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I read a notice on Skittle's Place that she is making up a new site with only the Heads or Tails Theme. I couldn't get into her blog over the weekend, I kept getting an error note that the blog no longer exists. I'm wondering......hmmmmmmmmmm. But this time last week, I had already copied the category that she had on her 'old' blog....and it stated:

March 25: HEADS - Tip *OR* TAILS - Anything that rhymes with Tip

But now, on Monday her new blog tells us the category is "Surprise".

Well, the surprise in this case is I'm going with tip which would rhyme with "trip"...and this new blog of hers has been a trip. rofl. But seriously people, I am now grabbing at straws here 'cause in slang 'trip' is not necessarily going somewhere, other than 'down'...I have fallen and I can't get up!!!. LOL [oh give me a break...I've done a blooper, blunder, boner, bull, bungle, fall, false move, false step, faux pas, fluff, idiocy, indiscretion, lapse, misstep, mistake, slip. In other words, I have stumbled. But good.]

So, my trip...errrrr, um....surprise is the TIPS I learned from watching a TV program on cables "History" this past Easter. Surprise!!!!!

- - -

Sunday night, after dinner, and the evening had become a quiet place, and peaceful, the whole family had their time of watching. I was watching a special on The History Channel, themed for the holiday since it was...Easter; the act of Crucifixion. While our 'children'...the two furbabies in the family had their eyes on...their entertainment.

It was just after we ate our dinner, the cats had been fed their usual 'wet' canned cat food for the night, and they both went to their respective corners. Bud was cleaning up the kitchen. I, on the other hand, was in the living room, tuned into The History Channel.

It was just the previews for now, so I took my water glass out to the kitchen for Bud to load it to the dishwasher. And I grabbed the camera...

Just outside the dining room windows our kitties have a full view of the patio. And on the patio beam hangs a filled bird feeder. It was kinda early still, just 7PM, and still a filtering of the daylight remained. And Winnie [Winston] had his favorite 'perch' to watch and be entertained. He is fascinated with the activity this evening. I peeked out the window, and there were three white winged doves still searching for fallen seed that gets thrown out of the feeder onto the cement of the patio floor. Ya, ya, I know...that IS his special bench. And that IS his special blanket. Oh and just to the right of the bench, on the floor...yes, that IS an Easter toy that was knocked off the table [by accident?] --a plastic Easter Egg that was being tossed and chased after just a bit earlier.

Then, to the right of Winston, and beyond the back door, you step down to another room. Off to the left shoulder is the huge patio doors. At night, the vertical blinds are pulled closed...but when it's nice outdoors, the hurricane shutters are left open for sunlight. Well this night, the shutters still remained open, and Tahoe knew that. This....this, is one of her favorite spots!! She too enjoys the outdoor activities. And watches everything diligently. From birds to lizards to neighborhood cats. And the only time she'll leave the area is when I tell her the blinds are shut for privacy! She jumps up, meows, and leaves. If I'm really ambitious then, I'll step out the back door and shut the hurricane shutters.

- - -

Historically we have little to no information concerning the crucifixion of Jesus outside of the Gospels. And I have had several questions about the accuracy of some stories [and more so -art] being 'true to word' since there have been so many different translations from languages. To me, it's highly possible and quite probable that the King James version of the biblical epics are somewhat distorted in translation, confusing at times and 'jumbled' because of being translated. I'm not saying it's not the truth, which through history it's proven to be true; what I'm saying is the words, the writ perhaps is unjustifiably inaccurate because of one [or several] translations of the Hebrew Gospels into modern day English. As with the modern art of the crucifixion of Jesus on its own.

Being Easter and knowing that our Jesus Christ was of Jewish descent, the Christianity is sometimes a mixture of misrepresentation and error in transcribing the Hebrew to a King James English. As I said, we were all watching something Sunday night of profound interest. The cats and their bird watching....But me...I'm watching this very interesting program. All about the history of crucifixions. And mixed in there was speculation and testing on the cross of Jesus, the nails used, the stone box of remains of a man's body [found just this past decade, in the '90s --etched on the side was the Aramaic word for -"Jesus"], the heel of the skeletal remains still had a 4" spike going through the bone --perhaps someone nailed to a cross?. And on another stone box [found in the 1960's], the words, in Aramaic, ''Ya'akov bar Yosef akhui diYeshua,'' were carved; the box itself known as an ossuary, which presumably once held the bones of a man named James who died in the first century A.D. etc. etc. etc. And, from years past, I agreed with the science of the nails/spikes used in crucifixions...they most likely DIDN'T go through the palms as art tells us ---the tissues and bones would certainly have torn and broken from the weight of the bodies [even if a kind of rope were used]!! It's all too scientifically correct, which shows us that the art we see today is quite possibly, totally incorrect. In this particular program the subject of the spikes and palms versus wrists was explained in great detail.

Also, the scientists/doctors now, with the intelligence we can use from research, would explain why Jesus died so suddenly on the cross [it's been known that once nailed to a cross, the one being crucified remained alive and breathing for days, even weeks!! - yet Jesus died on Friday...] Then, with their speculation on 'forensic science' --they now mostly agree with Jesus carrying the cross through the streets to his the Bible states, and he fell. With the fall, and the extreme weight of the cross beam [yes, just the top beam, not the most likely 'falsified' entire cross itself which is explained on the program and what I will state in a bit]...when he fell, the weight of the cross beam bruised his heart as he fell to the stone!!!! Which, in just a short time, the heart would form an aneurysm. The 'pocket' or bubble in the heart would then fill with fluid! And eventually, a shortened survival time. And in turn, that would explain the sword or spear that was thrust into Jesus' side on the cross...the blood and fluid that washed out of his body. Also shown by demonstration on this program. With another, also tested, the nails in the feet as we see in art today---the bone that was found in the ossuary just recently, the spike/nail was going through the heel! not the frontal area of the foot. Again, weight has a lot to do with the misinterpreted paintings of today. And they demonstrated the spike going through the heel...and nailed to the SIDE of the cross! Oh, and with the crucifixion itself, science now tells us that with the arms and hands raised above the head, the human would soon suffocate. Or eventually suffocate! Here again, the heart aneurysm would come into being, because we know from the Bible that Jesus spoke his last words...if one was suffocating, speech could not exist!!

What totally kept my interest going in this two hour special was the fact they gave us an inkling of how 'untrue in art' the cross that Jesus carried to his crucifixion really was. Of course, again, it was only speculation, but it made a whole lotta sense to me. There, at the time of his death, were two different styles of crosses used. In art and sculpture, Jesus is depicted with the one version...the 'small "T" cross" but in most likely scenarios it would have been the Yao Cross that both Jewish and Romans used [the capital "T"]---[the photo above is something I snapped on the camera from the TV program I was watching] all explained because of weight and logic being that once nailed to the beam, it would be more practical to then lift the cross beam with the body up onto the already buried upright. In all, to me, this made a whole lotta sense!

One very interesting and educational program for me. And so appropriate for the night. In school, I never really cared much for history because as I said many times, you learn only the teacher's point of view and if you [at least back in my school days] if you begged to differ...well, it just wasn't kosher!! Today, I can read, watch, listen and learn more and more points of view which in turn makes me a 'more educated' person...even if my opinion differs from others...that is what history is....based on opinions. Unless fact is as you speak. And then again, facts can be twisted as I am finding out...translating and several languages later, those stories can become twisted and often inaccurate. [and not just the good book! All history books - hence the learning process and believing in what you believe is what counts] Not to mention the inaccuracies of art form.

I the infamous Mona Lisa really smiling as so many 'experts' suggest? I know, I know, that is not of this issue I've written about at all, but the question still accurate is the infamous art formations with which we live? If I were posing for Leonardo painting me, my look would surprise you!!!


  1. Oh that was too funny! I forgot the old category, but was equally surprised by the change over at Skittles blog :)

    Happy HOT day!

  2. Hi Anni, I don't know what we are supposed to post about for Tuesday..I wonder if Barb at Skittles Place is sick??? I guess I will post anything..I have enjoyed reading about the Crucifixion and wish I had watched that sounded very interesting..Hugs, Baba

  3. Anni-just wanted to let you know I FINALLY posted your award you gave me!! I sincerely appreciate it! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to post. Things have been a bit crazy around here lately, especially in blogland. Along those lines, I was noticing something on your blog. I was trying to copy and paste the incredibly kind words you said about the 13 favorite blogs into my thank you post (I was being lazy of course) and discovered I can't copy and paste from your blog! Now, this is so cool. How in the world did you make it so people can't do that? I truly would LOVE to know. To make a really long story short, I'm debating about going Private due to some disturbing comments on my blog. You will see a post about this soon, I promise. Anyways, I'm thinking if there is a way to make it so people can't copy and paste, that may help me not have to go private or at least not as quickly. I don't wanna go private at all, but my kid's safety is more important to me. Any advice you can give me on the copy/paste thing would be much appreciated. I also may just change my URL without it being linked to my old blog and only give the new url to those I love (including you!!!) and then if I can make it people can't copy and paste my blog, this just may work!!! Shoot, I should've just written you an email. Sorry for the novel. Feel free, if and when you get the chance, to write me at my email in my profile. I appreciate your help and hope that if I do end up having to go private, you'll wanna still come and visit me as I'll still be visiting you FOR SURE!! :) Thanks again for your sweet award and for the top 13 nomination. It truly means a lot!!!

  4. P.S. I've noticed I can't copy and paste your text/posts etc, but can copy/paste pictures. Is there a way to make it so people can't copy the pictures?

  5. Hey.. I think you did a very clever job of tying the two posts together. :)

    Your kitties are so cute and it's cool that they each have their own special place to peek at the outside world!

    I LOVE the History Channel!!!

    I think ol' Mona just had gas.

    You going to be sending your pic into Playboy, Anni??? ;)

  6. Really enjoyed this post my friend.

  7. Like your new background. Belated Happy Easter too.
    By the way, I have been tagged by maryt, the teach and I hope you don't mind my tagging you too. Come over and see what it's all about.

  8. Yes, you did a great job on the surprise theme, Anni - that´s not surprising... you know how much I love your entries. *g*

    Thank you also for surprising us with another new fantastic blog look.

  9. Hello there! From tips to surprise, from dining to the cats to the crucifixion to the paintings...lots of surprises, indeed!

  10. I wish I had more time to remember how Jesus gave His life for us. We had to work that day.Sighs!

  11. Life is really full of surprises!
    It was also tips or trips(?) that I was searching for or working on... but surprise is ok!

    Thanks for the visit !
    Take care!

  12. I like the way you used the old HoT theme and the new one and made it all make sense.

    The History Channel is very interesting. I don't watch it enough.

  13. Hello!
    Thanks for your posting and have a good week.

  14. Hi Anni. You never fail to surprise me with the lovely theme changes on your blog.

    It must be amusing watching the cats doing their fun activities.

  15. Anni,

    I don't think that show aired here, but would have loved to have watched it. I'm always interested in history and do know that things get lost in the translation. The Bible has been translated many times and probably contains numerous inaccuracies. It has been brought to my attention before that those who were crucified would have had the nails driven throught the wrists because the palms would not have held the body weight... and the heels were more probably likely to have held more weight as well.

    Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Have a wonderful day. It is overcast here and they are calling for snow. HELP... LOL


  16. Too expensive to get the History Channel here in SA - for me anyway. I love studying history.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  17. Good Afternoon Anni,
    I came by here last night and read your post, but then I had to help our youngest daughter with some homework and then I went to bed. I am just now doing my visiting. I forgot to buy some coffee yesterday and I didn't get to have any this morning, so I got one of those headaches and went back to bed after I took the girls to School. I think that is so nice that your cats have their own special place they can go. Everyone, even animals needs their own little place they can go to and just relax. I don't know if we get the History Channel here or not. If we do, it may cost extra and we don't have it with the package we have. "THANK YOU" for sharing such valuable information about the crucifiction with us. I know my DH told me recently that one particular version of the Bible wasn't the real facts. I do know there are alot of different versions of the Bible, but to be honest, I don't really know which one to go by. I've always had a King James version and then when me and my DH got married I got a couple of other versions. I do like the versions where it is explained in words I can understand tho. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  18. As always, I love your posts and this one made me smile and laugh.

    Happy HoT Tuesday!

  19. This was very interesting! :)

  20. I loved your ‘opener’ …(ie disclaimer?)… at the top of your post. It all made sense to me … and besides ‘breaking free of rulez’ is a prerogative, right? Of course, in addition, we enjoy whatever you post ;--)

    The ‘candid shots’ of Winston watching the birds outside … and Tahoe peeking out between the blinds are great!

    When I turn the TV on …(which isn’t all that often these days unless ‘tennis’ is on)… I enjoy the History Channel and some of the shows on Public TV. Seems like this show captured and held your attention! Thanks for sharing what you learned.

    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Thanks for getting back with me about the bloggers over fifty. However, I don't like to have blogrolls or buttons on my sidebar. Although I can't be a part of the blogroll, that is okay. I still am looking forward to visiting everyone on it. Thanks.

  22. I thought I already left a must have disappeared! Great HoTs post! Great spin on the surprise theme-lol! Thanks for visiting!

  23. I was quite surprised by the change over at Skittles' too. You did a good job of working with things! I hadn't looked at the theme ahead of time for once...I guess I should be glad.

  24. What an interesting post.
    I didn't look ahead either.
    Great the way you've made this entry.

    You can find my heads or tails: ::here::

    Have a great day!

  25. Wow! Great post. I really enjoyed reading it!

    Happy Tuesday!

  26. Very clever!! :) Happy HoT

  27. Anni,

    I believe it was a miracle. I believe that Jesus did die on the cross and he rose on the third day. I have an unwavering faith. I think it is good to question things though, but there comes a point where you just either believe or you don't.

    Bless you, Sharon