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With the week we've had I wasn't able to set up the show n tell I had planned. Will do the one I wanted next week. So, I opted to make a blog show n tell with photos I had stored on the computer already....

A couple of weeks ago, for show n tell I shared some photos of our hallway bathroom off the guest bedroom. This week, I thought I'd share the master bathroom. At least part of it. The master bathroom consists of three separated rooms. As you enter from the bedroom, you go into the lavatory room. To the left is another room, the toilet and shower. To the right is the walk-in closet. They're all sectioned off with hidden-in-the-wall wooden doors that slide open and shut for privacy while the lavatory is being used. It's nifty! But what adorns the walls? You come to the right place then---

This is one of two imported mahogany, hand-carved, bric-a-brac shelves adorning one wall in the lavatory section of our master bathroom. Placed on the small crocheted doilies are some of my red glass objects and blown glass swan. And a pearl hairpiece.

A closeup.
This one is of one of the carved birds in the wood itself.

Another closeup.
This is of the glass swan.

Both of the two shelves are on the same wall, tiered and set up close together. This one has the same styled red glass and pearl hairpiece; in the center is my blue 'lucky' glass elephant [elephants with the trunk up are good luck!].

The blue glass elephant in close up.

This photo shows one of the light switch metal plates I antiqued. I found switch plates and electrical socket plates for cheap at Home Depot one day, and thought they'd be perfect to go with the wine/gold/copper wallpaper I chose. I brought them home and painted them black and swiped most of the black off, then did the same with copper acrylic and cleaned most of it off the brass plates...this is the finished work.

This is my father's school house clock with pendulum. Other than having no other place in the house for it to 'fit in', I hung it on the wallpaper in one of the rooms.

The crystal liquid soap dispenser...I love to mix the colors of the soap purposely to give a layered look. A strand of gold beads surround the dispenser holder which I also 'antiqued' with the black and copper paint finish.

Lastly, a closeup photo of three glass bead tea lights. I bought several silver antiqued chain necklaces at the dollar store and hung them from the bathroom ceilings then attached the beaded tealights at different depths. All in front of the wall mirror above the marbletop sink. [the light fixture plate above all this, you can only see the light beam is also brass with the black/copper antique finished look, like the switch plate I did -shown above]

_ _ _

And next week's show n tell is about "TEARS". A bit of historical stuff that we have in our possession. So, come back next Friday and see what I wanted to do today and found no extra time because of the work involved with the storms. Okay? See you then!!


  1. Wow, you have such lovely things my friend, thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty, thanks for sharing.



  3. I love your things, they are so wonderful, thanks for the comment on my blog. You knew I was coming to visit you today, I can not go so many days without visiting your blog, if you look at my favoriate blog list you are one of them.

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous room that is1 That is an amazing little shelf! Love the lights and the soap dispenser! AND the clock... Beautiful!

  5. Annie, you are so amazing! Even after all you've been through this week, you have an amazing Show & Tell. Beautiful things you have and the light switches are awesome! I look forward to next Friday :) You are in my prayers!

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

  6. You have so many pretty things. They look great where you have them placed.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Annie, Sorry you had such a hard week. I know how those storms can be. Living in central AL, we get evacuees and aftermath and hurricane bands. And if it is a class 4 or 5 and actual hurricane down graded to a level 2 or 1. Leaves a mess in it's path!

    You are a wonderful decorator. Come live with me for a couple of weeks. We can go shopping. You can tell me what to buy. You can go thru all my stuff. Tell me what to get rid of, what to keep, what to display, where to put it.... love how you do it.

  8. Anni,

    I'm glad you are safe, my friend, and able to take part in show and tell this week. I love your blown glass swan and also the elephants. Yeap, only buy elephants with the trunk up for good luck.

    Your shelf is beautiful and unique and you've did a good job with your antique look. You have such great ideas for home decor.

    Enjoy your weekend. I hope there isn't too much cleanup to do.


  9. Great decorations! I especially love the light switch and lotion dispenser.

    I'm not crazy about the new commenting system, though. I can't seem to comment with my WordPress link without entering my blog password, which I don't want to do. So I sign in via Blogger with an account I crated there to comment on Blogger blogs that don't allow comments from others, but my link to my main blog is there.

  10. Hi Anni!
    Glad everything is ok in your neck of the woods!
    This is my second attempt to add a comment. Your bathroom items are so pretty! I can't even image having such a big bathroom as your master. I like that you did some of the decorating at budget prices and they are still gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. These are beautiful decorations :) Love them!

  12. Looks like you have some treasures in your bathroom! Beautiful!


  13. I absolutely love those tea lights. I would hang them above my tub! Have a great weekend and enjoy those lights!

  14. Oh Annie,
    I loved the show and tell. Sorry for the weather troubles. I hope all is well there now. I am glad you had these photos already. I love them. I especially love the hanging chandaliers. I'll have to read it more when I have time. I have to copy this idea. Ok?
    I would love to see the whole bathroom when you can show it.
    Thanks for coming by. Have a happy day.

  15. Hi Anni -- I am glad you made it through the storm with only the rain and wind. The damage further south was terrible. We just had light rain, hardly any wind, in Montgomery for a day and half.

    I suppose the Hooks were suspended if they were playing in town now. I am not following them this year. My cousin is General Manager, JJ Gotsch (not CEO, that is for the Ryans).

  16. What lovely bathrooms you have! I did a show and tell, but didn't follow all the rules - so it's not. But come on over anyway!

  17. What gorgeous things! Great post...
    Kathy (

  18. What lovely photos of beautiful things. Hope things are getting back to ‘normal’ for you after the storm …
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. Hello dear Anni:-)

    I so love the special touches you put into decorating a room! I'm really impressed how you antiqued some of those pieces, I've never thought of doing that. My next door neighbour Julie collect elephants and she's the one who had told me that it means good luck if the trunk is up:-) I hope you're able to enjoy a beautiful weekend with no more storms!! xoxo

  20. I love your master bathroom, Anni. Those shelves are beautiful. You are so creative with the way you decorate. I like the way you did the light switch. It all ties in really well.

  21. Anonymous7/25/2008

    I love those shelves. At a first glance, I thought it looked like a bed headboard. Wouldn't that be beautiful?

  22. Hi Anni,
    I will have to try the light switch plate craft. It is a great idea. Thanks for visiting my show and tell and for the nice welcome.


  23. You've done a great job of personalizing your home with all these special touches.

  24. You certainly have exotic taste. I had light switches exactly like yours in our last house in California. Tomorrow I am posting a message and link to a new blog I've created called Spiritual Sundays. I hope you can drop by for a visit. Glad your storm has passed.

  25. Beautiful shelves. Love all the little touches you have added. See you next week :)

  26. I'm glad all is well with you since the hurricane! Hate those things (I live in FL!)
    I enjoyed seeing the neat things on your shelves.

    I thought of you a few days ago while looking at the September 08 Country Sampler magazine, it has lots of Halloweeny stuff in it, you might check it out - better yet, you should have your own collection in it next year!


  27. Dear Anni ~~ What lovely decorations you have shown us. You are very talented at placing things just where they should be. I liked the
    Nautical post and signs too. Thank you for your visit and glad you liked "That's when the fight started." The microwave chickens are in the meat department. They have normal ones, marinated ones and the microwaveable ones. I have cooked dozens of them. Take care, glad the storms have passed and all is well with you. Love, Merle.

  28. Your shelf is beautiful, Anni and I love the light switch that you antiqued! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of sun! :0)

  29. I love the lights!! and am thinking the wallpaper looks gorgeous!!
    copied off the recipie kids will love it!!