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....and the gown pageant begins.
[speaker volume]

Captain Lifecruiser is celebrating the cyber cruise this evening with a special and elegant ball.

I love ballroom dancing. Especially the waltz. The music, the dancing, the dining, the moonlit night will be most enjoyable. I'll be sure to drag have hubby out on the ship's deck and leave the doors open so we can dance in the beauty of the night with the moonglow and the stars and beautiful scenery just on shore---

...tho the ballroom is elegantly lighted and the confetti flows with the dancers as if stardust!

The other day, our shopping day, I chose my silver heels and a small pearled handbag, along with my cultured pearl earrings and single strand necklace. Read about it here.

After having an elegant luncheon to rest my sore feet from walking and shopping and toting shopping bags, I went faithfully into a small boutique that specialized in small framed, but well....I gotta say it, bodies that aren't in the youthful shape of days before having children and age.

I tried on several. Blue chiffon, a striking red gown that would knock the socks off any guy who dares to step on the ballroom floor. But both made me just not look 'right'. And since I spent yesterday, tanning at the beach instead of going to the spa...I was a bit 'red' in the skin. So red, thankfully I didn't buy it, would have made me look like a beet!! And of course the blue would just not be right. I chose a white gown. I'm really not much on white for me personally, but it's Spring and the nightlights and the moonglow would enhance the chiffon and just make me feel all sparkly and ready to dance the night away, after dining on the infamous ship's cuisine for the evening. And with the over abundance of sunbathing, yesterday afternoon and even this morning I've been quite queasy in the stomach ---so have taken it easy all day and napped, hoping I can make it through the night!!!

The gown is an Ivory Pageant Dress. More a quinceanera gown. Quinceanera is most oftentimes worn by young girls of the Spanish traditonal 'coming out' celebrations. What the heck....I have felt "young at heart" all during this fabulous cruise. And since I don't go to many ballrooms nor can I ever talk hubby into taking up ballroom dancing except this one time.......I am, in a sorts "coming out". In the gown I feel like a debutante. Oh and, hubby is in the background....hiding. He's embarrassed to be seen in a 'monkey suit' ---the tuxedo I bought him!!

My special ballgown is ivory white chiffon, with handmade lace accenting. Three satin roses lie on the left hip with ivory satin accent roping. The bodice is gathered for a bit of fullness on the breast [of which I lack the grande size anyway] ---and the gown has the tiered, layered effect to the floor with a flowing train. $680.00[USA]

<><><>Hubby makes a special request from the band....As we step out on the ship's deck, from the ballroom comes the soft melody of my favorite romantic song...."It musta been Moonglow"!!! Oh how we danced!!<><><>

It must have been Moonglow,
Way up in the blue,
It must have been Moonglow,
That led me straight to you

I still hear you sayin'
Dear one hold me fast,
And I start to prayin'
Oh Lord, please let this last,
We seem to float right through the air,
Heavenly songs seem to come from everywhere,
And now when there's Moonglow,
Way up in the blue,
I always remember,
That Moonglow gave me you
That Moonglow gave me you

We seem to float right through the air,
Heavenly songs seemed to come from everywhere,
And now when there's Moonglow
Way up in the blue,
I always remember,
That Moonglow gave me you,
That Moonglow gave me you,
That Moonglow gave me you

....and after dancing the night away---
To remember this cruise, I will stop by the many gift shops on board and find something to take home with me, back in Texas I will have this wonderful music box---it plays "Moonglow". Okay, so I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to souvenirs!! What can I say?

It's been one of the most memorable cyber cruises I've attended. Thanks to the Captain for making it all possible.

*bows to our captain and claps heard all over the ship*


  1. Anni what would I do without you ! First I followed your unsaid advise and put the Ball post now on the top (it's 6 pm now here) so it's easier to find. But then I can't find that new country "Eurpoean" that I have invented without knowing it ! Where the heck is it ? (on my blog ?)
    Your ball rooms and ambiance is very romantic ! I think my Elvis and Madonna or the DJ don't really fit in there, lol !
    Your dress is beautiful ! You should wear it more often ! it would be ideal for mowing the lawn ! Arthur would have stepped already on your dress ! I am really curious now, how all our other friends dress for the evening !

  2. He, he I found "Eurpoean" it was you the creator ! I hadn't even noticed it when I read your comment !

  3. ***To Gattina: Ya!! I just left your comment box telling you that it was I who mistyped.

    Great Minds think alike you know!!***

  4. Oh, what a romantic ball you have!

    You're soooo beautiful so I bet all the gentlemens on this ship will have a fight over you - notice I said gentlemen and not cats, we'll not have any cat fight over here ;-)

    Don't forget to have a lot of glasses with Dom to refresh your throat with :-D


  5. Such a wonderful sounding cyber cruise...the gown you finally chose is perfect! hehe Makes you just want to dance the night away:-) xox

  6. Hi Hootin Annie:
    You have such a lovely blog! Thank you for stopping by my Friday feast. Much appreciated. :o)
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Oh, Anni!

    I love...
    ...your pictures
    ...the "frames" (?! Do you say so?)
    ...your stunning dress - you look awesome!
    ...your choice of music
    ...the wonderful song
    ...the lovely music box

    ...simply everything!

    Being the romantic person that I am you touched my heart =)

    Thank you, Anni!

  8. Niiiiiiiice! And don't you clean up good?! Bud looks like he's really enjoying the evening too! ;)

  9. You look wonderful Anni! (And your husband looks pretty good too!)

    I am so fascinated by all the ships decor that you have shared here so well. I really should open my eyes more when I walk around this thing ;)

  10. You look absolutely divine! Ahh, the music is so nice. How romantic! :)

  11. Just want you to know I've been here. Sorry I could not join you but glad you had a great ball.
    This post was so cute and lovely - thanks for sharing:-)