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News Flash!!!!

According to the news article, this is just in:
    Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, and even shopping are all candidates for medical treatment and are recognized as genuine mental disorders, so what about the Internet? Internet addiction -defined as "excessive gaming, sexual pre-occupations, and email/text messaging" - is becoming so common that at least one psychiatrist says it merits inclusion in psychiatry's official handbook of mental illness, the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders............."

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    Oh, this is probably quite a serious issue with a lot of people, world wide. But, I can't help thinking...."Picture this": Years down the line, there'll be an internetaholic annonymous! IA for short. "Hi, my name in Hootin' Anni, and I'm an addict". :::giggles::: Scary concept!!!


  1. This photo for W W is of my own home made granola.

    3 cups raw oatmeal
    1 TBS molasses
    1/2 dried cranberries
    2 TBS cinnamon
    Broken pecans
    1/2 c. honey
    1 TBS reduced fat peanut butter

    Combine all above in a large bowl, pour onto cookie sheet spreading it out....bake at 350 degrees F....until crunchy!!

    Delicious. AND VERY healthy.

  2. I LOVE granola and that looks perfect!

  3. Your granola looks wonderful Anni.

  4. I have tried to post a comment at for the last 12 hours...there was no visual word verification...only a little 'red x.' I posted a couple of pics for you on Tuesday.

  5. Enjoyed the poem.
    And thanks for the granola recipe. Will try it this weekend....

  6. Thanks for the recipe :) Will try it when I've gathered the ingredients.

    I'm sure you're not the only addict around here :P One of them is leaving you a comment right now!

  7. Good Evening/Morning Anni,
    My name is Karen and I'm a blogaholic. LOL. Are you going to start up an IA? LOL. What will they come up with next. LOL. I guess I really need to be committed big time. Seems like I'm pretty much addicted to everything you listed. LOL. Well, except for the sex things. I don't do that. Things like that are just not right. That's for sick people and I'm not one of those perverts. Your homemade granola looks good. "THANK YOU" for sharing the recipe with us. Take care my friend and have a great evening/day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  8. Very interesting photo.

  9. The recipe sounds really yummy.

  10. that looks yummy! thanks so much for sharing the recipe! :)

  11. that looks yummy and healthy!!!
    will definitely try that one of these days! thanks! :)
    ps. have to admit, am an 'addict', too! lol.

  12. I'm going to try that recipe, looks yummy and healthy. Thanks.

  13. I came back with my spoon and a glass of milk.

  14. Yummy looking picture. And as for IA, save me a seat love, I'll be right there with you!
    Hope you have a wonderful week, until the next WW, may your days be filled with happiness. Pop by The Cafe if interested in my WW entry for 3/26/08.

  15. Your recipe sounds delicious.
    You know what I hate? That everything in our days is labeled an addiction.
    I am addicted to good food, good reading, beautiful pictures, kind, interesting, inspiring people. Put the blame on me!...

  16. I have the perfect place where we can have all the IA meetings, another Victorian playhouse I found, a bit bigger than last weeks. It has atmosphere! I am sure we will all like it there so come on over!
    Oh and bring a batch of the granola!

  17. Anni,

    Followed the link to Penny Lane. That Victorian dollhouse is perfect. I need one with no phone but an Internet connection so I can do my writing.

    It seems we all live addictive lifestyles now days. I spend a lot of time online between writing and blogging. I hate being without my computer. So possibly I am addicted. So be it. I have writing to do and friends to talk to. LOL

    Still feeling good this morning and am going to tackle more of that kitchen. Don't worry about me having the cleanest house in blogland. Meeko is beginning to shed and he always brings in lots of dust and dirt. At least we know spring is coming because he is shedding.

    Have a wonderful day my friend. I'm going to try your granola recipe. It looks delicious.


  18. Hi Anni, the granola looks yummy and healthy too! So I guess I would be a member of IA too as well as Bookaholics Anonymous and Lostaholics Anonymous...and say, do we qualify for SSDB? (social security disability)

  19. I guess Psychiatrists are people who looks for sickness in almost anything! Don't worry Anni just do what you love! Cheers!

  20. Sounds yummy and healthful! :D

  21. Years ago I frequently made granola for my husband to take with him on the truck (he was a cross-country driver). Haven't made any in 20 years or so. Lost the recipe.

  22. Hi, my name is Mar(cela) and I have a severe addiction, but I am not looking for a cure :)
    Your granola looks and sounds delicious!

  23. Now that’s a recipe I might be willing to try because I love granola and cranberries!
    Hugs and blessings,

  24. The granola looks delicious...I love cranberries!

    Hello, my name is Kat and I am an internetaholic and becoming a blogaholic but I LOVE IT!!

    Mine is up

    Happy WW

  25. Yummy granola. Going to try that.

    Happy WW

  26. The recipe sounds yummy!!!

  27. Yes you are back on igoogle reader!! Hey that is great!! Now I can see that you have posted..Wonderful!!

  28. Noooooooooooo! THAT won't work! If you're an internetaholic, you definitely have to get AWAY from the internet to go to your IA meeting! BUT... the alcoholics and shopaholics might start having THEIR meetings here!!! LOL! (that way the alcoholics can have a drink while they attend - without being caught ... and the shopaholics can open another window and hit Amazon while they meet!) ROFL!

    Annnnnnnnnd... YES! You showed up in my Google Reader this evening!!! YAHOOOOO! (oops... I mean GOOGLE!)

  29. That looks so delicious!

    :0) Sharon