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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

The Week that Was...

Summer quickly approaches, and that means SWEAT, right? One Kentucky business is starting a new policy: No sweaty money accepted. "Some of them [customers] like to bring me some soggy money," Cindy C said. "They dig deep into their not so-called pockets to bring me some nasty money that we don't want to accept anymore." Management recently placed a sign on the door that says cashiers will no longer be accepting Boob or sock money. ...."from now on the ones who don't [get money from a purse or wallet] will be turned away".
Anni says:
    I don't think this 'seasonal' way of paying for items has anything to do with the unacceptable moneys...Seems to me this little town wants to abolish prostitution and their johns without pointing fingers!! No sweat. Legalize the street walkers, tax 'em like any other working citizen, and voilá...the ladies and johns will proudly carry a satchel...even tho it's still "boob money"!
article online

By the way, this was done all for the humor of it futile attempt at being a stand-up comedian....didn't work well, I guess.

- - -

With Easter being so early this year, my lilies bloomed 'late' in the season. I couldn't resist cutting the blossoms and bringing them indoors.

My favorite 'character droid' in the most recent Star Wars saga is BB8. It reminds me of a soccer ball, but oh so cute. And what a personality! Truly, it lights up my day; but I don't use the alarm. Remember, I'm retired. No need for a wake up call. When I saw this at the store, looking for a BB8 action figure which I didn't find, I had to bring it home to add to my movie themed bedroom!

My outdoor amaryllis are blooming!!

South Texas version of 'snow fall'!!! The Mexican Olive blossoms falling everywhere. [Bud is in the background searching for any bird activity in the park]. And I photographed this area [in the 2nd photo] earlier in the year, with barren it's raining MOSQUITOES in there!!  The city parks and rec have made a canopy/archway on this particular area's pathway.

"My Yoga Classes are Paying Off"!!!
[female golden fronted woodpecker - male black necked stilt]

Walking around Packery Channel Park and I saw this retaining fencing behind the triplet Palm Trees...and in the center, a little bird bath statue.

And lastly, Tule Lake is a spot I rarely frequent 'cause it's by all the oil refineries. But I stopped the other day on the way back home from Polywog Ponds and tho not much bird activity the refineries were operating full 'blast'.  I pushed the recorder button's all High in the SKYwatch...
A couple of still photos here

and if you'd like to view a short video of the exhaust along with the sounds of the area, watch HERE


  1. Been reading your blog but had trouble commenting for some reason. Always enjoy it, the info. and the pictures.

    1. Thanks for the visit Paula, even tho you're having troubles commenting, I appreciate you dropping by.

  2. You make a very valid point about the boob money but can't say that I blame them for not wanting to handle the sweaty money.
    Your alarm clock is cute.

    1. Thing is...sweaty money or not, you DON'T KNOW WHERE THE MONEY HAS BEEN beforehand either.

  3. You just reminded me of how dirty ALL money actually is. I have a wallet and still sometimes my bills are a little soggy after a good hike. :-)

  4. oh my on the noise and smoke on the video. we have two tall things like this not to far from us, but they belong to the power company and puff just like this. we are ruining our world. yucky on the money thing, never thought about it, now i will... i am with you on the legalize prostitution, they do it anyway and what good does it do to put them in jail. love the lily. so beautiful

  5. I'll take all the boob money people don't want to take!
    And my chemical engineer's heart loves your video.

  6. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I am way behind with just about everyone! Just haven't been able to blog like I normally do, and I am not visiting people like I should! First of all, Happy 48th Anniversary! Secondly, lovely lilies and amaryllis! And finally, great blog as always...I don't think I'd want to accept any "boob money" either! :-)