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This past weekend, Corpus Christi and the County held its bi-annual Peddler Show. In the past few years, it's been at the County Fairgrounds in a small town called Robstown. Robstown is about 15 miles north and west of Corpus Christi. Saturday morning we left early to drive up to Calallen, Texas [just north of Robstown] ---There, in Calallen, is a nice, beautiful, quiet and serene birding park. It's located within a half mile's distance off the river banks. Between the river and the park are small marshy areas with ponds for waterfowl. When we arrived there, just as the gates to the park opened...we could look off the hill and see a fine misty fog rising up over the ponds. It was so pretty!! Within the park's area, you can take your car and drive the complete circle on a narrow paved drive meandering through the huge oak and mesquite trees and parking areas with picnic tables and BBQ pits. Hidden in the marshes are birding platforms where you can park your car on the outer edges and then walk to the platforms, and sit and watch birds. This time of year, several different species of hawks are known, famously, to migrate to this area in the Winter. We did stop and walk a while, tho we quickly got back in our car - you know why if you've been following my blog recently. LOL But, I did take a few pictures as we walked...and while we drove around the paved lane down into the marshy area and along the river's banks. A few waterfowl showed themselves for our entertainment, but not many! As we headed back to get into the car again, I was looking through the bush outcroppings along the embankment of the ponds, and I swear I saw what some would think was the Loch Ness Monster! All the way from Scotland. LOL ---well, it DID look like it through my vision....I had to stop and allow the 'skeeters to gnaw on my arms and ears a bit while I focused in on the great legendary figure. Yep, he was sticking his head out of the swamp...showing off just for me!! You don't believe me, do you? Well, I got proof! Just look for yourself ---see him? Out in the water...near the center of the photo? Yep. It WAS ol' Nessie himself! I would put money on it. Don't y'all agree with me? Of course, Bud thought I was crazy stopping to photograph because he was bound and determined to get back in the protection of the car. He was tired of being their breakfast buffet for the blood suckers! So, as I snapped my opportune photo, I rushed up the hill to catch up with him and we got in the car, backed out of the parking spot and drove we hit another gate to head downhill toward the river the larger of the ponds came into view and we slowed down to a snail's pace and searched the glass-like surface to watch the birds. I snapped this photo of a couple of ducks [I believe] and then zoomed in to get a closer look at their antics dipping their heads in the water in search of a tasty morsel for their early morning feeding. The small, normal lens setting didn't show me the OTHER birds on the other side of the pond's banks tho. But when I zoomed in [you can barely see them on the 'normal' lens snapshot, but YOU CAN if you look close enough...just skim your eyes across the opposite side of the the background; enlarge it!] --Anyway, when I zoomed the lens and began to focus, the other two came into view for me and I snapped THAT photo of them.I'm enjoying this new camera with the powerful zoom lens!! Why it shows things that my regular vision just wouldn't allow. I really don't know what kind of bird this one is...the long legged bird nearer to the shoreline, but I DO KNOW it's not my turkey I used for my header! I couldn't get enough good focus on it to get the markings and eye color, before it took off. If anyone can figure out what species it is, I'd be much obliged. I've been fascinated in bird watching for a long long time. My folks used to have many bird feeders in their acreages...posted here and there and near their house. To see so many different birds and be able to identify them is a hobby more or less for me. After a few moments of sitting in the car as it idled we then drove slowly toward the river. Our river, the Nueces [new AY seas] is a typical Southern river....slow current, muddy, and rarely a fierce torrent you'd experience as the water rushes over rocks and crevices in the mountainous areas of our country. Like a miniature Mississippi Delta area. As I've mentioned before, we DO get some Autumn foliage around here, but nothing like the great Northeast states. The trees, some of them, do lose their leaves after turning yellow...but before you know it, they're out of their dormancy and leafing out like Springtime early!! As we came upon the river section of the drive around the park, I stopped and took this next picture to show my visitors the beginning of Fall Colors. The tree is an Ash I believe by the looks of the leaves and bark. This area, along the river and up in the trees you'll find a lot of Spanish Moss which really makes for a down South atmosphere in the Spring. Really, you'd think plantations, Deep South, and perhaps Gone With the Wind and Twelve Oaks! LOL With the warming sun and the mist from when we arrived, earlier, breaking up, it was so pretty!! Then, driving out of the park, heading back, toward the Fairgrounds, along the river's banks hidden in the trees...if you look closely from the road [not in the photo tho] you'll see a stretch of a few apartment complexes built right ON the shore of the river! That, to me, is the epitome of stupidity. Why on EARTH would you want to live on the shore of a river that has had a history of flooding!?!!!

....and since this is turning into a huge, long, post, I will stop here and ask that you return for the continuing saga regarding us attending the Fairgrounds Peddler show & what we bought. Okay? Come back next Wednesday for the rest of the story. [I feel like Paul Harvey...'and now you know the rest of the story'...well, at least if you decide to visit me again.]

I gotta stop and get myself ready for my annual cardiology check up today, I'm going on my 3rd year since the heart operation!! It's the first appointment scheduled with the surgeon and the M.D. at 7 a.m. Yay!!!! Hopefully I won't have a long wait time to be seen then. Ya, my dreams. be continued---

By the way, our "Loch Ness Monster"?
It's just a wooden post sticking out of the water! Had you going, did I?

TO THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED FOR OUR COUNTRY'S FREEDOM with bravery, courage and skills beyond our imagination --to those who have given their lives, lost the use of limbs, etc. in combat, who deal with PTSD and nightmares that continue today after fighting for our freedom....I salute you on this day; USA's veteran's day!!! Today, and always as our anthem shows...but I tend to rearrange the lyrics...Land of the BRAVE and home of the FREE!! It's all because of you...those who serve us willingly!! I have many, many Vets in my family ---my beloved Frank, my husband, three brothers, my son, uncles, grandfathers...even great grandfathers who fought in the Civil War....but, to me it's not just those in my's and women who's stamina and giving, in the past, now and in the future, is for our todays....ALL of you.

POSTED: November 11th, 2009
4:15 A.M.


  1. Good Morning, Anni! Nice to see you are enjoying your new camera. The big bird in the pond isn't nearly as cute as the one in your header!

    Have a nice day! ldh

  2. Thank you for taking me where I've never been.

    I really like your turkey header!

  3. Hope you check up turns out good.

    Wordless Wednesday

  4. Good luck to your check up Anni... I love the second shot!

    I explored the Jogging trail this time.

  5. LOvely pictures. Isn't it nice to have a new camera.
    Have a nice day

  6. This is all so interesting.
    My brother and sister in law used to live on Port Aransas and we visited them every summer up until about 10 years ago. Our whole family went in campers and stayed close to the beach. We would go into CC to tour the ship, see the awesome sights around...enjoyed it so much and really miss going.
    Have a good Wed.

  7. your very own nessy, how fortunate can you get!

  8. Just beautiful!

  9. What a fun post! It does look like Nessie, doesn't it? We were just in that neck of the woods last weekend. Trecked out to Goose Island State Park to photograph Big Tree but got chased away by the most ravenous mosquitoes I have ever encountered. I swear they were knocking on the car windows trying to get in lol. Sounds like you had fun bird watching. Shore birds really are fascinating, we finally got to see some white pelicans this year. Have a great week. Kathy

  10. Looks like a wonderful place to go birding. I hope you enjoy your new camera. It is great these new camera have such good zoom. I have the Canon pOWERsHOT sx10is and I love the zoom.

  11. Anni,

    What a wonderful post. I enjoyed touring with you. The park is beautiful and would be so peaceful. I would be hanging out there often. Love your Nessie. LOL

    Oh, I can see them building houses on a flood plain. They've done it here also and then wonder why their homes get flooded. The other thing they did here was bring in truck loads of dirt and fill in a dump that was originally started in a quick sand bog. Then they build a fire hall and a police station. LOL I can't get over it.

    I salute all Veterans. Every one of them are heroes. Thanks for remembering.


  12. Enjoy your new camera. Lovely shots.

  13. those are great photos Annie :) love it!

    u may view mine if u have time

  14. I was stationed near there during my tour of duty. Remember it well. Happy WW

  15. I love the pictures and Nessie. How wonderful to have a new camera. I need one desperately. Enjoyed the visit.

  16. Thanks for sharing "Nessie" with us! Hope you appointment goes well!

  17. LOL, yes, Anni, you did indeed have me going! I was all set to agree with you!

  18. You got some great pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

  19. Anni, that was an interesting tour of the bird sanctuary, and you aren't kidding... that does look just like Nessie! I went to Loch Ness and tried to find her there, but I'm convinced that's because she was visiting in Texas! ;-)

    Happy Veterans Day...


    Sheila :-)

  20. How pretty! I don't think I'd ever want to leave.

    I finally got the rest of my photos & story from last week up. And have a new WW post today; hope you can come by and see both of them sometime :)

  21. Aw shucks, I was wishing it to be a Nessie. I enjoyed you pictures and I will return for the continuing saga, have fun.

  22. Hi Annie

    I hope your cardiac tests went well! I enjoyed seeing more views of Corpus Chrisit -I visited your area a few years ago on a raod trip from San Antonio.
    Happy Veteran's Day and Happy Outdoor Wednesday!
    XO Pat

  23. What wonderful photos of the marsh, Anni. I'll be back next week for the remainder of the tale.

  24. BEAUTIFUL POST in SO SO many ways! And that freaky tree is awesome!

  25. Well best of luck with the doctor visit. I will definitely return for the rest of the story.
    A lovely thank you to those selfless military personnel who fight for our freedoms.

  26. I love your header Anni
    I have always wanted to visit Corpus Christi. It looks beautiful.
    Thank for your kindness on my post today about my dad. I miss him so much,and today is a hard one.
    Happy OW
    Love Claudie

  27. Great post, fellow Texan!!! Love your photos:)

  28. Fun to have a new camera, right? Enjoyed the virtual guided tour ... thanks ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  29. Annie,
    I enjoyed your post and beautiful and fun adventures. Birds are fancinating to watch.
    Good luck with your appt and tests. I hope all is well with your sweet heart.:)

  30. Anonymous11/11/2009

    Very well done my friend. Our Military and their families cannot be thanked enough :)

  31. Thank you for sharing this great event in Corpus. I have not been to that part of Texas in a long time. Looks like there is still plenty interesting sights to enjoy. I trust you get a good doctor report and that everything goes well for you. Take care and glad you left such a nice comment.

  32. looks like a fun place to visit! the picture of the tree is really neat!

  33. Grrrrrrrrrr yes you did have me going with that "loch ness monster kind of thingie"! LOL It looks to be such a beautiful area to explore and I so enjoyed your pictures. Bird watching has always interested me as well and I don't even mind washing dishes since I can look out my kitchen window and watch the birds at the same time! lol That bird you don't know the name of is a type I've never seen before, hopefully someone can recognize it.

    I hope your cardiology check up went well today and that you didn't have to wait too long.

    Yes, indeed, a heartfelt thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed so much just so that we could have our freedom. xoxo

  34. Only 15 days until Thanksgiving?! How does time pass so fast??? Nice pictures. Happy WWW

  35. thanks for coming by

    your marsh write up is very interesting.

    See you again soon.


    barbara jean

  36. Wouldn't it be a Corpus Christi Monster?

  37. Love the second to the last photo, the specks of water looks like glitters! Congratulations to your new camera, it takes nice photos!

    Have a great week Anni.

  38. You did have me going! It looked exactly like the Lock Ness!! LOL Beautiful pics. It's good to have these cameras with us at all times. Yo never know!! Hope you are having a great week. And thanks for sharing your beautiful walk with us! Sherri : )

  39. Hello Anni,

    You definitely are a hoot! Loved the post and look forward to coming back next Wednesday for the rest of the story! Glad to see you are having so much fun with your new camera!

    Thank you for sharing with us today!

    ~ Tracy

  40. I'm loving all the shots you are taking with your new camera! Thanks so much for always participating in Wordful Wednesday!

  41. I enjoyed the walk around the bird Park . That does look like Loch Ness Monster . lol Also a wonderful tribute to our Veterans .
    ~Myrna 8~)

  42. Hi Annie,
    Loved the Monster! Only you would think to put us on like that! LOL!
    I do love your imagination though so keep it up! Great post!
    That last picture with the Ash is very pretty.

  43. I'm a little late getting around to visiting this week, but wanted say how much I enjoyed stopping by. I grew up in Corpus and Bishop. Actually was in Bishop over the weekend visiting family. Thanks for sharing these photos. I'll be back this Wednesday for the rest of the story. ~ Sarah



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