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It's Hootin' Anni's AUTUMN in TEXAS Show N Tell---

If you visit here often enough you'll recall the scarecrow I bought and dressed it up to make it into a witch for the month of Halloween? Well, the 'crow is now donned with the autumn farmer outfit! You see, hubby came up with the idea [actually since he didn't want to get up on the big ladder to store it up in the attic] to redress it for each occasion. I went along with it. This month, he is outfitted in his brown cords and blue flannel shirt with a cowboy hat. Who knows what I'll come up with next month, if at all. Bud may have to get up on that ladder afterall!! Another scarecrow is atop a round pedestal table, to his right. Both are surrounded by fall colors/flowers.

I'm making up for lost time. In Colorado, one of my favorite stores was Hobby Lobby. In Tucson, all we had was Michael's, and comparing the two, I really like Hobby Lobby better. Now that we're living in Texas....there are Hobby Lobby Stores for me again!! This is the newest scarecrow to grace our home!! The store is a treasure trove of seasonal decorations!! It even has a straw pigtail of hair jutting from the hat. And she's holding a bouquet of sunflowers. And it's quite small, she can easily fit into the palm of my hand. Well, maybe my hand is large...either case, she's adorable and I couldn't resist taking her home with me.

To the right is a small bale of straw with a couple of tiny pumpkins atop a round legged table. To the left are our football banks [these are used for quarters if there is an interception while watching a game....more if the interception is run for a touchdown]. Autumn season and football go hand in hand at our home.

To the left is a pumpkin pie scented candle amidst an orange colored string of beads [the beads were originally used for Christmas, and red at one time ---the sunlight in our home made them discolor, to orange], and autumn leaves. To the right is two Native American figurines [a 'Brave and his Wife'] atop orange webbing, with a ceramic pumpkin candy dish in the center.

And lastly, the fiber optic scarecrow! He's a leftover from Halloween, but I always keep him up to be part of the Autumn festiveness for us. He's really quite cute with his falling suspender [yes, many-a-times I've tried to pull it up over his shoulder more, but it doesn't budge. Call me obsessive!]

Speaking of shopping and me donned in my clothing with the scarlet letter "S" - for shopaholic:

1] I don't need therapy. I need money.

2] How can I be overdrawn? I still have checks left.

3] Two can live as cheaply as one--for half as long.

4] Dear IRS, Please cancel my subscription.



Which snack do you like to get when you go to the movies?

I love movies!! But, there's a lot to be desired these days, the movies just aren't as well-written OR directed like before, so we wait to buy them --in the long run, they're cheaper, and we get to see them over and over!!
My movie snacks: A big tub of buttered popcorn, a box of Junior Mints, and a small drink.

What year did you start using the internet?

About 12 years ago, that would be 1995.

What is your first name in Pig Latin?

Ootinhay Nniay When I sound this in my head, I'm thinking that maybe I should reside in the pig sty!! Ightray?

Main Course
Name something you are picky about.

How my steak is cooked!
It must have all the fat trimmed off!
It must be sizzling hot on the outside, with grill marks charred.
It must be juicy inside but still warm.
It must be a light pink in the center.
It must be Medium Rare.

Fill in the blanks: I ____ ____ yesterday and I ____ ____ today.

Oh my....somewhere in the time span I cleaned a cat litter box, but I can't figure out how to phrase it as we should.

[I really should consider buying these self cleaning litter cat toidies!]

But, instead of hurting my brain cells trying to figure out how to put cleaning cat litter box into two words to fill in the blank spaces, I'll go with this:

I crocheted some yesterday and I will crochet today.


  1. Love the pics :D

    I put up the recipe for Pistachio salad on my blog. :D

  2. I love the fall decorations. I use to decorate for all the seasons when the kids were small and all at home. I have gotten away from it and usually only do the major holidays.......but you have inspired me......I do think I will get back in the swing of it again.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  3. I love your fall decorations! don't let Bud get up on a ladder, those are risky activities!!
    Can't wait to see thescarecrow's Xmas outfit!
    There are no pumpkin pie scented candles over here, so I am deeply inhaling what truly sounds wonderful!!
    I posted my first Show and Tell today, happy Friday!

  4. Your decorations make me fuzzy feelin' inside. I love Fall and all the sweet decor that comes with it !!! Nice and warm and so welcoming. Many blessings,


  5. Lov all your treasures. Thanks for sharing.

    Take care,

  6. Do you KNOW you're a lunatic? Do you knOw that's what I love MOST about you? Okay... as long as we're clear.

    I would NOT recommend those self cleaning litter boxes... I have heard HORROR stories about kitties and them... specially beautiful long haired kitties... DON'T do it!

  7. Happy Feast Day. Didn't know about that cat-litter invention. It looks sort of like a food processor.

  8. Like the scarecrow dressed up like a farmer.

  9. Oh, I wish I could crochet!

  10. What pretty fall decorations you have! Great idea about dressing up Mr. S. Crow. I wonder what he will be for Christmas....Santa?.....Snowman.....a wise man?

    You are too cute!

    :0) Sharon

  11. Thanks for coming by again today. I'm always up bright and early! I hope I can retrain my brain to sleep a little later when I retire in August. YOur decorations are great. I have only a few. But I was in HObby Lobby yesterday and saw their 80% off all Halloween and Thanksgiving things (even though we are two weeks from Thanksgiving yet!) That store is dangerous for me. I love it because it plays such wonderful Christian music and is closed on Sunday!

  12. lol--your feast was awesome this week. So true about your appetizer!! Have a great Friday.

  13. I think my first comment was eaten up with the popcorn and junior mints so I'm reposting. I enjoyed your show and tell and your feast. Have a wonderful weekend....

  14. everything is so cute. your attic must be jam packed with decorations =]

    i love hobby lobby, too. have a great weekend.

  15. You have fabulous fall decorations! Love the scarecrow!



  16. Hey, you should dress up the scarecrow as Santa!

    Very cute decorations. :)

  17. That cat litter box is funny ! I am laying in the sun it's 32 deg C life is wonderful we are the crazy oldies of the hotel !! When I am fat up with the sun I go blogging internet connection is so cheap only 2 euros per hour so I can visit my friends but have to read very quickly, tomorrow I'll write about our daily life !

  18. Anni,

    I love all your decorations. Wish I could get myself going in that direction...just too many things happening to me this fall! Lot's of changes I am having to get used to (computer things) also personal sorrows to deal with.

    ...but I DID manage to write a new , little, winter poem!


  19. Love the photos..happy feast to you...everything you serve are delicious!

  20. Love your fall decorations! I love the idea of leaving the scarecrow out and decorating him for each season.

  21. I am so happy to be able to comment here by you. Have tried many times before but for some reason I was not able to.
    You scare crows is like real little people. They are adorable.
    Making ones home up for a season is foreign to us here. I think it might be a lot of work, and the dusting. But it is so lively!
    I enjoy being able to see your house change every season.

  22. Anni,

    It's been a while since I visited and was glad to get caught up on all the news.

    I love your fall decorations, especially that scarecrow. After Christmas you could dress him for Valentine's Day. I would love to see what you come up with.

    There's a little something for you over on my blog, since you are on my blogroll. I hope you enjoy it.

    I always enjoy my visits here. Thanks for the bright light you bring to your visitors.


  23. Great fall decorations. I like the idea of dressing the scarecrow in differnt garb for each holiday. :)

    I am lazy when it comes to cleaning the liter box. I line the box with an outside garbage bag, and fill it with liter. Then A week later (blush!) I pull it up and throw it away. I don't have to clean it out every day, and the kitty keeps clean.

    I know it probably isn't the best, but I am busy mommy of three children five and under. I have a bird, and I am trying to homeschool. So I take shortcuts. :)

  24. I love your Fall in Texas decorations!

    And I agree with you about most of the current's a rare one that gets me out to the theater!


  25. Lovely decorations! You're so darn ceative :-)

    PRactical cat toilet. I wonder if htey get used to it....

    My fav movie candy is: popcorn.... I'm just crazy about popcorn - and of course: my belly doesn't so I have to avoid it and girl, is that tough! just the smell..... *drooling*

    Welcome over to get some Dom and other mouth watering deli's :-)

  26. Your decorations are all beautiful! Love the idea of the football banks! :)

    Your main course sounds delicious! :)

    Happy happy Friday!!!

  27. Your main course has me wanting a nice big, juicy steak. I like them exactly the way you described.

    Have a good weekend!

    Best -

  28. Love all your fall decor!

  29. Hi Anni :) Your new scarecrow with the pig tail is darling - and are those little brown mary janes she is wearing? Too cute! Blessings, Q

  30. I love your blog, and have seen you all around (blog land of I am so honored you stopped by and left me such a sweet comment. Your Autumn decor. is outstanding and very festive..."can i come by for some apple cyder??"
    xoxo Jeannene

  31. Your fall decorations are very charming! Thanks for sharing!

    And I am as well curious to look at your scarecrow's Christmas outfits!

    Have a great week-end, Annie!

    Best wishes from Germany,

    P.S: And thanks a lot for commenting on MY show & Tell!

  32. Wonderful fall decor, Annie! You are such an enthusiastic, happy and fun person. I really enjoy your blog entries. :o)

    P.S. We're big footballs, too! Our poor Eagles nest to get back in the nest and re-plan their game this season, though, ergh...

  33. Okay, duh on me - we're big football FANS! Not actual balls. ;) Look day, haha!

  34. Great collection of scarecrows.

  35. I was given two awards today and I have given one of them to you my dear friend!! When you can, come on over and pick it up!! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

    I hope the Chiefs can win but you never know!!

  36. Make a Santa out of the scarecrow next month!! hehe I so love all your Autumn're all set for Thanksgiving now:-) How I'd love to be able to cross the border that day just so that I could celebrate Thanksgiving all over again! lol xox

  37. nice collection you have...

    happy friday!

  38. I like your decorations. The scarecrows are cute, I have one with the pigtail too, it sits on a pumpkin with wheels. I had to put my scarecrows away because when I put my turkeys out, it was too much stuff everywhere!


  39. Wonderful fall decor! I just love this time of the year!

  40. Love all of your decorations! I'm getting so excited for the upcoming holidays!! Have a beautiful weekend!!

  41. Enjoying your blog! :o)

    Hmm... Thought of putting a white beard and little red suit on your 'crow for Christmas? LOL

  42. Very pretty! Gives such a welcoming feeling. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Changing your scarecrow's attire for the different season's is a great idea!