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Weedin' Out Things...

This post is more an eclectic piece of randomosity. I'm weeding things out on the computer folders again. I don't upload them to any free online photo storage. But when I get too many, I'll clean out the folders then burn the remaining photos onto a disk. This post will be an array of photos that have no connection or specific themed meaning. Many sided, diversified, mingled and making no sense to anything. Just photos.

First off, I did receive my book, Ripper's Wife, a few weeks ago. From the author, and autographed. I haven't read it as yet, since I began reading a book Bud got for me on one of my favorite literary geniuses...Mark Twain. It's another historical novel based on the diary of Samuel Clemmens' secretary...titled: "Twain's End". I've almost completed it. A good read. I've learned from this work that he not only was a bit egotistical, but his family was quite dysfunctional. Mr. Twain, according to the supposedly factual events written into the novel, was a bit of a lady's man. Even tho married to wife Livy. Hmmmm. Anyway, newly received book, Ripper's Wife...and reading the novel, Twain's End, which I'm enjoying very much.  The author of the Twain book is the same that published Mrs. Poe...a national bestseller..

Secondly, attempting to walk my 10,000 steps the other day [my phone app's step count applauded me at the end of my walk at 10,773 steps!], Bud and I followed the trail at Charlie's Pasture on Mustang Island. It covers the salt flats and is for the most part a good birding area 90% of the times we visit. While returning to the pavilion and where the northwest trail begins, there was a bit of awesomeness occurring along Lydia Ann Ship Channel [Port A's/Corpus Christi channel to the Gulf of Mexico]!! Neither of us actually knows what these are used for, but our guess is it has something to do with natural gas or oil platforms out at sea. The huge barge was being towed by a tug boat [and guided by two others along side and behind]. And its 'cargo' was two massive hollow pipes. [What other kind of pipes are there, Anni? ALL pipes are hollow!!!] But the massive length of the pipes is what astounded us! Surely more than 500-600 feet long. And then, while the tug boat was guiding it through the channel, another ship, an oil tanker 'slid' by ever so slowly beside it heading into the port. In case you're interested, the port facility of Corpus Christi ranks number eight in total tonnage in the nation. Okay, got that bit of info typed up, now to the photos of the ship/barge passing. In order to show the length, I set the camera on panoramic view for a couple of photo ops...

Most of the previous week, the heat was on!! Air thick with humidity...two storms brewing - one in the Caribbean Sea and another off the Yucatan Peninsula of Old Mexico. Those storms, tho a bit mild comparing them to hurricane force, brought us tons of the form of heavy, flooding rains on overly saturated ground. Saturday was the rainy, cloudy, gloomy day. A good day for doing laundry and baking. I had some leftover applesauce that needed to be used; a new recipe I found on page 38 in monthly issue, My Texas Life, of our Texas Chain Grocery Stores, HEB.  And they're delicious.  Not over-powering sweet with sugar, very moist, and a delicious hint of cinnamon.  [I added walnuts to the recipe, and instead of the 'bread' it should be, I used cupcake papers for less clean-up and shorter cooking time.]

Tasty!! One recipe I'll use again and again!

As I brought out some Autumn/Seasonal decor for the house, I packed away my Halloween stuff. Of course the curiosity of our Tahoe, with the plastic bags I cover the witches with before boxing them up, she had to crawl in to investigate and took a 'cat nap'.

...of course, Winston, being the male cat that he is, slept through all the ruckus. On my shoe!!

The rest of the week, when not out walking, birding, baking and such, I continued working on the two rooms of the master bathroom area.  All the paper is ripped down, the sizing/glue is removed and all that's left before ordering my choice of wall paint in the color of the new bedding ensemble, I will hand sand some particularly rough areas and begin with the finishing touches!!!  Yay.  I can then move on to the master bedroom.  Note to myself...look for new lampshades for nightstand lights!!!


  1. this was a great post, enjoyed all the pictures, love you my friend.

  2. Hello Anni, sweet kitties! Wow, 10,773 steps is awesome. You are doing great! The muffins look delicious! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. A great post as always, Anni!! I do love the kitties and now I want a muffin!!! I may have to do some baking today!! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!

  4. I enjoy radomosity. That pipe is unbelievable. It's huge

  5. Hmm, your pipes or tubes or whatever are intriguing me. They are not distillation columns, they are not for use on a pipeline. I wonder if they are legs for a jackup drilling rig. You need to get on this! It is your journalistic duty as an official blogger.

  6. The muffins look very moist which I like. Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. You've been busy - good for you! The muffins look good!

  8. Like your beautiful cats.

  9. Those muffin looks so good...Coffee is on

  10. I will be checking into The Ripper's Wife. I also need to do some weeding, sigh.

  11. I will also take a look at this book. Thanks! :-)

  12. Hi Anni,

    Loved your book review and will be looking up "Twain's End." Mrs. Poe and also The Ripper's Wife. They all sound like good reading and you know me, I'm always ready for a good book.

    Beautiful photos, as always.

    Hope you and Bud are both well.

  13. Anni what a fun, informative and tasty post. OMCs those are some looooooooooooong pipes. Just amazing the size and the ship looks dwarfed talk about the little engine. When we were on vacation took two different ferries one 2.5 hours one 1 hour. We were on a tour coach. I was truly amazed at the weight those ferries handled. Our coach was huge and on the other side of the ferry there was a RV then all the cars.
    Madi says hi to Winnie and Tahoe
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. The loooooooongest pipes I've ever seen. Thanks for the information. I really enjoyed this post and the photos.

  15. Goodness, you do stay busy, Anni, and I admire you for getting in exercise! I have a week left before my right shoulder replacement surgery. Turns out, besides "severe arthritis," I have a torn biceps tendon and a torn rotator cuff so the procedure will be more extensive than that done on my left shoulder a couple of years ago. My five month India stay this time was quite uncomfortable - even with those wonderful $7 an hour massages.

    Had a great 50 year nursing school reunion in New Orleans on my return and have been enjoying the cool San Fran temperatures now.

    Are those long pipes used by the oil industry?