previous month. :\

  8. Actually, I do want to know all things about Texas since Birdie is sweltering out there now. They haven't had any boys fall out due to the heat but she's very strict about safety in the heat and so is the head football coach.

    I love those pictures- I felt as though I was there. I could almost hear the water! Very nice!

  9. The water photos are so refreshing looking. I can only imagine your AC bill. When I see the weather report for the country, I just can't believe the heat is just stuck in your neck of the woods. Our area has not been as bad as yours...we get a few real scorchers then it cools down. I am hoping to sleep with the windows open tonight and give our AC a break as well as our wallet $$$$ LOL. Hang in your having cabin fever being stuck in the house all this time!!!

  10. the water works is amazing! can I swim there? hehe :0 thanks for visiting :0

  11. Oh I love fountains - apart from England, Europe is very good at fountains...these are very dramatic ones! I`m feeling cooler just looking at them.

  12. wow! awesome the dialogue....:) oh,rain, where art thou...been so hot here as well!

  13. Beautiful water shots!! Looks like a great place!

  14. Oh, those look so cool....sorry you still have not rain.
    You know, my husband is the same way about the mail....what is it with them...not like there's a big fat check in there are something...most of the time its junk..
    Mama Bear

  15. That is beautiful Anni!! Like that water bubbles ^_^

    Watery Wednesday

  16. pretty and refreshing! there is something similar in chattanooga :)

  17. Love your water photo features! So refreshing! I'm one of those who doesn't even LOOK at the bill - so glad one can still afford things. Have no idea how folks managed with A/C years ago. We don't need one up here - haven't had any heat to complain about yet!

  18. Great photos!
    Nice with water a hot summer day!

  19. I sure wish you all would get some rain and cooler temps. That's a lovely water park. I'm surprised some little kiddies aren't trying to cool off in it! Thanks for stopping by and stay out of the heat.

  20. Hi Anni, I love your WW post! What a beautiful fountain. A/C ... can't live with it but hard to live with the cost? Dang!

    Have a great day!

    Kathy M.

  21. gorgeous water garden. it's a cool spot when it gets too hot.:p

    oh, there is a mall in Cebu called Ayala Center--it has the same circular water feature.

  22. Oh happy day. After seeing your post, I feel cooler already.
    Joyce M

  23. Que lindas fotos! Parece refrescante!

  24. I really don't want to get my power bill today either. We are getting a much needed cool down today and I love it.
    I hope that you will get one real soon.
    I have been watching on TV about how bad it is getting in TX.

  25. Anonymous8/10/2011

    Nice post. This is Denise.

  26. Very nice water garden and wonderful shots!
    Hope the weather is getting cooler!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Hope you are having a nice and happy week****

  27. Anni I cannot find the TTS link. I see a scrolling 'my weekly meme links' but I cannot do anything with it.
    I have a TTS post and would like to participate.
    Please advise,
    thank you

  28. The water fountains are beautiful! And you are too funny! Here, we are hotter than hot but we've also had some rain! (and storms!!) Visiting from Outdoor Wednesdays! Hope you can visit with me sometime soon!

  29. Water is refreshing. Your pictures looks nice.
    It seems like a hot and dry city. Must feel good with a lot of water. :-)
    Yes, the ship was huge, thanks! ;-)

  30. I bet it woudn't have taken much for you to jump right into that water garden! lol I've never seen a water garden before, it's gorgeous!!

    Oh dear, I can well imagine how high your utility bill was with the heat you've been having all summer. I can't even imagine having that kind of high heat for so long. We had it in the 90's for a couple of weeks and I was ready to go live in my freezer! lol It's no wonder you've been having your air conditioner on 24/7, otherwise you'd just melt on the spot. I've been hearing on our news about the drought in so many parts of the States, just horrible. Hopefully you'll get some relief soon! xoxo

  31. Sorry to hear it's so hot and dry down your way. It looks cool and refreshing at the water garden though. I especially like the shot of the fountain bubbling up. It looks like you captured the water coming to life.

  32. Yep, I know the feeling of the high electric bill. I nearly died and went to heaven when I opened ours. Since then, we are doing with a lot less cool air..Thank goodness, the temps are a little cooler here on the plains of West Texas.
    xo bj



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