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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

How Do You Spell RELIEF? ---

I spell it:  D O N E....

From the get go, I must say the photos are not color correct. I didn't take time to really get 'good' photos from my cellphone. But they still show the before and after. To be honest, I was so glad to have this master bedroom/bath area done, I really didn't care HOW the photos turned out. LOL This was an ongoing project that took way too long and too many struggles and pitfalls along the way, including one erroneous mixture of color for one of the gallons of paint...of which it didn't show up until it was DRY. So that one large wall had to be repainted after a 2nd coat was put on. In other words, one gallon wasn't the correct shade...the difference showed only AFTER it was dry. By then it was too late, and most of that gallon was used up so no returns...besides, how could I prove it was the wrong color? I had to get another gallon mixed of the CORRECT color and repaint that wall a 3rd and 4th time!!!  At the time, I was so pissed. The company has been sent an email along with the sales clerk's name who mixed the paint.  After a day of sulking, grumbling, and wanting to tear my hair out, I calmed down a bit ...then, I also added to the email that I didn't want him to lose his job....just make sure he is aware of the BASE number and grab the correct ones needed at ALL times..

Here goes. Before:

Then....After [including the new addition of a couple of shelves for books atop the plain headboard]:

Also, when it rains it POURS...literally.  While in the midst of all this fiasco, the hot water tank sprung a leak on the bottom...water, water everywhere!!!  Waiting for that to be replaced today some time, I hope.

...and now that it's done, if I ever see another paintbrush, it'll be TOO soon.  I can say, the interior of the entire house is redone---it's ready for holiday time, and a couple of week's worth of company in December.  Just in the nick of time too.  December is fast approaching.