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Gotta Get Out of 'Dis Place!!

"Don't look now, dear,
But your rumble seat is showing..."
Lyrics from Sunday Driving
by Jerry Lewis, 1956

I've been cooped up at home way too long. I'm used to getting out, walking!!   Still, we sit in the broiler of USA - heat advisories each day, and even too hot to walk before daybreak. So, I just hadda get out of the house! I took a drive around town, here and there, and picked up some sights ---

Dunno, actually. Is this considered a kayak?

A crab at Packery Channel - An oil car on the long, long, long, train by the Oil Refineries

Black Angus Cattle on a hillside

Along the road by Bird Basin inside the National Seashore Federal Park.  A dune at the distance, then zooming in on it!

Under the Corpus Christi/Portland Texas Causeway - and Corpus's Skyline from the park road.

A cargo [or tanker] ship heading out to the Gulf in the far background and a park lake

Some Park trees and hillside along the Park Road.

...from the air conditioned car, back home to the air conditioned house.  It will be awfully nice to once again have the doors and windows open with a 'drier' sea breeze flowing in.  About two more months, then maybe!!!  Ya, I know, I complain a lot about the weather, and realize no one made me move down here, but even if I do curse  way too much about it all, it's still better than shoveling snow 6 months out of the year.


  1. The man in the boat is my favorite! Love the colors, and the tattoos.

  2. Hi Anni, I also love the burly man in the canoe. Hope your weather eases a little. We're waiting for spring here in South Africa. Have a great day. Jo

  3. I would take blistering heat over shoveling snow any time.
    Don't know what that is that the guy in the first picture is in but it sure looks like a good way to beat the heat

  4. Hello, I know how you feel being cooped up in the house in the hot humid days. A ride in the car is nice, love the view of the dunes and all the pretty trees. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. I have been complaining about the heat but like you, rather 4 months of heat than cold. hubby loves this stifling heat.. but the other 8 months I love Florida which is like where you are. we are sitting in the middle of TS Emily right now, it is pouring cats and dogs. and our water heater quit , we may have to wait until tomorrow. I love all the sights you wound on your ac ride..... I have not seen a kayak like that one but it makes sense to me

  6. I couldn't live in such heat. I am dreading our heat wave, bringing our temps into the nineties, but you would probably find it to be cool! I'm so glad you were able to get out, though. :-)

  7. Lucky me. Today it was just right to cook and bake even though the sun is out and the morning temp. was only 58°. I think you are being very sensible to only ride in AC car. Your pictures are still interesting and worth the time.

  8. Good to get out. Some really interesting views.

  9. Too hot! Big old tropical storm dumped over our Florida house this morning -- I am glad we are in Oregon. But it is hot here too -- going to be over 100 later this week -- something that rarely happens (at least it didn't used to)..... hope our A/C works. Lots of people in these parts don't have it at all ....

  10. I do a lot of getting out,driving around during the heat of summer. I do not like heat and right now we are having above normal temperatures,30Celcius on most days. I actually am looking forward to the cooler weather and even the snow. You did get some good shots on your drive.

  11. Oh, I complain about the weather, too. I wonder if any of us are ever satisfied? Love those last three shots of trees....

  12. I complain too much also about the weather! It is so hot I melt! You took some interesting pictures. I agree, what a boat lol. The park and skyline was pretty. I can't handle the cold much less feet of snow!

  13. Glad you got out! Love your pics, as usual!

  14. Waves and sailing.Looked so nice.

  15. love all the pics!!! with each one I miss CC area so much more, I miss going around seeing what I can see, the old tree in rockport, the bird trail on oslo, downtown strolling, the sailboat races, everything Timing isnt right or we would already be down there

  16. Nice to meet you! I am visiting from our world party. I'm also an artist, mostly working in fabric these days but love painting, drawing and writing.
    It's been so hot here too, Maryland. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  17. A lovely series of shots.

  18. We have had hot, humid and tons of it is cooler and the windows are open....Glad you got out a bit...Michelle