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Hi everybody! I've had a lazy spell the last day or two. And today is no different. Do you ever get those kinda days where you really don't feel like doing anything? So far in the last couple of days, nothing's been done except mowing and edging the lawn. And with the humidity so high, it just zaps me. Takes me a while to recoup from that chore in the summer. LOL

So, while I'm lounging around reading or watching ball games, I'm thinking "What do I show for show n tell this week?" And once again the laziness takes ahold of me. I don't want to set things up to even make the photos/shares more presentable. Now, that is the height of being a bit off-key for me.

Anyway, I took the camera into the bathroom. Oh now, don't panic. This is all in good taste. There will be no toilet bowls [besides they need cleaning] or no toilet paper rolls...nothing bizarre. Nothing at all. [The images can be enlarged for full view by clicking on them, and they should open in a new window]

It'll be part of the oriental knick knacks we have in the hall bathroom. [And yes, the walls in the shower room are black! With the sink/cupboard and laundry shoot room is papered in gold and black.......

This little piece is antique. It's some kind of metal...I'm thinking either nickel or lead. But, actually all I know is it's old. It's on the wall just to the right of the counter and mirror above the's also an incense burner. It's framed in just a box stained green for a contrasting accent against the cherry wood cupboards that are in the rooms. We used to burn incense in it, but it's been ages since he's been used.

This shadow box is on the wall just the opposite of the mirror; above the main towel rack. Several pieces are placed strategically --the top shelf are two black marble "Fu Dogs" [in ancient China they were used as statuary -guarding the temples outside the gates]. The next shelf -left to right is a ceramic Chinaman. Next shelf over are two small red soapstone miniature Fu Dogs. And on the right is also Oriental scene with human figures carved into the stone. Below these shelves [center] are clay figurine of a man; the smaller box holds a sandstone Buddha. Then the larger box to the right is another ceramic Chinaman. Right in the very middle on the bottom, another clay Chinaman, a soapstone Buddha, then the Chinese zodiacal symbols of our family's birth [also in soapstone] --The rooster for Irene, the tiger for Bud, the rat for Erik and mine is the ox; a miniature man to the very right.

Now this IS sitting on top of the commode, but as promised, nothing is distasteful. This is an imported China vase. With two Geisha Girls. I love this. We've had this in our house nearly as long as we've been married. It's very thin [width or depth I guess I should say] and only holds a very small amount of flowers at a time. As you can see there are two small china pedestals that are on the bottom.

And lastly, this is Bud's antique Abacus that he purchased while on liberty away from his ship during his Navy days. When he bought it it was even antique...he found this little item from a street peddler in a port city after being over in the China Sea on duty. I never could figure out how to use them, even when Bud would explain to me just how the masters of the Chinese mathematicians worked them. And probably never will [insert my hand gesture flipping way over my grey matter!---incomprehensible to me].


  1. I love chinese or all oriental decorations. Yours are beautiful. We came back yesterday evening from Italy and of course it rains in Belgium ! I just celebrated my 65th birthday in the sunshine and next day we left. Of course I have to catch up a lot, because with one hour Internet per day I couldn't do too much ! I like this new comment system. I'll see if I can do it too !

  2. Gday Anni, Your Oriental collection will keep visitors sitting longer in the bathroom gazing at this lovely collection I particularly like the old men on the shadow box..
    as for the weather I love the warmer weather bring on summer we had a low of 2c high 12c today with icy winds. we need rain.Cheers \_/\_/

  3. Dear Anni! Wow, what a special bath room you have! After looking at your pictures, I really thing our bath room decoration needs some improving (well, in fact, there is almost nothing that you could actually call "decoration"). ;-))

    I was happy to learn this morning that you are absolutely fond of my special pink poppy! Yes, they do do go to seed!!! Let me see what I can do... ;-)) I there there will be a little "seed letter" on its way to the US soon... Anyway, I'll add your name on my drawing list for the sweet pea seeds, too!

    Have a great week-end! Over here, it's raining cats and dogs, what a pity!

    Take care!
    XoX, Anita

  4. i used to love those shadow boxes when i was a kid. would look at each and every little thing in them. and strangely enough, each one i came across was different, go figure... yours is real pretty

  5. I love shadow boxes, and that vase is really pretty. I don't think I could figure out an abacus, either, but I am amazed that people really used them.

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  6. Thanks for stopping by Anni. We used to have some abacuses in our school when I was a kid. Leftovers I guess. Have a great weekend!

  7. I not here for a few days and everything changes!! How neat is this!

    You have some very interesting things in your bathroom like the vase! How pretty! Love and hugs Grams

  8. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who goes through 'unmotivated' spells ;--)

    I enjoyed your Oriental decorations and am reminded I've been meaning to 'dress up' my bathrooms with 'kewl stuph' but putting it off for way too long. Perhaps I'll get around to it sometime next week if I could only locate my 'to do' list in the mess on my desk. Sigh!

    I have posted on both blogs today (sunrise photos at Sacred Ruminations) and a (memory of a LONG bike ride at Small Reflections) ... walked Molly ... put together my comfy new office chair from Staples and am finally sitting down to visit blogs. I'm wondering why I didn't buy a new chair sooner, but it just didn't occur to me until a friend mentioned buying one recently. It'll be lots more comfortable to sit at my new computer and blog now. LOL

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. I love oriental things, the colors and
    the style. I also like the minimalist
    interior design, although my house style
    doesn't work well with it. Love the plate
    & figurine a lot!

  10. I enjoyed seeing this collection. I thought the incense burner might be pewter. I have a small shadow box in my bathroom opposite the commode. I'll share it sometime.
    Thanks for showing us all these treasures.
    Mama Bear

  11. I love the abacus! My mom knew how to use one of those. That one looks really nice! I enjoyed your show n tell and now you must sit back relax and have a lemonade (or beverage of your choice)! I hate humidity!

  12. What a fascinating collection. I really like the shadow box.

  13. Your bathroom must be very beautiful with all the asian decorations! The shadow box reminds me of the ones my Mother used to have :). Bud's abacus is amazing, I wonder how old it actually is and where it originated, are there any markings on it?

  14. Enjoy your weekend sweetie.

  15. What an interesting bathroom you have! I would think people would stay in there a long time just looking at everything!

    I, too, had a hard time getting motivated to do a lot of scanning or picture-taking for S&T today, but knew I wanted to do something. Turns out I had these pix in my photo album, and had been waiting for just the right time to use them - this was it! My mom had saved the old newspaper picture of Sadie Hawkins and gave it to me years ago. I"m thankful she did.

    It's been hot here in Colorado - dry hot!! You know. I can't take the humidity, so hope I never have to move away from here!

  16. Thanks for visiting today!

    I was reading over your blog and noticed that your husband, son and siblings of yours serve our country. I don't mean to sound corny (I seem to like that word today), but I sincerly would like you to tell them thanks! :)

  17. I should have used "Thank you", not just thanks. :)

  18. How very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I enjoyed seeing all your pretties! Both of us posted a shelf this week!

    I always enjoy seeing what you S&T!


  20. I enjoyed seeing your bathroom treasures, Anni! The shadow box is lovely!

  21. Anonymous7/15/2008

    Love your treasures and can surely relate to them! ;)
    I can also relate to feeling sluggish (aka lazy) ;)