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            Sand Dunes off #1 Access Beach -Mustang Island

Last week....blissfully deserted. This week picture it bumper to bumper car and 1000s of Spring Breakers!!! On Monday alone, over 200 were arrested for drunken disorderly on the beaches. That's just the beaches...hard to say how many were arrested and/or ticketed elsewhere!! It's a madhouse here in Corpus right now....I so look forward to getting it all back to normal each and every year.


  1. That's really very sad..doesn't say much for the character of our young people. I just saw on the news young men in Albany, NY destroying someone's car and the look of "joy" on their faces was unbelievable.

  2. Isn't it too cold to go to the beach. Many of our beaches have alcohol bans.

  3. What craziness! I would want it to go back to normal too. :)

  4. That was like the calm before the storm, wasn't it? ;) Love the shot! :)

    WW: Incredible Shrinking Girl

  5. Oh we hear you!! My sis and brother in law live in a small NC coastal town...they call seasonal visitors ding bats.

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Anni, now that background is timely...Happy St. Patrick's Day! Too bad your area is a madhouse; but soon the area will be back to normal.
    Joyce M

  7. We miss most of the drunken spring breakers as they tend to go north to the Myrtle Beach area. With a college right down town, we just get the drunken college kids on a regular, daily basis. LOL

  8. A madhouse, but a warm-enough-for-the-beach madhouse!

    Worth it?!

    YES! Love it! :)

  9. Jeepers Anni. Where have you been???
    I bet it's a madhouse. Guess people aren't so keen on Mexico these days.

    Take care :)

  10. I wish I had a beach to go to.
    I can imagine the mess that is left afterwards.
    I hope that you get your beach back soon.

  11. Wow it's not cold out there? Looking at the water makes me think of what happened in Japan, seems like I can't take it out from my mind yet.
    Watery Wednesday

  12. I love beaches! Stunning capture! My Watery Wednesday

  13. Pretty! I like it better deserted I think. Looks like a nice place to walk!

  14. I can't imagine the disgust of having drunken kids on the beaches you love so much - I would not like that at all!

  15. I can well imagine how packed it is at the beaches this week! No doubt the locals all stay home and count the minutes until they're all gone! lol xoxo