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Last Wednesday I posted a photo of a sand dollar that was lodged in the loose sand on the shore....yes, I picked it up gingerly and toted it home. I also mentioned that you can keep the dollars from being so fragile by simply 'preserving' them in glue. Well, some asked just how I do it. Remember, even tho you can do this, the sand dollars are still fragile and still break easily because of their thinness...but these few steps will help keep them whole. Just treat them with respect and always use a soft touch with them. Here is what I do.
  • I make sure I clean off all the loose sand that I can. I use a hair dryer on low speed and no heat. Then, a soft bristled paint brush in the crevices.
  • In a plastic or glass container, [don't use metal] I then soak them overnight in bleach water. 4 parts water and 1 part bleach.
  • Gently drain the bleach water off from the container and allow the sand dollars to dry completely.
  • When they are dry, use a mixture of equal parts white glue and water [I use Elmer's Glue...any craft glue that dries clear would probably work just as well]. Dab the glue/water mixture on one side of the dollar...using a paint brush or a soft sponge or rag [but be sure to use light touches!!!] Allow to dry. I do one side at a time. allowing one side to dry before doing the 2nd side.

  • The process will take 2 to 3 days. Once they are glue dried, they will be quite a bit sturdier, a bit less fragile. [but still breakable]


    1. you are so lucky to live by the sea...

    2. I like shells, as long as it is picked up on the beach. :) I see soem unusual ones.

    3. What a levely collection of shells! and the title is right on, thx for visiting my humble site...have a great day.

    4. My husband's mother and step-father lived in Corpus Christi. Every time we visited we would spend hours on the beach looking for a whole sand dollar. They became real treasure to us. I will have to try this!! You have a wonderful collection. Thank you! And thank you for your kind visit! Cathy

    5. great collection of shells. hope your week is going well.

    6. Great pictures. I love my shell collections.

    7. I love sand dollars, I have two of them on my desk. Both were given to me by my next door neighbour's son a few years ago. I didn't know you had to preserve them though. They have stood the test of time well though.
      Great pictures today.
      Enjoy your week!

    8. msdewberry I didn't say you HAD to preserve no....just that this gluing helps a bit making them more sturdy. I also have several that have NOT been treated.

    9. Love the collection in the jar. I'm so sad that my sand dollar snowman Christmas ornament I got on St. Simons Island broke this year - I don't think I had it high enough to save it from little fingers!

      It's 39 this morning at 6:00! Heat wave! Have a great week!

    10. By golly, I still can learn something new. I'm new here but will return. Thanks for the info on the sand dollars. I, first of all, would love to be near any warm water, beach combing barefoot, right this minute. It's still snowing, days already and piling up. We get to TX each year but have yet to get all the way to the coast. Someday, right. Til then, I will keep this sand dollar keepin' in my memory bank for later use. Thanks for sharing.

    11. Great collection!
      Wishing you a beautiful day~

    12. Your shells are beautifule and thanks for the info on sand dollars....

    13. Nice shots, they remind me of the beach (of course). I could use a trip to the beach, we have too much snow.

    14. Gorgeous pictures! The last one reminds me of an eye of the the iguana type animals that can swivel them around 360*. I know, I'm weird! ha!

      Thanks for the tutorial on drying the starfish. We love to pick them up when we go to the coast but they always end up breaking on me. Can I print that off your blog? I like star fish and sand dollars.

      It's brutally cold here today so I am staying inside! Well, unless someone calls and wants to go snowmobiling......

      Always love your blog! xoxo

    15. You have such a wonderful collections.
      I thought that very interesting on how you make them less brittle. I probably never need the recipe as I don't live any where near a beach. That last photo really grossed me out at first glance, it looked like an eyeball.
      Have a nice day

    16. It looks very pretty !

    17. We LOVE shells! Great idea to put them in the jar. I might have to copy you. :)

    18. Sending love and smiles your way.

    19. You have a fabulous collection of shells!

    20. Anonymous1/17/2011

      We don't get any colorful shells up here in the mid-Atlantic. I like variegated colors in the last one.

    21. Great shots, Anni!

    22. Well how about that, the power finally came back's now almost 3:30 p.m. and it's been off since 9 this morning!! So much for my plans to spend the day visiting blogs. Geesh!

      Love all of your shells and the way you display them. Such an interesting way to preserve the sand dollars, now I need to go to the seashore to collect some! lol I wish I still had the starfish my parents had brought back with them from Florida back in 1965. Dad had it hanging on some netting that he'd hung on a wall in the recroom and I remember always being fascinated by it. It was huge...I guess because I was so little back then, everything looked huge! lol xoxo

    23. I had watched the movie they made about Selena and yes, very sad to be murdered so needlessly. I love that statue of her, such a wonderful tribute to her.

      I just love Jeff Dunham and my favourite of his puppets is Achmed:-) I had heard that he had a book out and with your review, I'll definitely go look for it now! Would love to learn more about him...and am curious to read pages 318 to 320! lol

      What a coincidence...when I brought mom shopping yesterday I had that dvd "How to train your dragon" in my hands and was going to buy it but then thought I'd wait. Will have to get it next time:-) xoxo

    24. I wish I collected the shells that I've found since I was young. Your shell collection are all pretty.
      Macro Monday

    25. Those are wonderful photos of wonderful shells. Alas, we are landlocked--well, there is Lake Michigan but the beach glass, etc. just isn't quite the same.


    26. You've found some wonderful shells on your walks! Love the starfish!

    27. Ah, shells ... beaches ... summer. I enjoyed seeing these today.

    28. You sure have a big collection of seashells!

    29. Very pretty. Honestly, I have never come across a sand dollar. It looks like a little fossil...

    30. Hi Anni,

      Thanks for the tips. I had never ever even heard of or considered preserving shells before. Your jars of them are so pretty.

      Have a great week!


    31. The last time my daughter collected shells, she put them in the back of my car, and a few days later the smell was unbearable, especially at 38 degrees C, the snails, had crawled out of their shells and died... I could have killed her..........

    32. Hi Anni! Interesting collection you have there. Thanks for the tips on preservation.

    33. i'm a shellcollector myself, once started can't stop :-)

    34. Super macros!
      I love the texture and lines of shells. Calming to look at.

    35. Beautiful!!!