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There are only a few more days 'til Halloween.
The last of the treats'll be handed out,
and tho just another day, 'tis really quite so keen...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL! And to all a good day --I shout!

Here are the friends who will receive the Halloween treats from me today:


...and here is the treat:

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  1. A couple of weekends ago our city had a Jazz Festival which we attended. It's an annual event in October. Anyway, being that my husband is called "Bud"...I thought this was perfect for a photo...He's my BUD MAN!!


  2. Thank you! That was very sweet!

  3. he's so funny cute :) Happy WW! mine is up now..

  4. Lol I thought of your hubby right away when I saw that statue. Didn't know you were married to a super hero, did you! hehe xoxo

  5. I missed commenting on your Halloween
    party because I was having problems
    leaving comments on the new imbedded
    comment boxes... Finally got a fix from
    a friend and here I am! I wanted to wish
    you a super Halloween and I really enjoyed
    "your" Halloween Party...I know its your
    favorite time of year! Have a Boo-tiful Day!

  6. Anni,

    Cute photo! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you had a relaxing and pleasant day.


  7. Well I hope you have a wonderful halloween and you do such cute awards!!!

  8. Anonymous10/29/2008

    Cute Bud Man and I love your best witches, lol!

  9. how sweet! thanks for sharing that!

  10. So what have you got planned for the evening after next, Anni? I bet it's something really out of this world...heheh. I'm going to be looking forward to hearing about it and seeing photos.

  11. Hahaha! That's cute.

    Also, thanks for stoppin by! Have a great day! :D

  12. Funny funny alter ego, huh? Love the nose the best.

  13. Anonymous10/29/2008

    Your Bud Man is funny! Mom went to the Anheuser Busch Brewery tour a few years ago. She has a Beer Master's Certificate! And a key chain. Woo Hoo!

  14. Great WW! :) Congrats to your treat winners.

    Mine is here: Scary

  15. Cheers for the October fest!!!!

  16. Lucky you for having a bud man,lol

    Thanks so much for dropping by.Happy WW! Take care!

  17. LOL! I LOVE it when you share pictures of Hubby! That's cute!

  18. heehehe... so funny alter ego :) great WW

    Thanks for sharing it and for the comment on my site: Happy WW!!!

  19. Hey, Anni!

    I've gone Blue - stop by and see why!

    BTW - I've added you to my blogroll & "following" (sounds like a stalker!) Cheers!


  20. Ah, my hubby loves Bud Man, too! Very cute photo.

  21. You should have stolen it for your backyard, lol ! Today I bought sweets and chocolate for the kids ! Now I am ready for Halloween ! They can rang at our door !

  22. I'd be the one walking along, looking elsewhere, and bump into Bud Man. Thinking I had collided with someone, I'd probably apologize to him. Then I'd feel incredibly silly and laugh. For a long time. Great shot!

  23. Fun shot of the bud man Anni. Looks like you are getting all set for Halloween. I like your animated pumpkin at the top.

  24. Very fitting! Have a great WW.

  25. I wonder if Bud Man qualifies as a superhero? He has the proper attire.

  26. Ha ha! Very cute Bud Man :O)

  27. Hi this is what a friend told me about the
    comment box: "The embedded comment form is using an iframe. Maybe try to allow 3rd party cookies. This you can do in your Internet browser options." I hope this works for your
    friend it worked for me! Happy Halloween!

  28. Haha that's a neat costume!

  29. He look like someone you'd run into walking around downtown Reno. We have some interesting characters.

  30. But does your Bud man have a cool helmet like that? That would be awesome, if he did.

  31. Happy WW! Does your husbad have a cape in his closet?

    Thank you for visiting my blog earlier today. I invite your blog readers to see how the economic crisis in America will impact trick-or-treaters during Halloween on tomorrow night!

    peace, Villager

  32. Hi Anni, Thanks for all the visits while I have been not feeling so hot! And Thanks, for your prayers too!! I have a new post with the girls on their way to a Halloween Party last Saturday. Kelly was Rachel Ray and Karen was Paula Dean! I thought Karen kind of looked a little bit like her..... Hugs, Grams

  33. That's a pretty funny find ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,