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I'm BACK online for least!!!

Has this been a weekend from H E double L!! Friday, at midnight or there about, I was awakened by the clapping of thunder and the bedroom being lighted up like midday from close lightening. The rain was falling in torrents...the trees were bending when I got out of bed to look out the sounded like hail hitting against the window hurricane shutters. WE HAD A STORM! And a damaging storm at that. The whole city is reeling in clean-up. The city utility crews are clearing out trees that were uprooted and fallen onto streets...power lines are down.

About 1 a.m., the power at our house went out. We were off the grid for most of the day electricity, streets finally receding from flooding. And worst of all...NO INTERNET CABLE for my baby [cpu]. lol

I had been awake since midnight, listening to the water falling from the rooftop and knowing all too well, the back yard would be a virtual lake. At least a muddy mess. It was/is. I was at a loss by 7 a.m. [Today, the backyard water has receded...but now mud ponds!]

By Sunday morning, the power was back on, the internet connection was still a 'no go'. I did my website, very little, over my smartphone. I get kinda twitchy when I can't get online for that long a time. Besides, a larger, desktop keyboard is much easier for me to utilize than a smartphone keyboard and stylus pen. Then, around 8 a.m. on Sunday, the power was off again, the internet still off...I cleaned house a bit, put away St. Patrick's Day stuff and put up a few Easter decorations....scrubbed the kitchen floor. 9 a.m....still no power. I began having some cabin fever, and the skies were clearing nicely so I told Bud "I'm walking to the grocery store". I had to pick up an Rx refill. "That'll give me my 10000 steps for the day without getting wet walking on sidewalks." I left, got my prescription, a couple of bananas, a hoagie sandwich from the deli to split with Bud so we wouldn't have to open the refrigerator, etc. etc. By the time I got back, my step count was nearly 14000 steps and the electricity was back on; the refrigerator was purring again.

About 1 pm this afternoon, the cable modem showed that the cable connection was good to go....I'm online again and happy, tho the connection is still a bit sporadic.

Reported 3 inches of rain in a very short hour, winds clocked at gusts up to 80MPH [category 2 hurricane force I believe...maybe a 1....not sure]; some 20,000 are still without power and some reported losing the roof off homes. City crews are still out and about.

On the plus side, the weather is clearing, staying cooler for a few days AND THE SPRING BREAKERS are leaving today!!! We will again have the islands to ourselves [us locals!]. Yipee. A birdin' I will go....Hi ho the derry-o, a birdin' I will go!!!!

image sources from news channel website AND local newspaper.


  1. Ahh, I know what you mean about spring breakers! For this whole week I didn't go to my favorite haunts after my failed beginning of the week visits..All of my favorite beach spots and parks were extremely crowded..On a normal weekday I have them pretty much to myself :-) We were expecting the storms that you got,the flooding rains and hail in our neck of the woods.. The storms came as promised and people within several miles of me had house and car damage from hail..There were several high water rescues in the Houston Metro..But the little neighborhood where I live, by the bay, must have been in a sweet spot..No power loss, no hail, very little rain....

  2. Glad you weathered the storm fairly well! I know what you mean about having no internet....I am lost without it!

  3. We had storms to, just not to the degree you did. Hail did a lot of damage on the West side of town, Thankful no severe damage at my house. You just feel lost without your computer. I do believe we might be addicted.

  4. I'm glad you got past this freak storm. It must have been a horrible experience. I hope power is permanently restored!

  5. What a storm - glad you're connected again. I remember all your flowers were blooming. I hope they haven't floated away! Stay warm and dry and safe. Our town is still full of breakers!

  6. You weathered the storm with your spirits high and even walked to pick up your prescription, a sandwich, etc. Stay dry friend.

  7. That sounds like a vicious storm.I know how you feel without internet.I feel so lost without that connection.

  8. Wow - what a storm! Glad you are ok and your internet is back! I had trouble with it last week, and was lost.

  9. Now that was a storm! I am glad you are now getting back to some semblance of normal. Last August we were without power for more than two days, so I went downtown and used the wifi in my food coop. It was quite a scene, but at least it wasn't in the middle of winter when we needed heat we didn't have. :-)

  10. The storms missed us and I am so grateful! We are in Irving just east of the airport. Fort Worth, on the other hand, had a LOT of damage including animals and birds killed and injured at the Fort Worth Zoo! Hail was so heavy it had to be shoveled like snow from the entrance!
    We lost our gazebo last week to a portion of our elm tree falling on it - no storm or even wind involved!!! I am just grateful we weren't hit by the hail while all of our 'stuff' is still out there unprotected!
    Glad to hear you are okay, no damages and back on line.
    Spring break is a nightmare for y'all!!! I never go anywhere during Spring Break time!!

  11. Sorry to hear about the storm, but, oh, so glad you are okay. Hoping this week will be better!

  12. oh wow, scary stuff with all that damage. I'm the same way when I'm cut off from my internet. I wonder how I ever got along without it before it came along

  13. Hello, I am glad you weathered the storm with no horrible damage. That overturned truck looks bad. I hate to lose my internet connection and power. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  14. we saw some of your storm on TV and i am glad you are back on line and safe and sound. winds and rain like that keep me up at night to. bob sleeps through whatever happens unless i wake him up on purpose. that is a lot of rain for an hour and wow on the wind speeds. we are having 40 mph gusts now and that is high enough for me.. it also is keep the other retiree IN the house. being without internet is as bad as being without power. welcome back

  15. Yay! Get out there and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. I'm sure you were swamped with the Spring Breakers at the beach. Sorry for the bad weather. We had rain, small hail, and it was only 30 this morning at 7.