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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I plugged my phone in where the blender used to be. I called someone. They went "Aaaaahhhh..."


A recent CONDENSED 3-way call -- conversation between our daughter Irene, our son Erik, and myself in 13 lines for Thursday Thirteen

1) IRENE: "Hi mom."
2) IRENE: "Howya feelin'?"
3) ME: "I'm okay....tired, but okay."
4) ME: "Glad to be home where I can relax."
5) IRENE: "Heart ablation, dang, that still freaks me out."
6) IRENE: "I can understand havin' my uterus ablated, my periods last only a day now."
7) IRENE: "But burning the heart........?"
8) ME: ....."Have you started decorating your house for Halloween yet? How are the boys?"
9) IRENE: "Got the decorations up about a week ago, still in September this year." "Cool, huh?" "Dillon is doing great in 6th grade so far. Clint is working and still trying to pick up girls"!!
10) ME: *laughing from me* "In September!? Boy, you have it bad. Wonder where you got that trait?"
11) IRENE: "Ya you wonder, huh?"
12) IRENE: "My van broke down! Gotta take it to the mechanic tomorrow."
13) ME: "What next?" *clicking tongue*

(with that, our son interrupts and says to his sister...."If you'd learn how to drive, your van wouldn't break down!!")

- - -

And from my son, between him and me

1) ME: "Hello"
2) ME: "What's up?"
3) ERIK: "Well, how'd it all go?"
4) ME: "Pretty good! It took longer than I expected."
5) ME: "5 hours, I was hoping it'd be only a couple of hours."
6) ERIK: "But you're doin' good?"
7) ERIK: "How's dad holdin' out?" "Did he get through the ordeal okay?"
8) ME: "Ya, he's okay." "He's a strong fella, you know that!"
9) ME: "Did you and Nancy go to the new Italian restaurant yet?"
10) ERIK: "U-huh." "It was pretty terrific." "Candlelit, romantic." "I paid a lot." "But it was pretty neat." "For both of us!"
11) ME: "Way cool dude!!!"
12) ERIK: "So, you're doin' okay for sure....right?" "Just in time!" "The Houston Marathon is just a few short days from now..." "Think you'd be up to running in the run with me by then?" *silence on his side while I laugh*
13) ME: "Ya, right!" "You keep thinkin' 'Butch', that''s what you're good at".

(in between, our daughter interrupts and says to our son "Mmm-m-m-m-m, I wanna hear more about Nancy and your candlelight dinner!!")


GAME 1 - ROCKIES 4 Phillies 2


D'BACKS 3 Chicago Cubs 1

[my two home teams before moving to Texas]
Go D'Backs....go Rockies!!!!!

Vic Grace from Cariboo Ponderer tagged me today; I've been tagged with my pants down ....

The Rules of this tag:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List ten (10) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eleven people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. These 11 persons would have to tag 12 people
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

=^..^= ~.~.~ =^..^=

The Random Facts About Me:
1) I have three intense fears, Bridges-snakes-deep water.
2) The odor of fresh coffee is divine, I love it! But - I don't drink coffee; don't like the taste.
3) I petted a tiger once. [but never fear, it was on the other side of the zoo cage!]
4) I flew a single engine airplane for about 150 miles; without a license to do so! [my brother's]
5) I don't care for pork.
6) Like Vic --I too was born during the 'blizzard of the century' --winter of 1948-1949! County road plows kept the country road cleaned 'til my birth! [so mom could get to the hospital]
7) ...and the first 6 winters of my life, I spent in the hospital with pneumonia.
8) I love hot fudge banana splits [ONLY hot fudge, no strawberry, pineapple of chocolate toppings; otherwise I won't eat it.]
9) My least favorite color [for clothes] is orange!
10) I like bubble baths - candle light with soft music and a glass of wine while soaking in a warm tub of bubbles!

I don't do tagging, but if you'd like to share ten random facts with us...go ahead! Let me know.

=^..^= ~.~.~ =^..^=


  1. I love it! Great idea for T13! Love how you have decorated for halloween!

  2. You crack me up Hootin anni!

  3. A heart ablation? I've never heard of that. Then again, there's a lot in this world I haven't heard of.

    Happy TT!

  4. Love your Halloween decorations! My T13 is Halloween related this week :-)

  5. You just always crack me up too! Love the halloween decor!

  6. You have been tagged over at my place for "You've been tagged with your pants down meme.

  7. LOL Love the difference in conversation between son and daughter. Great decorations!!

  8. Great 13!! I love your Halloween theme for your blog.

    My 13 is up on
    Working at Home mom

  9. what an original 13! i absolutely love your page. i am a halloween addict myself. my favorite holiday. :)

  10. What a neat idea for Thursday Thirteen.

    I might try that one week.

    Enjoyed! Hope everyone is well!

    Happy TT!

  11. thanks for visiting my blog... I loved your conversations with your kids. I talked to my mom the same way too...gosh! I miss her. God bless

  12. Hi! First time visitng your blog. Love it! I've added it to my RSS feed so I'll remember to stop by again. :)

  13. Can only comment on mother/son conversations, apparently they are all the same over the world, lol !
    The tag meme I did already quite some time ago !

  14. Very creative idea for a TT!!! Heart ablation? discuss :)
    I don't own anything in pink to wear...I guess that's the one color I dislike the most on me!
    happy tt :)

  15. Awesome idea for TT. So this is what I have to look forward to as the kids grow up, huh?

  16. Absolutely love it and love your site. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Happy TT!!

  17. I never thought to leave convos as part of the 13! Awesome idea!

  18. That was great and I love your site. Very festive!!

  19. That was so much fun!! Your TT!! I lol at this!!

    I read your tag post and thought Oh no!! I hope she doesn't tag me!!

    and then I remembered you don't tag and I took a breath again!! This one looked like a lot of tagging to do!! Love you, Carolyn

  20. Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved the seascapes - there is nothing like the power of water.

    Blessings and bliss