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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Firstly, I wanted to post that I'm bummed! Somehow, when I was getting ready to add some photos to my photo blog this week, the widget on my photo album blog was lost!...I lost the comments widget that was on my sidebar. I worked on it a little bit to see if I could retrieve it from the no avail. So, I opened all the photos' comments from Blogger. That'll teach me to mess with Blogger! rofl The part that bums me the most is that I lost all the sweet, and kind comments from the beginning. Dang!! But, thinking about it all, it's probably easier for visitors to actually post a comment below the photo anyway. [Yesterday, I did finally add the newest three photos ---HERE [two purple mum photos and a ground level macro shot of a broken sea shell]. Last week, when the tropical storm, Ida, made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, we here in Corpus got some long distance effects from the storm. Tho, in some areas of the Gulf along our Texas coastline, the red tide is still killing marine life, but it's subsiding now that the water temps are beginning to cool down a bit and the toll isn't as bad as it's been. On Tuesday last, Bud and I had to go see for ourselves what the local news station had told us. The night prior to Ida hitting the States, our news media told us that we were getting HIGH tides...extremely high...high enough to make the beaches disappear [even when the tide receded]. And, the amount of debris was going to look like we've been hit directly with the storm! Of course, for me, seeing is believing. So off we go to the island to check it out. The water was rough....well, for the Gulf area of ours anyway. And the waves and breakers were quite muddied [on a normal given day, the wake of the wave is can see how dark and muddy it was by the photo!]. A lot of force with washing loose the Gulf's floor silt and churning!! Now, we are close to or better than 600 miles from Mobile, Alabama!! Each and every day, we have wide sandy beaches [probably about 1/2 city block wide] for miles!! And of course by mid-morning when we arrived, it was LOW tide and there was barely any sand seen....except for a patch here and there. The waves sounded thunderous! Did I mention debris? More than likely coming from Cancun, Mexico. In the Caribbean Sea! But, as we walked along the beach's motel elevated paved walks I looked downward and watched what little wildlife/waterfowl there was and tried checking for some shells. LOL You know me, always on the look-out. I found only one shell, broken, and I climbed down off the wall into the muddy sand and picked it up. As I walked a bit further near the rushing waves, and looking through the piles of washed up driftwood, I found the most unusual seed. And again, knowing me, I picked it up. It was a really neat seed pod. At least I thought so....and, I brought it home among three other seeds I found near the area. Thing is, was I going to be able to identify them? In my internet search, I typed in Tropical Seeds. Nothing. I then went further in my description and typed in brown, glossy, heart, seeds. And I found it!! What I thought was a seed POD, it is only the seed itself...from the pod! And get this, the seed [all the way from the Caribbean] is known to drift, afloat, for 1000s of miles! Well, I'll be. And the POD----can be 6 - 15 feet long or more!!! Unbelievable. It's called the Sea'll see why with my photo posted below... I was excited to find it's identity...and found a site that I also favorited so in case I find more someday on my beach combing walks. The other seeds I found weren't all that impressive. I've been able to identify, with the help of the of the other two kinds. It is a Tropical Almond seed. Now, I have to empty one of my shell apothecary jars to use and fill it up with seeds. Go figure!!

Here is what I found in seeds, along with some photos of the morning walk [these are in the 'clearing' where there was a bit of sand...the day Tropical Storm, Ida, hit land...

Notice the posted sign "Do Not Litter" --LOL
Check it out...Look below; the next 2 pics....

- - -

And the seeds...

The broken clam shell and the Tropical Almond,
The Sea Heart Bean,
and two unidentified nuts...

A close up of the Sea Heart Bean...
It's large enough to fill the palm
of my hand!

- - -<><><>- - -

I received this wonderful gift Saturday from Kaye at The Road Goes Ever Ever On. It was such a thrill to have her show such appreciation to her blogging commentors and friends!! You made my day so bright! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

POSTED: Monday, November 16th 2009
12:10 A.M.


  1. How exciting to find that bean, all the way from the Caribbean, too. Storms do wash up strange and wonderful things along the shore...including other people's rubbish...shame on them!

    I'm glad you suffered no ill effects from the hurricane. We have yet to have our first cyclone, although the official cyclone season has only just runs through to April, so there's plenty of time.

    I love your photos of the ocean, too.

  2. Anonymous11/16/2009

    I wondered this morning what happened to the comment thing that was on the side bar. I'm just talking out loud here but did you do a different theme or something that maybe it got lost that way? I know I've changed themes and went from like a two side bar to one and lost things. Isn't it amazing that people cannot read. You know driving a city bus, the bus says the destination on the outside of the bus and also announces it. I swear HA, they still ask do you go to Waikiki LOL. Love the photos my friend. Oh and by the way, have you thought about changing to WordPress? It's the bomb...Sure I pay but I don't have the constraints on me at all :) Have a great week :)

  3. Anonymous11/16/2009

    I see your comment system has changed on this blog as well :)

  4. nature's litter... i'm sure that's allowed?! those seed pods are beautiful. haven't ever seen anything quite like them before.

  5. Well Thom Shadow is right on's Mother Nature's debris and trash this time...not people who can't read. LOL

  6. Anni,

    Wow! That Sea Heart Bean is awesome, as are your other finds. Is there some way to preserve it so it won't deteriorate?

    I love your beaches. Maybe one day you and I can go beachcombing together. I certainly enjoyed your post. I always learn something while visiting you. Great post.


  7. I really enjoyed this little walk with you! It sounds pretty wild!
    I love the bean seed! I can see the heart shape.

  8. You have some big waves there. Those seeds are fascinating, especially the sea heart. Your sea shell on your photo blog is lovely.

    Monday's MeMe - One is not like the Others

  9. Our seawall looks much the same, it's amazing how much crap people throw in the water. By the way I burst out laughing when I saw your header. I may even have to eat ham for Thanksgiving

  10. Sorry about your comment widget...and I feel sorry for our oceans, too much litter, too little care...
    Great shots of your area. Thanks for your wonderful words on my blog ::big happy smile::

  11. I so love walking along the beach..... We have lived in Fla and Calif. and going to the beach was the thrill of my life.... If it were not for family I would move to the beach. Glad you escaped the wrath of Ida.....

    Have a blessed week........

  12. Lovely to be at the beach! Only 10 days until Thanksgiving... oh my! This year seems to be flying by!

  13. I love when I can find a sea bean and the sea heart bean was indeed a great find.

    BTW, the vase in my MYM post is blown glass.

  14. Love the photos.
    I was trying to find your blog about the red wave, I was trying to explain it to him but could not find it.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  15. Storms do wash up strange things. Sorry to hear about your photo problem. That can be infuriating.
    I loved the photos you were able to publish.

  16. Sharon...I had to search for's under the 'category' Gulf. Here's the link HERE

  17. I hate it when those darn widgest act up on blogger.

    Great photos that you put on there though.

    Hope your Monday is going well. Take care.


  18. Awesome monday post sweetie.

  19. Anni - thanks for visiting me. You should blow up that shell picture and sell it - gorgeous!!

    I lived in Houston for about 17 years. We'll have to "talk Texas" some day...

  20. Anni, you're really making me want to move to be nearer the sea! I've never heard of anyone finding seeds along the shore but you did:-) I'm just fascinated with the Sea Heart Bean, aptly named indeed. Isn't it something, being able to find out just about anything through the internet!!! xoxo