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I Have a Challenge for Y'all aka MISSION imPOSSIBLE

'Nother rainy day here in Bedrock. I am awaiting a return call from my cardiologist office in regards to a Rx question I had. My cardiologist is off for the week [he's probably on the beaches right now checking out the bikini-clad gals. Heck, he may even be checking out the Speedos?!! --kidding of course] Anyway I await a return call. It's nothing earth shattering important, so if the call doesn't come in today, that's okay. I know I'm not the only patient.

So, Bud and I checked out the new facility for birding enthusiasts that is being built from a city Bond Issue. I think it's supposed to be completed this year, but not sure on that. Anyway, Sunday morning, before the sky became gray again, we took a short walk. There was a slight chill in the breeze, but nothing bone-chilling. When we arrived, we 'sneaked' in to the unfinished area, and the paved parking was barricaded, but it was a Sunday; no workers!!  We then  left the car with our binoculars and me with my trusty Nikon in hand...and walked the short distance to the new building. By the looks of things, they haven't made much progress since we were there over a month ago [when I posted about the pink Caterpillar]. Of course, it's been so wet, soggy, and muddy, I can understand if the construction is at a stand still...delaying the opening. Oh well.

As we walked the grounds where we were able to walk without sinking in the mire, both of us heard a Bob-White Quail. Of course, being still in the winter-mode for most of the fields surrounding, a quail would be nigh-on to impossible to find. ....we tried tho. Nope. Just the call was heard. I think at one point we got mighty close to it tho, 'cause it became silent for the longest time. Once we headed in another direction, lo and behold, it began "Bob-Whiting" again. Behind, where we had just left. As we approached the back fields between the new facility and the distant subdivision, we found a flock of Sandhill Cranes!!! Before we left the area after watching more fly in, Bud had estimated 100 cranes!! I took pictures.

The wildflowers were gorgeous!! As you can tell from my most recent posts, lately, I LOVE wildflowers.

Okay, so back to today and awaiting the phone call....I grabbed my sketch pad and began drawing. I, long ago, planned on doing the entire NCIS crew. Well, the main ones anyway. Agents Tony DiNozzo, Magee, and Gibbs. Along with the M E - Dr. Mallard, and the Forensic Lab Technician, Abby. I finished "Ducky" ---[for those that don't watch NCIS, "Ducky" is the Medical Examiner, Dr. Mallard].

if you choose to accept it
Can you hear the Mission Impossible Theme Song?

This won't self destruct tho ---

...I took the liberty of moving this section from a previous post here so it won't be lost in the mix of other blog posts... I spotted this "A" for Anni in the scrub-brush, wooded area and thought I'd challenge y'all!! If you have a camera, would you be willing to search high and low for your initial in any natural state - i.e., branch, shadow, water ripples, flower petal, a leaf...anything? For your first name? Like my "A". Can you see it?  The linking tool will close on March 31st!!!

Pass it on to get more involved!!!


  1. I love Ducky and I do declare he has NOT aged since The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    Bravo it is a wonderful likeness.
    I see your A
    Okey dokey I like a challenge...I will make it my mission to find a C and possibly an M
    in Nature. When I do I will post and let you know.
    LOL your cardiologist best pace himself watching bikinis or he might need a dose of his own medicine
    Hugs and We are so glad you are up and out in the beautiful weather.
    Cecilia and Madi

  2. Cool! A for Awesome Anni! I will be looking for my initial, so YES, I accept the challenge. However, it is supposed to rain most of the week. :(

  3. ohhhh i do see it, it's nice and clear and quite large!! i will be looking, for a D!!!

  4. Wow! Its a perfect A.

  5. I'm glad you were able to enjoy this outing. Beautiful pictures, and yes, I see the A. Marvelous job on Ducky! Bob and I are very impressed .

  6. That's a fun challenge. I tried to find the alphabet once this way. I discovered I wasn't very good at it but I'll keep my eyes open for my own A

  7. What a great outing indeed! And a perfect A indeed!! I do hope you're feeling better every day!!

  8. This sounds like fun and I will look!

  9. Hope you had a great time. The picture looks awesome...

  10. I do see the 'A' but I don't think I have ever seen an 'R', but sure going to be on the watch for it now. Just to see if I can possibly find one.

  11. Well, a T probably wouldn't be hard to find....unlike you amazing A!!

    Hope your doctor gets back to you soon. Yes, you are not the only patient, but it IS your heart!! Keep after him!

  12. Great job on the drawing! David McCallum is a great actor, and I've loved watching him as Illya Kuryakin in The Man From Uncle, and also in Colditz.

    I've also watched enough Mission Impossibles to know that no mission is impossible--even finding a "B" in nature. I'm up to the task! :) Fun idea!

  13. That IS Ducky and I know that theme song very well!!! I do see that A and I am going to be looking for an L for me!!!

  14. Anonymous3/17/2015

    Nice drawing - and nice to see you back here.

  15. I love wildflowers too, Anni :)
    Beautiful pictures!
    And you can do portrait, I admire
    you for that :) Looks great!
    Have a beautiful day
    【ツ】Knipsa , looking for a "K" now :D

  16. You draw so well! Glad you are out & about AND that you found an A in nature!

  17. Your "A" is very obvious. I wonderful if I should look for a J or a D. I'll take a look around for both. :-)

  18. so glad to see you posting and I do hope you are doing well... it sounds like you are. yes i do see the A and if i find an S will join you... will look around to see what i see

  19. I'm on a mission, now. :)

  20. Great sketch of Ducky. I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled for that elusive initial.

  21. great sketch. I'm not sure how easy it will be to find an "F" in nature. hope I can get to give it a try.

  22. Hi Anni
    I was about to think the letter C was a freak of nature never to be found but I found one
    and an M. We'll post tomorrow
    Thanks for the challenge
    Cecilia and Madi

  23. Hello Anni!:) Tha'ts a very good drawing, its nice that you are keeping busy in a gentle way.
    The A really stands out, and it will be fun taking up the challenge. I will start looking for a S

  24. Hope the doc gets back to you soon! I hate waiting on them to return calls, it is downright rude sometimes how long they make us wait. I see your A and I will raise you a T as soon as I can find one!

  25. I'm glad you and Bud are outdoors walking again. Usually Cardiologists have a head nurse that answers RX questions. Hope you got a return call. Maybe he's skiing here on my mountain - the rest of the world seems to be here! Gosh, I wish my name started with something besides a "B"!

  26. I see the A! I will surely join in the fun if I see a V.

  27. What a fun idea Anni and yes I can see it. I can't get out much yet. Too much snow cover still to see anything. I am waiting to see the catkins start to bud, but I can't get to the willow yet....Michelle