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I took the liberty of adding special coloration effect to some photos I took of our flowerbed once it was cleaned out for winter and Bud added some Halloween decor to the flower box. Along the landscaping timbers, he put up a 'road' sign he made when we lived in Tucson -yep, we had the movers move it here to TX- Along with that, we both kinda played 'lazy' this year and didn't undo our solar lights [the normal kind] ....we didn't ADD the Halloween light covers, Bud just placed them amongst the trimmed roses, and along in the gravel between the rose box and the patio. Again, I made them all black and white photos, then...added natural color with the cut tool from the original color photo and pasted them into the black and white to a few of them [not all]. The 'blue-moonlit' skull isn't in the rose box, it's sitting in a plant hanger off the eave of the house, and the eyes glow at night....

- - -<><><>- - -

I received this award this past weekend and wanted to get it posted with pride. It's an awesome award. And I so appreciate the kind gesture. Thank you very much!!

As with everything there are rules so I'll oblige....

1. Thank the person who gave this to you ....Thanks so much....and I left her a real sweet comment on her blog too! [lol]

2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog - It's here!! [and on my trophy wall too!]

3. Link the person who nominated you EasternSparkle

4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know: I'm running out of secrets! Let's see....
    One...I really AM blond. Blond roots now, but never colored my hair. And I like the goes well with the wrinkles.
    Two....I've had cats and dogs in my life, but I would prefer having cats now. They're the best pet ever. Entertaining, friendly, and easy to take care of since they really take care of themselves.
    Three....I was an all "A" student except for History. There I barely passed. But I passed. Yep, I actually blackmailed my History Teacher! He used to go into the Teacher's Lounge with a flask in his pocket. He told me once he wasn't going to give me a passing grade...I told him I knew he was drinking instead of teaching our class [he would take attendance, then leave for the entire hour]....and when I was a mother of two teens...he was still teaching in another high school...he got CANNED for drinking on the job! I didn't raise an eyebrow! I've oftentimes wondered what took the district so long in 'finding out' ---and WHO finally told 'em.
    Four...I at one time had vowed to have a pair of earrings for each day of the year. I gave up after about 90 pairs.
    Five...I was pleased that Sox & the Cards LOST the playoffs this past week, tho saddened the Rockies didn't make it :::bummed:::
    Six...Every time I see a yellow rose, I think of my Dad! [he loved 'em so]
    Seven...I don't like to wear dresses.

In the News:

Nobel Prize Committee Stands Behind Their Obama Decision/Vote
Senate Passes Okays Health Plan [Now it again, goes behind closed doors for more revamping]


Our area of the Gulf has been 'hit' by the RED TIDE Warnings For Padre Island, read HERE:
Red tides occur throughout the world, drastically affecting Scandinavian and Japanese fisheries, Caribbean and South Pacific reef fishes, and shell fishing along U.S. coasts. Most recently, it has been implicated in the deaths of hundreds of whales, dolphins, and manatees in North American waters. These red tides are caused by several species of marine phytoplankton, microscopic plant like cells that produce potent chemical toxins. The Florida red tide is caused by blooms of a dinoflagellate that produce potent neurotoxins. These toxins cause extensive fish kills, contaminate shellfish and create severe respiratory irritation to humans along the shore.

POSTED, Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 3:01 A.M.


  1. Anonymous10/14/2009

    WOOT Congrats on the award and getting to know more about you. That's great. I love the picture and explanation of that wave. I've never seen such a thing before. Thanks so much my friend for sharing :)

  2. I love your Halloween decorations. They look fantastic.

    The red tide is really cool looking but it's sad.

  3. WOW those black and white photos are beautiful with the splotches of color thrown in.

  4. A red tide!? I was born and raised on the Gulf of Mexico, and I never saw anything like that there. I have seen red water before due to the cruel beating and killing of dolphins, whales, seals, etc. I just never saw a red tide like that before.

    Love all of the Halloween pictures!

  5. great halloween pics! and congrats on your award!

    p.s. love your blog decorations!!

  6. Most gruesome path...My award to you. great October photos.

  7. I love your spoooky collage, Anni - especially the gargoyles among the rocks, and Dracula Drive.

  8. Dear

    when I read or see it something about HALLOWEEN, I remember when I vsiited USA at the first time...was Halloween and I did not know nothing about...
    Love it and congrats for the shots

  9. Love the Halloween feel of the place.

  10. Annie, Your Halloween decor is fun! I love Halloween. This year Hubby bought a 160 pound pumpkin. So now the hunt is on for finding lights to put in the tree above it. See my OW post & go to the one below it... a Halloween lovers paradise.

    That info on the Red Tide was very interesting. When we were in California this summer they had a type of sea weed that turns red & poisions a lot of marine life. Is this the same type of thing? Nature has a funny way doens't she?

  11. Charlene Yep, that sounds like "Red Tide". And it IS very poisonous to all Marine life.

    I'm on my way to view below your O W blog...160# pumpkin?!!! Whoa...what fun!!!

  12. I believe you and Bud must have so much fun with holidays; that's fantastic!!!

    Enjoyed your "secrets" - especially the one about the teacher. What a history behind the history teacher. :)

  13. Hello ~
    Yes, we are bummed the Rockies didn't make it too....they did play some great games....just got to work on our darn pitchers or Rotating...duh....
    Love your photos and so fun to read about you...90 pairs of earrings- eeeee gaaaaaades !

  14. i love the thought of your dad, this is a very sweet post, it is good to know you better, you are so deserving of this award.

  15. Wow Anni! Congratulations on your award! I love your Halloween post with a little color on black and white. I've got to learn how to do that. It looks like fun and is very nice to look at. Best Witches back to you, too! Red Tide...we have had that here along the southern California coastline. I have seen it several times. People will swim in it...I think they are nuts! It always makes me very sad when I see it. Great entertaining and informative post!

  16. Congrats on the award! No wonder you weren't passing History, when the teacher wasn't teaching.
    That red tide is really strange - I've never heard of that before.

  17. 365 pair of earrings???? wow, that's ambitious! but a nice list, nonetheless! and i want your roadsign. if it goes missing, come look in my backyard, hee hee heeee

  18. That red tide picture is fantastic! I love all of your special effects. VERY cool!

  19. Anonymous10/14/2009

    Very Spooky, I just love it! With my girls gone on Halloween night now I have kind of lost the desire to decorate... oh well it will come back to me but I can look at your goodies and feel much better!

  20. Ooooh how I love that road sign Bud had made, it's perfect!!! I want to go to your house for Halloween...wait...what treats are you giving out???? hehe Now that our Thanksgiving is over with, I can decorate for Halloween so I need to get my big plastic totes from the basement where I store all that stuff and get started!

    Congratulations on receiving that award...that's too funny about your History teacher. Glad he was finally found out, though, about his drinking!!

    I had heard about Red Tide but had never seen a picture of it. Wow, you can really see the red in the waves! Sad to think how deadly it can be.

    Have a great day my friend. xoxo

  21. Good morning Anni, have tons of Halloween decorations...I love son-in-law in Atlanta goes all out with decorating his house this time of year...and all holidays..

    I don't like to wear dresses either.. hate pantyhose!!!

    I have never heard of a Red Tide... thanks for sharing this information..
    Have a good day. hugs, Baba

  22. love the sign, that is so clever. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  23. I love these docorations in your yard ! What a creativity, you really diserve this award !

  24. Cute Halloween decorations! That red tide sounds really nasty.

    Calico Contemplations

  25. What a fun and great Halloween post! Loved all your spooks and Thanks for the Treat!
    I had never seen a red tide before, I hope the devastation is mild. Mother Nature is so incredible the way she cleans house, but NOT in the way I like. We lose so many wonderful forests in Yellowstone and the parks around here we love to visit from pests and fires... Yet there has to be a grander reason I don't understand.
    Thanks for teaching this gal something new.

    And best Witches to you!!!!~♥

  26. Great Halloween photos and decorations. I need to get mine up this week (in bewteen rain drops.)

  27. You certainly get ready early for the end of the month! I enjoyed my visit today.

  28. My daughter went to St. Pete's Beach on a spring break one year and told me about the red tide. I didn't realize that the waves were actually red. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Good morning Anni! I hope you are having a lovely day! I love your sign post in your yard, very cute, I would love to have this in my fall flower bed. I usually only have a small sign, but it fell apart last year :( Congratulations on your reward! You deserve it, you are one of the best bloggers I know! And I loved getting to know you a little better. I can't believe you had a teacher that was drunk all the time and didn't get caught! You should have turned him in.
    That shot of the red tide is really cool. Its a sad thing to have happen, but the color is great. You should reuse it for Ruby Tuesday!
    Sorry about my post this morning. I scheduled the wrong one. My Wordless Wednesday is up now if you have a minute and want to stop by!

  30. Nice shots. Love the effects.

  31. Hello there Anni! Boy you are reminding me I need to get out and about and see how people are decorating for Halloween...
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you...

  32. I really like the way you have decorated your yard.
    I love that sign.
    It was so interesting to read about the red tide, I have never heard of that before.
    Enjoyed the facts about you, it is nice to know more about the friends you meet in blogging.
    thanks and have a blessed day.

  33. Your Halloween pictures are wonderful with the selective coloring! Congratulations on your award!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  34. I shivered in fright for a moment when I saw your Halloween photos. It was fun!

  35. Hi Anni, Loved all of your Halloween decorations... They are awesome and you really have the knack for dressing up your place for the holiday... The red tide picture was really great too... We lived near the gulf in Palm Harbor, Fl and never notived it to be like that... Interesting!

    Have Fun

  36. Liked your Halloween pictures!! I loved History and did good with that suject. Spelling, not so much!!!! Congrants on your award. Hugs, Grams

  37. As always a nice post, Anni but I have a bone to pick with you :-). Your verification drives me nuts. It appears just as I'm exiting your post. I wrote a long, for me, response to your observations on criticism of BO the other day and I don't think it went through. So, girl friend, I'm not ignoring you, just having trouble getting through. With that off my chest, I sending hugs and orders for you to have a happy day.

  38. I love the halloween stuff and I agree that cats are the best.

  39. So, so fun to visit Halloween Center! And I enjoyed reading about you and your award.
    Happy Wednesday!

  40. Anonymous10/14/2009

    Great stuff for Halloween - love your header. Thanks for the treat too. Saw Red Tide while living in FL - sad thing. Thanks for going all out on my favorite holiday!

  41. Love the Halloween theme for the blog and the pictures. Love this time of year.

  42. Okay, Anni....I sent your "mooning" on over to a fellow blogger....hope she likes it.

  43. Love the pics! You blackmailed your history teacher?? Hilarious! (And sad too since he was drinking while on the job.)

  44. Love the pictures!
    Love to you.

  45. I love your Halloweeny blog. it is so festive and spooky! Do you do the grapohic design yourself?


  46. Hi Annie!!
    how delightful!!
    so you spent time in Colorado..
    i live in Denver..originally from Fla..
    thanks for the batty cat..
    I too am a cat lover..
    have three rescues..
    who seem to have rescued ME!!
    visit me!
    hugs and smiles..
    ps.. drag your toes through that sugary white sand foe me..I miss it!!

  47. Congrats on the award! Love the photos - I need to start decorating!

  48. Enjoyed my visit, as always, Anni.
    I had heard of red tide but never saw one nor knew the reasons for it. I am still learning. Stretch that old brain.
    Grey hair blends well with blond. Not so much with black.
    Mama Bear

  49. Oh Anni, I love your blog! You are so clever, it is really beautiful and entertaining. Your Halloween goodies are amazing! xo



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