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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

[graphic made by me]

I LOVE this kinda stuff to read about. All the time!!

Which brings me to my Thursday 13 list.
Perhaps there IS life beyond our solar system. With the scientist discovery of another planet circumnavigating it's own star, so similar to our it possible? I've always been told that ANYthing is possible. I digress. I'm thinking aloud's a curse. I'm sure I'm flying off course, and just jotting down my thoughts about 'possibles' and other blathering ideas running around in my head today. But---

1] If everything is possible, why don't apples that drop off to the ground reattach themselves to tree branches?

2] If everything is possible, then would it be possible to have something that is impossible?

3] If everything is possible, then, why can't humans grow feathers and fly?

4] Is it possible to have everyone coming your way without driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street?

5] Is it possible for accidents to cause people?

6] Did you know that I know you don't know a farmer who lives so far from us, his zip code is E I E I O.

7] I'm sure Noah, if he had a bumper sticker on his ark, it'd read "Scattered Showers my Ass". [he had two you know]

8] If everything's possible, then we should be able to eat as MUCH as we want, and not gain!

9] Traveling at the speed of slow, aliens from the other solar system in the news reel linked above, in ships that are slower, are idiots. Traveling at the speed of sound --& everyone else gives you the fly-by finger [long GREEN finger!], is a maniac.

10] When at first I DO succeed, I try my hardest not to look surprised!!

11] When I worked, I always gave 100%! 12% Mon. 25% Tues. 40% Wed. 20% Thurs. , and only 3% on Fri--it's 'casual day'!!

12] Growing up, I was told that anyone born here can be president...I am beginning to believe it.

13] When all else fails, panic now, avoid the rush!!

"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

~Sherlock Holmes


If you're a frequent visitor here, you may remember last week I wrote about the book I was about to begin reading. "A Redbird Christmas" by Fannie Flagg. I finished it Wednesday night, and wanted to comment on it. First off, as I stated last week, I like Ms. Flagg's style. I've always liked her persona. She is, I believe, a 'down-home' gal. So, now the book....

It too is 'down-home'!! It's a definite feel good read. There is some humor, some small town talk, friendships that come and go, and come again. But one most interesting character for me ---well, let me put it this way--- TWO important characters here. Patsy, an orphaned girl that melts the hearts of this small town....AND Jack, the red bird! If you want to read an uplifting short book, that eventually creates a belief in miracles, you won't be disappointed.

5:20 a.m. [addendum]

I just hate it when people feel they have to preach to one another....that their ideas, beliefs, and values are BETTER than anyone elses! There are just too many like this, and life is too short to go around like a blathering fool creating havoc and upsetting some. What happened to "love thy neighbor" *shrug*

I say: If you can't leave cruel words out of a comment on a blog, or something that is degrading to the blog's author IN ANY WAY ---don't say anything...

While I was leaving a comment to a very nice blogger, as I was typing in the small comment pop up window, I could see with my peripheral vision the last comment left there---here's what I read:

"I can't get into your TT site--have tried many times. The TT hub is also a problem. So I've posted this on mine:

"If you're using the free BLOGGER.COM to make money from your blog efforts, PLEASE DON'T. Pay for a program that will support all the winky, blinky ads, because I'm tired of having my computer crash when I visit your site to leave a comment!"

How can one be so blatantly cruel towards another? How can anyone think their way or their thoughts are perfect, or the only way? Preaching in ANY shape, way, or form is just frustrating and hurtful in my mind. Even tho it wasn't left in my blog comments, I can't help but feel that it's upsetting to others. And I can't help myself wonder just why this LADY [yes, it was a lady's name and blog profile from the link of the comment author] ---why does this lady continue to return if it continues to crash her computer? Instead of leaving such hurtful words ---don't go back!!!!


  1. Ha! Those are hilarious. I like #'s 6 , 8 and 10 especially! Happy TT to you...

  2. I never thought of those before, haha!

  3. Helloooooo dear Anni:-) Finally here to catch up on all your news...I'm telling you, going away for a few days really messes me up with blog visits! lol Hey, that's really great that you won one of those trolls on ebay! hehe Once you receive it, you'll be hooked, they have such little characters of their own:-) I'd heard about Fannie Flagg's book so I was interested to hear your review of it...will have to go and get it. Love the "anything is possible" list...too funny!! xox

  4. I am sure that among the uncountable billions of planets in the infinite universe there is life somewhere... but it is so far away that as far as we are concerned it might as well not exist.

    A great many people were caused by accidents!

  5. Good point. Maybe all things aren't possible.

    Ugh. What a horrible thought.

  6. I think many accidents have caused people :) that can become president. LOL. Happy TT.

  7. Cute list. Very funny...showers my ass!
    Happy tt!

  8. Accidents cause people? LOL! Hilarious list again!

  9. Great list. You had me rolling. happy TT!

  10. No. 12 rings a bell! Eek. I'm going to log off and say my prayers before I think to hard about this one!

    Great list!

  11. Ha ha - thank you for the laughs! I really love TT-13 as I am finding the best blogs!


  12. Wow...things that really make you think;) Happy TT. Great list.

  13. I like #13!

    The Pink Flamingo

  14. Hey..I like the graphic u designed..& the T-13 list is great..makes me think..hehee..

  15. Love your nr 6! (I will be singing that all day long now, lol)
    AND your nr 12 :)
    You fixed whatever needed to be fixed, your feed only shows your posts now!
    I included space pics in my TT today (at the very end) :)

    Happy thirteening

  16. Hey, I can vouch for number 5! Only the very happiest kind of accident, mind you :-)

  17. Great post as always. Funny.

  18. LOL! Very nice list:) I'm sure there is life somewhere very far from us that by being too far it looks like it never really exist like we are to them:D

    Mine is up here;
    Thursday Thirteen
    Happy TT!

  19. Hi Anni, hehehehe accidents cause children..very funny list and who knows what lives out there in space...and im very pleased you like my garden theres more tonight,,, sending warm hugs from Aussie. to you....

  20. Loved those Thursday 13s of yours, Anni...beautifully quirky and I love quirky!

    I agree with people leaving nasty comments...why bother? It takes time and energy to type all that out and anyway, maybe the whinger should get her computer shouldn't be crashing like that. Strange lady.

    Have a great weekend (it's nearly here).

  21. Oh, too funny!!! That was a great list. Love it!

    Hop on over to mine if you'd like to get added to my TT blogroll (and you can check out my 13 immunity-boosters for the cold and flu season).


  22. Still giggling here...
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  23. Great TT ... as usual!! LOL Happy Thursday!!!

  24. alot of your questions sound like things my daughter asks me that I have no answer for!

  25. I think here in Egypt everything is possible, lol even the unbelievable ! I can blog from here on a very modern computer the only thing is this damned arabic keyboard ! That makes me loose a lot of time. Happy you commented because it also takes time to find an address and I am not allowed to use my own lap top. Internet is very cheap and the connection impeccable, I only pay 2.50 euros for one hour !! that is 2 $

  26. Mr. Wonderful and I listened to "Red Bird Christmas" on audio tape while we traveled. Fannie Flag is the reader and we really enjoyed it. It made the trip go by really fast too.

    Loved your list of possibilities!

  27. ROFL! Well... in reference to number 5 - I am QUITE positive that "accidents" cause PEOPLE on a regular basis!!! hehehe...

    And Pooh says "Bother!" or "Oh Bother!"

  28. ROFL! Well... in reference to number 5 - I am QUITE positive that "accidents" cause PEOPLE on a regular basis!!! hehehe...

    And Pooh says "Bother!" or "Oh Bother!"

  29. Great post! Loved those "possible/impossible" things.
    And the blog comment -ridiculous. Sometimes I don't think some people "reading" other blogs only scan maybe the first two or three lines and then comment on that -which may but often is not the crux of what a particular post is about and then you get comments on your piece that make absolutely no sense at all either.
    BTW - I love the humor you see in most everything. People often think I'm a bit whacky cause I often make fun (usually very sarcastically) about some of the yucky things that happen but heck, if you can't poke fun at things and at least try to find a laugh about stuff, what good is living?

  30. Great list... and I love your quote by Erma!!


  31. I have found myself wondering if the wind moves the leaves or are the leaves moving the wind.

  32. UM...Number 5. Some accidents DO create people**LOL**

  33. You TTs always brighten my day. I love to come back week after week. I totally agree with you about the last bit. I never understood why if people don't like something, they come back. Are they that challenged? If I am looking at a magazine in a store and I don't like what I am reading, I set it down and move on. I don't write notes all over the front of it telling people why I don't like it.

  34. I believe #5 happens quite a lot but it would be impolite of me to detail the various accidents

  35. Haha! What a fabulously funny TT. Thanks for the laugh - your blog always cheers me up. Happy TT!

  36. I love your scarecrows!!We have some cute ones to, that we leave out after Halloween until after Thanksgiving... Have I told you Nancy doesn't have to go back to KU for 3 months! I am so glad.... we live an hour away, and have to drive throuh almost down town KC to get there... Traffic can be something else!! I don't drive it but I know it is hard on Kelly...

    Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  37. Ok,I hit publish instead of preview and I see I didn't spell through the right way!! I hate it when I do that!! I would like to comment on your last deal but I don't think I have time.... but I hate it when people aren't nice to each other! Like you said Just don't go there!!! Ok, Kelly said Supper is Ready!!

  38. i tend to think that there are other life forms out there but maybe they are not necessarily like us or need what we need to survive. and just because we haven't found evidence yet doesn't necessarily mean they don't exist. that's just my opinion anyway.

    i like you TT button. very cute. :)

  39. Great list, and thank you some much for stopping by!

  40. As Thumpers mother said in the movie, Bambi, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Great quote and I live by it.

    I love visiting your blog. You are an inspiration.


  41. Well said. An statement like that is probably out in the mission to hurt because the person herself is not feeling good about herself.