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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

So I go to the grocery store to get a couple of things for the pot of chili I'm making for dinner. The weather today is nippy with a cool breeze and forecasts tell us we're in for a chilly night. When they say "Chilly Night"....I think..."Oh boy, oh boy, time for a big bubbling pot of chili." Chilly=chili, get it? *giggles* I love chili. Well, you say "Just what DOESN'T Anni like?"

I always make the same meal with a bowl of chili, topped with sour cream. Tossed salad, warm chopped crazy bread [onion, jalapeno and cheese - the uncooked bread dough is chopped coarsely with the three ingredients just mixed together by hand and baked as a 'messy' bread. By that I mean no loaf...just plop the dough/mixture on a greased cookie sheet and bake...slicing it in 1" strips when browned and done.] --a delicious simple meal for two! Dessert is simple, most likely a bowl of fresh fruit. Any leftover chili I'll freeze for chili dogs or or a bowl of chili for another night.

With all intentions of making this a quick trip to the store, as I get to the entry, I see all kinds of mums in bloom. Potted. Now, to me they are the epitome of Autumn. And I can't turn away and ignore beautiful, full blooming mums! The crisp looking white dazzles me. I walk around the outdoor display and the pasted sale sign says...

... "Today only, regularly $7.99 priced now $1.99. Well, that sold me. I would have loved to take them all, but I gotta share. hehehehe Besides, we now have a much smaller home and smaller yard than I'm used to having, so quickly we run out of room. A couple of bucks for 6" potted plants. Wow. Aren't they pretty?


And making a quick side trip, the 2nd of three Jack in the Box restaurants opened yesterday. I was ready for those yummy jalapeno cheddar stuffed peppers to take home and munch on while I decide where to put the flowers. Guess what? I have never seen anything like it in my life....but you'd think the opening of this one was some big celebrity concert event! Cops were directing traffic!! Really!!! They were out in the streets directing, AND in the parking cops. Our tax dollars at work!!

The people are like I am. They really needed a Jack in the Box here in town. We down here, don't think OUTSIDE the box, we want MR. BOX!!!


  1. Anni,

    What beautiful mums and the price was certainly right. I would have bought up about five of them.

    That chili looks delicious! I enjoy chili and stew when it's cold out and it is sure cold out today.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always.


  2. The mums are so beautiful!! The price is just great, too!

    We had Chilli for supper last night! I love Chilli! Kelly fixed it and that makes it even better!!

    We love Jack in the Box!! On our way home from our trip we stopped in St Louis and had us a Treat!! It was soooo good!! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  3. They are lovely flowers and what a bargain!
    Never heard of Jack in the Box - but it sounds popular!
    Also I want to join in Fun Monday (great idea) but can't sign up - help?

  4. Well now i am hungry for chilli but think I had better now have that now. I have been sick for two days with the WORST HEADACHE I have ever ever had. I was in bed all day today trying to get over the after effects of it.
    I am glad those prices for the mums were at your house and not mine. Hubby is too because I always have to plant them eventually because i so hate to see them die. GREAT PRICE!!
    Hope you have a good night. SAndy

  5. I am a big fan of crockpots...I love it when other people utilize their excellence:) The chili looks yummy!

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