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Tomorrow is America's Veteran's Day. And since it's a special day to pay tribute to all our troops who serve for our country's peace and protect us...I thought this photo for my Ruby Tuesday would be a nice way to show the long time interest and pride that America has for her military...this is a Naval Museum now...permanently docked on the bay in our city. You can tour most all of the ship, from the flight deck to the captain's quarters, and down below to the ship's galley and engines...


This is the USS Lexington...a World War II Aircraft Carrier in Corpus Christi Bay. It's now a museum of the Naval branch of the military...[take note midway up the ship's coning tower and the 'small' Japanese Flag.] The LARGE sign, as you make footfall on her deck, tells us --"On the aft side of the island you see a Japanese Rising Sun flag with black border. This flag indicates the exact spot where on November 5th, 1944 a Japanese Kamikaze plane [code name Zeke] crashed into USS Lexington, killing 50 of her crew and injuring 132." His mission was a success. Also, on the sign below the coning tower of the aircraft carrier, it depicts the direction of the Japanese pilot...traveling at the speed of 250 MPH at its contact...170 to 190 MPH in flight before turning to the ship's 'island'. It's a very interesting museum...loaded with history of the USN and its navy pilots. There is a lunch room where you can dine onboard. A gift shop, a movie theater, and many many planes, facts and memorabilia, along with some original areas you can view and visit. I posted a video I made in April of our tour of this ship/museum. If you'd like to view it again/or if you've not viewed it and HERE, it should open in a new window.

- - -<><><>- - -

Today is our United States Marine Corps 234th birthday!!! Oorah!!!!!

- - -<><><>- - -

BY THE WAY: If any of you have a Yah** Email Account and use it frequently, you may have noticed their new layout. And if you're like me, you don't appreciate all the extras they've decided to add which brings down a drop down 'favorites' and a very annoying pop-in alert that tells you that you can now add to your favorites, etc. etc. etc. There IS a 'page option' on the right hand corner. Which will eliminate the extra 'x-ing' out you have to go through...the motions and all the rigmarole they make you do is frustrating. And the page op only for the very session you're on at the time. Why? Because of Yah**'s cookies. I searched and searched for a 'fix' to this. And from what I've read in the past few days it's of no help. Other than the page option. I figured there MUST be a WAY to avoid this and continue with the old style. Even tho Yah** refuses to allow us any alternative. I figured it out. At least for Firefox Browser users!! Here's how:

When the annoyance occurs, get the url for this. In my browser it shows: http://m.www.yah**.com

  1. Step one, highlight and copy that uri.

  2. Step two, go to Firefox's TOOLS tab at the top of the browser window. Click on it.

  3. Step three, scroll down to "Options", click on it.

  4. Step four, find the "Privacy" tab and click on it.

  5. Step five, where you see a radio button that reads "Accept All Cookies" the right you'll then see the button "Exceptions" on it.

  6. Step six, you'll see "address of website" PASTE the uri that you copied in the address bar and click "BLOCK" You can then close Firefox and reboot it. Open your Yah** account once again, and you should be BACK TO THE NARROW, PLAIN EMAIL/NEWS WINDOW.


I'm not sure, I don't have I E browser as my default browser, but with this I tried this action ...
Open I E
Internet Options tab
"Pop up Blocker"
Settings button
---way at the bottom, change the filter level to HIGH ---where it blocks ALL pop ups, etc.

[note: dunno if that works perfectly or not since I E browser is NOT my ideal browser....I don't use it but once in a while to check my blog's design layout.]

POSTED: Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
12:30 A.M.


  1. Bless you dear for always being so helpful, love you.

  2. you're quite the whizz with computers aren't you! i get so annoyed too when 'upgrades' bring with it a whole bunch of stuff i don't want and don't need.

  3. Well Happy birthday to the United States Marine. My neighbor's son is a Marine and he is in Iraq.

  4. I hate when things change ; )

    God bless all of our veterans.

    Blast from the Past

  5. Thanks for the Veteran's Day reminder. Yes, so important to pay tribute.

  6. Happy Veterans' Day!!
    I have an old Y** account, now I am afraid to check it out, lol

  7. Love your header and the interesting info about the ship museum.

  8. G'mornin', Anni..we have toured this fabulous old ship about 3 times. It is so amazing! Actually, we toured it when they were filming PEARL HARBOUR and one of the grandsons was invited up on the upper deck to watch a little of the filming. He said it was SO awesome.
    Happy Reds today!!
    xo bj

  9. Good Morning Sweet Annie!
    Thank you for the wonderful tribute. I am saving my special one for tomorrow. I am married to a Viet Name Veteran Marine. A proud one at that, and he served his country well.

    Daddy was in the Army and the Air Force, and our oldest son was in the Army. We are a very patriotic family. I am so proud.

    Love this battle ship. As always thank you for sharing your history lesson for the day. I can now get ready for work.

    Country hugs and love sweetie, Sherry

  10. My dad served on a carrier in WWII. Unfortunately, the Bunker Hill was sold for scrap quite sometime ago. It was in the same class as the Lexington. Great post. I really would like to visit this one of these days.

  11. That would be an interesting museum to visit. O course there is a gift shop. ha ha

    I've never been on an aircraft carrier, but I have been on a submarine in Groton, Ct. Tight quarters.

    Hope you have a fun Ruby Tuesday!

  12. I think that is lovely! B

  13. You are a genius when it comes to figuring these things out! I have had that happen, though I don't have Yah** for e-mail, I do have a family home page - it is annoying.

    Happy Birthday, Marine Corps!!

  14. Anonymous11/10/2009

    I wish I could go to that museum. Now that I am older I appreciate history waaaaay more than when I was in school and had to study it. Very interesting and appropriate post for Ruby Tuesday right before November 11.

  15. Thanks for the tips Anni. Happy ruby Tuesday.

  16. Good morning dear Anni:-)

    Tomorrow is Veteran's Day for you and Remembrance Day for me...both are celebrated for the same reason:-) Dunno why they call it different names, though. I would so enjoy visiting that Naval museum, I love anything to do with history but do find it sad that our world has had to see so many wars. I have been to visit one of Canada's greatest war ships, the HMCS HAIDA which is permanently berthed near where Shawn lives. Future plans are to go visit it when it's open and can go on it:-)

    I have a Yahoo account but barely ever use it. I have copied your instructions, though, in case I ever need them. Like you, I mostly always use Firefox:-) xoxo

  17. wow...A World War II Aircraft carrier turned into museum...that's a place to visit... thanks a lot for sharing us the info...and for visiting mine

  18. Good Morning Anni... Great post today I loved all the info on the USS Lexington... Very informative and sounds like something my honey & I would enjoy. Sorry to here about your YAH*** account... but it does sound like you may have found away around it... I use hotmail. Have a great day my friend!


  19. Hi Miss Hoot - Thanks for the tip about Yah**. I cannot understand why sites like to be so nice to us and give us goodies we have not asked for. It's a shame they don't give us an easy opt out option to go with it. I say - "Keep it simple".

    I was very interested in the USS Lexington. My dad was on the USS Nevada at Pearl Harbor. Naval history has always been of interest to me. There is nothing like the smell of a ship below decks.

  20. Hi Anni, this is a nice post. Our veterans have been through a lot, some of them an awfully lot, too much! I spent five years, all of it in Texas. Basic training was at Fort Hood and the rest was at Fort Bliss (El Paso).
    I have never been on the USS Lexington or any carrier for that matter. I did ride a battleship out of sight in the Gulf. That was on family day and a friend invited me when I was in my 'in-between life.' This ex sailor/reservist has been dead probably ten years now.
    Happy RT! Thank you for your visit. Some day we will drive an old Ford over to Corpus for you. Mrs. Jim wanted a gas pump until she found out how much she would have to pay.

  21. Great choice for 'red', Anni. And thanks for the info and photo of the Lexington. Best wishes tomorrow as we remember. . .

  22. Cool photo! Happy Veteran's Day!

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  23. A very nice and honorable Ruby Tuesday post. I've visited the Lexington and really enjoyed it. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  24. Anni--Why don't you use gmail--Google's email. I'll send an invite if you'd like it. I used Yahoo for years but what I love about gmail is that it has a built-in search for anything I want from any of my email. So I don't have to file anything.

    If you join, all your email will be transferred if you like. My email is if you want invite sent. Link that shows how to import to gmail:

    I am studying reparenting and addiction. I have need of reparenting links at

    Thanks, Kathy

  25. Wonderful Veterans Day /Ruby Tuesday Post.
    Great Reminder of how much we need to Remember & appreciate &Thank our Veterans.

  26. a fitting post
    well done!

  27. The rising sun is ruby. It would be easy to try to forget the damage that was wreaked on the carriers by those pilots, but we need to see what their evil aims were - so we avoid the same fate today. We all must never forget the sacrifices so many have made in the defense of our nation. This museum is wonderful, someday I hope to make it to the Lone Star to visit...

  28. Anni,

    The USS Lexington is a magnificient ship. I'm glad you posted this. Tomorrow, November 11th, we in Canada will remember those who have given made the supreme sacrifice that we may live in freedom. I'm hoping to go to the Centotaph for Remembrance Day. Thank you for the great post.

    Hope you and Bud had a great day.

  29. very interesting Rt post you got here!

  30. It's already Rememberance Day here in this was a fitting Ruby Tuesday. Interesting for me to read that history. :)

  31. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed this post, as I am a Navy brat. My Dad served for 25 years. I will definitely be back....

  32. Nice pic!By the way, thanks for the visit, see you next week!

  33. I have just come across your website, it is so creative! Keep up the work Anne!

  34. Great post for the Veterans. Happy Veterans day.

  35. Interesting post about the Lexington. It's always such a trip to tour those massive a floating city. I'd get lost in one if I didn't have a guide of some sort to show me around! Thanks for your visit to my RT.

  36. Thanks for the reminder. It is easy to enjoy a day off of work, but I'll admit that I sometimes need a reminder as to the real reason!

  37. Anonymous11/11/2009

    I love your RT picture and story. We have the USS Missouri here in Honolulu and I love it. One of the best places of all to go visit. I would love to see an aircraft carrier. No wonder I stick with gmail LOL Have a great week ahead :)

  38. Great tribute. I wish I could walk along the shore each day. Maybe someday .HRT


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