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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday 13 below this post--

Last night, I started reading another, different, book. I had just finished [finally!] the "Unmasked" - a novel, of course, about the Phantom of the Opera...with a whole 'nother twist. And it, on the back cover, proclaimed it was an "erotic" version. Well, boy howdy, was it ever!!! I did NOT care for it much at all. I swear, if I hear another 'cock' in my lifetime it'll be all too soon. The book was just 'too trashy' for me....but, I had to finish it; I start something, it goes clear 'til the end, finished [if I'd not finished it, then sometime I would have to pick it up again in case I missed something ya'know?] order to keep from ever having to get the book into my hands again....I completed it. Now I can finally get it out of the house, and trade it in. Carlotta did away with the Count....Erik ended up with Christine...and on and on and so forth. But the language in the text [is that redundant?] was too foul for me.

Okay, so I said above, I started a new book last night. It, I'm sure is going to be sad. We'll see. But, I do like Ms. Flagg's look on life, with humor, and a compassion that I find refreshing. Refreshing after the LAST book I read! For sure, for sure. The Redbird Christmas


Now, I am gonna leave you and get back to my packing!! Ugh!!! Tons and tons of Halloween stuff to put away for another year. Then, I'm gonna get out my simple uncluttered Autumn decorations. *Phew* What a job I get myself into!!


  1. Anni,

    The book you just finished wouldn't be to my liking either. However, "The Redbird Christmas" sounds wonderful. I followed your link and read the information about the book. I'm going to check to see if the local library has it.

    Enjoyed your post, as always. Thanks for commenting on my Halloween postcards. I always enjoy visiting with you.


  2. I love the new look, the purple is just beautiful!!

  3. Ohhhh you're all redecorated again! Very nice! I DO love Fannie Flag too! I haven't read that one - but I have read her others... Fried Green Tomatoes of course... but I actually liked the Whistle Stop one a little better I think! (can't remember the exact title!) LOL! Let us know how this one is!

    I know it's a classic - but I just never cared much for Phantom Of The Opera... don't know why... But I'm positive I would NOT care for that OTHER book you just read!!!

  4. I am thinking you will not be watching the South Carolina Gamecocks this weekend.

  5. Anni, I am out at Karen house on her computer and I was able to see my wonderful CHIEF'S icon!!!!

    I LOVE it!!! I will have to wait until we have the laptop fixed and then I will get on my side bar!!

    I can hardly wait! Of course I want it on my side bar!!!! This is out of this world icon if you are a rabid Chiefs fan! Which I am! I am for the Chiefs when we play good or when we don't!! Thanks You so much!!!!
    I would have left this comment over with the icon but I could not get the comments to open!!!
    Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  6. Red Bird Christmas is heartwarming -- a little sad, but more happy than sad. Just heart warming.

  7. Love your new look. :D

    I hope to sit down and read another book soon.

  8. The good news for me and Debs is that we did not have any decorations to put up.

    I also liked the smut review**LOL**

  9. I really like the new LOOK!