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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


  • Last week, I mentioned that I learned about an upcoming movie that will 'hit the theaters' in December of this year. A classic, The Great Gatsby. Now I have watched, a few times, the older version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, from the 1970s sometime....and I enjoyed it very much. The mystery, the conning and cunning of Jay Gatsby [Redford]. As I watched the movie trailer for shows a whole new light to the movie from nearly 40 years ago. Of course, back then, violence and sexual content wasn't apropos as is accepted in today's society. This new version looks good too, but a lot more sinister-like. Maybe. Of course it's always through the director's eyes and mind on how a movie is made. I do know it's gonna be one that I will go see at the theater...I need the BIG SCREEN version. LOL I've never read the book, but perhaps after seeing the newer version this winter, I just may have to get a copy and read it.

  • HOOTIN' ANNI'S reached and exceeded the 200,000 views and visitors this week!!! [see sidebar counter view]

  • Rain clouds keep promising some much need moisture in our area again this past month of May...only to fizzle out when the sun comes up. I'd like to see some heavier than normal rainfall, but not to the flooding stages [or tropical storms that turn catastrophic]

  • This book I'm trying to get through [I haven't taken time to read for four days now, and it's high time I make time!!], WORLD WITHOUT END, is excellent. Much better, in my opinion, than the first of the series [two part -this is the sequel] took me about to chapter #9 before the whole scene of Kingsbridge and it's previous story to come back to me; it's been over a year since I read the first of the saga, Pillars of the Earth. Yep, this one, the female lead character, Caris, is much stronger.........I LIKE THAT! hehehehe Note to self: READ!!!

    Mommy's Idea


    1. I read The Great Gatsby long ago...partially because my mom's name is Zelda and I wanted to read about another Zelda...however, my mom is NOT a nut case! Far from it...I also love DeCaprio, so I may watch this one!

    2. I saw the Redford/Farrow Great Gatsby back in the 70's ... don't remember much at all about it. The memory ... she ain't what she used to be. ha! I'm always looking for good books to read ... and I am partial to series ... going to have to check into Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. ;-) Have a great weekend!

    3. I read The Great Gatsby in high school and I swear I can't even remember what it's about but I remember loving it. I may have to see this movie. Didn't know about.

      Happy Friday! :)

    4. I read both of those books years ago and really enjoyed them. Follett has a style that would pull me from page to page. I haven't read or seen the earlier versions of the Great Gatsby, so I might just have to see this one. Leonardo is one of my favorite guys, too. :-)

    5. I remember seeing The Great Gatsby in high school. I'm looking forward to the new version, but hope it can live up to the old one.
      Congrats on reaching that level of visitors!

    6. Having seen the original Great Gatsby at the cinema when it first came out, I remember drooling over Robert Redford but really can't remember much of the story itself! lol I'd like to see it again one day to refresh my memory and then watch the new version.

      Wow, over 200,000 views & visitors...we love you...we really love you! hehe Your blog is always a delight to read and I've learned so many new things through you. May you never stop blogging:-)

      It's only 55F here right now and it's quite overcast. We need rain as well, there are many forest fires going on right now due to everything being so dry. Anni, we're going to have to do a couple of rain dances to get our rain:-) xoxo

    7. Happy Happy Fragmented Friday to you Anni....we have storm clouds a brewin' here too. With high winds predicted this afternoon. Currently the weather pot is humid and quickly brewin' up a storm.
      Hugs Madi and MOm

    8. Congrats on the bloggy accomplishment!

    9. I saw the older movie, too, a long time ago. But I don't remember liking it much. I never read the book either. You will have to do a review after you have seen it. Congratulations on all those reviews, that is amazing!

      1. I'm pretty sure that I saw the movie way back when but I don't remember too much about it.

        To answer your question from my blog about that tabletop fountain. My husband bought it at our local drug store. They sell a lot of gift items there and he thought it would be nice for out on our deck.

      2. definitely is something that some wouldn't like because of the corruption of some people. To be sure.

        Ann...thanks for the 'where to buy'.

    10. We have very sandy soil here, so if it doesn't rain several times each week once it gets hot, then our grass turns to brown crunch.

      So, it seems that I'm ALWAYS hoping for a rain shower.

      Looks like Leo DeCaprio is in the new version of The Great Gatsby.

      I read myself to sleep every night. Of course, SOMETIMES I get a sentence or two read before the book clatters to the floor - - -

      1. Our soil is 99% if no rains come, the ground shrinks and the houses' foundations slip and crack.

    11. Sounds like a good movie.