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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Before I do my show and tell and my feast, I'd like to share some photos of another beach area...

I like to walk with my bare feet in the shallow tide! In fact I have a duo purpose for this. Of all the equipment and experimental hand held devices, the sand and the sea is the best for ex-foliating the dried, rough, callused heels and the cleansing is beyond anything soap and water and scrubbing can do!!!

Bud and I went for about an hour's walk yesterday morning, mid-morning on Padre Island, between Packery Channel and Bob Hall Pier. The tide hadn't ebbed completely yet, and the wave action [tho nothing compared to Hawaii's surf] was loud and swift. The waves cracked with a bit of thunder. Somewhere out to sea, much farther away than by the shore, there musta been a storm brewing. With this photo, I'm looking into the sun, so the image that is seen way out isn't visible. There were some good surfing waves way out, beyond the sun's reflection.

This little fella is a sandpiper. The beach was very busy with them -but, I had a difficult time even catchin' up with one. As soon as I started toward one, it flit away to a distance it wouldn't even show as a bird at all!! And then, to top it off, some lady was jogging with two dogs ---running loose and chasing the birds. I just love to watch these tho. They're quite comical with their tiny, busy steps!!

And this photo you can see a heron. It was cool to watch to. Just stand back and let nature take its course. It would stand like a statue...not moving a muscle, then, as the wave would come in it'd jump up and 'dive' into the current. I never saw it bring anything up in its mouth tho, it must have been gulping up minnows; I saw a lot of minnows while wading. When I got up closer it flew off toward the pier you see in the distant background. [left center in photo]

[can be enlarged]


...join us over at Kelli's "There is no place like home"!!

When we lived in Tucson, more often than I can count we ended up in Tombstone Arizona. The home of the wild wild west's infamous "Gunfight at the O K Corral". Where legendary Wyatt Earp and his brothers and Doc Holliday shot down the Clanton Brothers near the stables of the corral. It only took seconds to finish, not anything like the cinema shows at all.


The main reason the two of us traveled there was to hit the saloons. Yes --we loved the saloons. The two we'd patronize knew us by name. *shaking head up and down* Yep, we visited often. All four seasons! We'd have several icy beers and most times consume our lunches there also. The lunches were at Big Nose Kate's [it too is a very famous establishment]---Anyway, I digress.

We also visited the specialty shop a few times while walking along the boardwalk. The proprietor carried and sold one of a kind, original, Kachina Dolls. They're great works of art. The dolls were signed and numbered by the artists. Most of the time she carried Zuni Kachinas, but hubby and I appreciated the more intricate work of the Hopi Indians. And, they're very expensive. Something we retirees could not afford to make much of a collection because of the prices you'd pay for them. Small ones would range from $150 up. Large ones would start in the $500.00 range often going into $1000.00's--if they were original and one of a kind pieces.

This one is Hopi. It's entitled Wolf Man. These Kachina Dolls are considered very sacred in the Native American culture. They would represent spiritual and worshiped beings. The 'beings' more than likely were represented by animals. Such as this one. The wolf. They're hand carved. 90% of the pieces were made of cottonwood wood. Soft, pliable and more porous than the hard woods such as Mesquite and Arizona Sycamore wood. Usually, they're 'decorated' and dressed in animal furs and feathers. This wolf here is finished in black bear fur. The bow is actual willow along with deer sinew for the string on the bow. I fell in love with this one on sight. It was our very first piece purchased.

And what sold me that day after we'd finished our lunch and stopped in to view the Native American art work, was this.... The fact that the wolf's "mask" was removable and hidden underneath the mask revealed an Indian Brave, painted for battle of the hunt!! The moccasins are sun bleached deer hide. Very soft, and [for the lack of a better word] elegant to the touch. The ears tongue and teeth, along with the eyes are all of the same, one complete piece ---hollowed out to fit over the man's head!! It's an amazing art. The Native American work always astounds me. And their patience to do such intricate, delicate work. I had to buy this one.




On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?

For me? My birthday is just another day. There really hasn't been that much difference in any ordinary day comparing it to my birthday. I don't do cake, I don't need gifts. I have everything I need with me ---hubby. That's all that counts!! BUT!!!! I look forward to EACH and EVERY DAY---so it'd still be a ten.

What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?

I've never like the sound of the word: Sabotage. It's evil sounding and could possibly BE evil. The over-used "F" word is vile too. [now that I think about it evil; the anagram of evil is vile....hmmmmm]

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?

Only when it's sunny. They're prescription lens, and gold. Wire. Like John Lennon style. I've had three 'funky' pair that are non prescription that I wear on 3 special days. I have one that the lenses are green...shaped like clovers. [St. Pat's Day], I have one that the lenses are red...shaped like hearts. [St. Valentine's Day] and I ONCE had a pair of orange lensed glasses and pumpkin shaped [they broke...and they were worn on Halloween].

Main Course

If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?

Probably my cats.

"To my furvorite family ---You give me paws for thought"

Name a beverage that you enjoy.

Water!!! With lemon. It's the best.


Game 2
COLORADO ROCKIES -10 Phillies -5


[keep doing what you're doing home teams! Luvya!!]


  1. I had to skip straight to the feast this morning Anni! Gotta get to work! I'll be back to read the rest later...

    Love your SOUP!!! Good job! I had a good one too -- but I thought that was a really HARD question!

  2. Hope your surgery was painless! Great feast, I loved the beach shots, makes me wish I was back on my Holiday.

  3. We spent some time in Arizona in 2004 and enjoyed visiting Tombstone!!

  4. Hi Anni! I like your nice Halloween theme.

    Thanks for sharing those photos of the beach. I agree, the sea can give you a very good foot spa.

    Those are interesting dolls. Each one must hold a special meaning.

    Thanks for sharing your feast. I like birthdays because I get to spend time with many relatives and friends but I'm not keen about getting another year older.

  5. what a lovely walk you must have had at the beach! the doll looks interesting! I wouldn't have thought that the wolf head was an actual mask! cool!
    love your salad ... a pair for different occasions!
    water with melon sounds real good just about now... :)
    great feast!

  6. Man--it always takes me forever to figure out how to make a a comment on your blog!!!! You need to make that easier to figure out!!! Loved the beach pics--we live about 20 minutes from the beach and only go there about once a year. I've been saying to my husband we need to take a walk sooooon--now I really want to go!! (Guess your procedure went well since you seem to be alive and kicking!)

  7. Love the pictures of the beach. I miss visiting the ocean...will have to visit my parent's beach house soon. :D Anyway....I have seen those Hopi dolls as I was on the reservation one time. Thank you for sharing.

  8. whooaa, great feast even with a little bit creepy i'll dine with you. salad served..thanks for visiting me.
    happy FF!

  9. Good morning , I love your pictures of the beach.. I live 18 miles from the ocean and love the sound of the ocean.... Thanks for visiting my place today.... Your Hopi doll...

  10. Hootin' Anni's,

    I enjoyed my tour of Tombstone.....
    Very interesting......Betty

  11. Thanks for stopping by :)Hope you have a great Friday.

  12. Love your appetizer! Sounds like you and hubby know how to have a good time!! :)

  13. How cool. My husband and I would love to visit tomestone. We also want to go to Deadwood. We have to wait. Small children.. Thank you Annie You always make me laugh. I have kept you in my fav's.

  14. We visited Tombstone when we took a road trip that direction. The gunfight was fun and we enjoyed having a drink in the Saloon.
    Ok we went to more than one Saloon, but it was fun how the towns people dress up.

  15. I'm with ya on the soup. Great feast!

  16. Also - love the kachina dolls! I'd like to start a collection myself, but they can be expensive, and there's nowhere around here that you can buy them.

  17. Your blog is absolutely adorable!! I loved your feast and can so agree with your soup.

    Have a great weekend.

    Oh, and I loved those pics! They are gorgeous!!

  18. Great feast! I agree with your soup :)

  19. Your kitchen witch is wonderful
    The beach pix made me smile
    The "f word" doesn't bother me
    But I agree evil is vile

  20. I loved your feast today! Your halloween theme is super-duper and the beach pictures are lovely. Thanks for brightening up my day :-)

  21. loved your photos!! We live about 30 miles away from Tombstone. Wonderful feast--have a great weekend.

  22. LOL on the dedication!

    Great feast and nice beach shots! I love the beach.

  23. My feet need a good pedicure, wish I could go walk along the ocean:-) Such beautiful pictures! Oh Anni, I so enjoyed learning about those dolls and seeing the ones you very fascinating!! If I ever make it to Arizona, Tombstone is certainly a place I would LOVE to visit...I love cowboy movies! lol Wonderful feast as well:-) xox

  24. That is a beautiful Kachina! The removable mask is unique.

  25. water with lemon is great! Happy Friday!

  26. Great feast! I loved your main feast. The pictures of the beach are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend.

  27. I love water!

    Go Rockies...for now! (Red Sox overall...hehehe)

  28. Very interesting show and tell. Thanks for telling us the story behind the dolls.

  29. Love the Show and Tell! The dolls are so interesting and I love the work on them.

  30. Oh, I love your main course. I might have to borrow it for my next book!

  31. That dedication for your book is a hoot annie!

  32. Hi Anni :) Thanks for your visit today! I enjoyed the pictures and information you shared. And your book dedication is purrfect! Blessings! Q

  33. Oh, I love the beach pictures!! Wish I were there! How I loved the beach!

    Nancy did so good at the homecomming parade this afternoon!! One of the football boys jumped off the float and ran up to the porch and gave her a big handful of candy!! Another lady came over and said their dentist would flip out if he could see how much candy her kids had caught abd picked up!! She had a whole bunch for Nancy.... Nancy was so happy!!

    Oh yes, before I forget, Kelly did laugh out loud when she read your comment about the computer!!

    You had a great post as always!! love you, Carolyn

  34. A lovely feast and your Halloween theme is wonderful!

    Your Main Course is very creative!
    Your cats must be very inspiring!

    Come feast with me!

  35. Interesting show and tell! We've been to AZ but never there.
    (I had a hard time figuring out where to comment)

  36. Tombstone would surely be an exciting place to visit... I love history... cool post.


  37. I've never seen a doll like that! Isn't it interesting how cinema makes a 10-second event and turns it into a two-hour movie?

  38. Anonymous10/05/2007

    Love your feast!
    Thanks for visiting.

  39. Gorgeous pictures - and did I tell you I love your blog's theme?!

  40. It's taking me forever to get to all the show and tell entries, so I apologize for the lateness. When we first moved to NM, I was enthralled by the kachina dolls, and especially the Storyteller dolls, but like you, I found them a little to expensive to collect. Glad you were able to get at least one, though! And it's a cool one!