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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

3 down and only 1 to go---

This last one hubby framed, and now up on the wall, for me is of the legendary "Tom Horn" portrayed by Steve McQueen in movies. [It's acutally supposed to be Steve, as you can see by clicking on the link to compare the same image I drew --kinda sorta---the small newspaper clipping of him that I've had for years, saved, as Tom Horn is the added feature on the frame, surrounded by a miniature lasso]

The last one for hubby to frame is my sketch from my portfolio ---it was drawn in 1983!! [I have a lot of pictures I've drawn over the years]-- that will be placed next to Butch and Sundance, an indian portrait. One of my favorites. Dunno when he's gonna begin on that frame as he has arthritis in his fingers so bad, his hands ache something fierce now....he needs to take a break from it all.

A friend asked me the dimensions of my drawings. They're done on a sketch pad --16"x20" Then matted [I've purchased the identical matte for all four sketches to go with the 'identical' frames being made] There are small sections of 'black' behind the brown matte ---they are all going to be different in shape to make them more individualistic. The frames themselves are from the old fence we tore down from our yard when we had a new section put up---sanded smooth, dog-ears cut off, and left unfinished for the 'rustic' effect. All in all, the measurements are approximately 24" x 30".

When the frames are completed, I add another effect....the one with Chief Dan George has a Native American Dream Catcher, small in size with black leather, feathers, trade beads and a bleached skull. The one with Tom Horn has a miniature lasso made from Jute framing the newspaper clipping. The one with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid has the added touch of a spur, rusted with the original leather strap. For the last one not completed yet, it's of an indian portrait --I may add a Native American feather swag...I'm not sure yet. But it will be Native American somehow.

Read about the REAL Tom Horn

I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose

I don't know what this stomach bug that I've contracted is, but it's annoying. I once again felt pretty good yesterday afternoon, now it's back. I want it to go away.....I don't like the feeling!!!


  1. Ohhhh there is SO much of that virus going around! People at church have been dropping like flies! I'm so glad I haven't gotten it...yet! I sure hope you feel better soon! (for some it's been lasting a week or more...)

    The pictures are looking great! I like the little "touches" on the side of each one.

    Dennis and I both CRACKED UP over your coke joke! Toooooo funny!

  2. Please tell your husband for me that I think he's done a magnificent job on the frames, I just love them! Each one with the special little extra is perfect for each drawing! Oh dear, I do hope you start to feel better soon! So many viruses going around right now. xox

  3. What lovely pictures and how well framed - so personal and so very artistic - thanks for sharing and good luck with the last one!

  4. My brain is a little fuzzy tonight,I deleted my last comment, because I thought I was on another blog site and was talking to a different person.Sorry about that.......
    Hope you feel better soon...stay in the bed under the covers and drink a hot cup of tea... Baba

  5. The frames are beautiful ! Arthritis is something very painful, Mr. Gattino has it sometimes in his elbows. Fortunately I have been safed from it so far ! I love your drawings and also the subject, had always a feable for american natives, lol ! (with or without feathers)

  6. I would love to see more of your drawings. Many years ago I liked to sketch in pencil and charcoal, but it seems I had more time on my hands then.
    My grandson is Cree..he's a beautiful Indian boy. One day I will post his picture. Very soulfull eyes.
    I love the I'll have to tell my sons for sure.