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Misty morning...Shoreline Shadows

SHADOW QUOTE: "A dream itself is but a shadow."
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, 2.2

...from the many extending gazebos along Shoreline Drive, step in the shadowed alcoves and enjoy the views---

One Sunday morning in the recent weeks, after our going out for an early breakfast at daybreak [a favorite time of day for me], we walked the distance - about two miles along the seawall from the church, in and around where the shrimp boats come in, and then past 'em until we reached the the art museum and arts and cultural complex. As above, I will now show you the 'rest of the story' [mouse over captions on these following images]---

connected to: Shadow Shot2 [linked button at BOTTOM of blog page]

- - -


Well, I learned something new this week. The car's license plates were up for renewal for the year, and we've had the plates for seven years now. In fact, I had the letter/number combination memorized...which is highly unusual...but, that's not what I learned. LOL I renewed them online and paid the fee, only to my surprise a few days later, the mail delivered was a nice long, flat package, instead of the common window sticker with expiration date and VIN/plate number. The package contained new plates. But, I didn't ORDER new plates!! So I went out online to the Texas State Revenue Department and found out that after seven years, it's required you are issued new license plates! Hmmmm. Of all my years owning a car, I've never experienced that before. In Texas, it's a state law. What'll they come up with next? So now I have the newly designed state registration plates [I like the old ones much better --with the Space Shuttle on it] and a whole bunch'a new numbers to memorize. Geez. Oh, and in case you're curious as I was...the reason given is because the plate's reflectiveness fades after so many years. Hmmmmm, I'm thinking...use a better quality of paint? Guess not. Gotta keep those inmates busy to justify the taxpayers' money supporting them. Agree? Only in America. I also learned that there are an estimated 21 million registered vehicles in the state of Texas [with the population of nearly 24 1/2 million, that's nearly a vehicle for every man, woman and child!]...lord love a duck, that's a lotta traffic jams. [90 % of that number just hasta be in Houston...*kidding*]


Bud and I watched online the pilot show and the first two following programs of ALCATRAZ [starring Sam Neill] --whoa. Keeps you in suspense to be sure. Anyone else watching these tv shows on F0X network? From the pilot program, we all know that Sam Neill was a cop back in the 60s, a young rookie, and he is now much older and stashing all the 'live' prisoners from "The Rock" that disappeared long ago as they shut down the prison in '63?!!! Is he a corrupt scientist maybe? I am now hooked...need to continue watching this to find out. Just hope it doesn't turn into a jumbled mess like the long drug-out, LOST© Series from a few years back. It's my understanding that the writers for LOST© are also on the writing team for this new program. You can enlarge this screenshot image I borrowed and cropped to read the synopsis of the TV show; if you're interested. [no infringement intended]

Tuesday was just one gorgeous day. In the high 70s and a perfect morning for walking on the beach. We spent a couple hours walking along the shore - early it was quite foggy, so we were just about the only ones there. In fact the sand on the beach was quite dense and way too soft, so we parked on the access road and walked to the shore instead of parking on the beach. If you've ever been stuck in sand, it's not fun. LOL. I did take the camera along with me and got a few pictures. And on the way home, spotted an osprey high above us on the causeway's lighting system. We then got home and took advantage of the good weather and weeded the back yard, trimmed the roses back [they're getting new Spring growth], Bud trimmed the pyracantha and I cleaned out the winter kill under all the hibiscus. Wednesday, it again was thick with fog in the morning hours [which I love fog]. Thursday and Friday, for a while, I worked on my mini-daffodils and mini-[Dutch] Iris - I planted 22 new Dutch Iris bulbs in amongst the rose bush box. Most of the rest of the week, it was quiet and peaceful --

Of course, Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. The thing I always looked forward to seeing were the new commercials. Yep...big thing for me. And since we probably won't see much of the game this year, unless I can find it streamed, live, online somewhere, I wanted to see a sneak preview of the ads....I'm a Chevy fan [GM more like it], so this one is my favorite I've seen so far. And the suggestive aspect of TWINKIES is a hoot too. The dog strapped in with the seat belt, the song....this one has MY vote for best in 2012: [you may have to 're-click' play button]

License plate samples found on Texas State DOT website
PROJECTED POPULATION 2012 --State of Texas
[with a breakdown of anglo/black/hispanic] found here
Chevy commercial courtesy of Yahoo News [embed iframe]


  1. I absolutely LOVE that very first shot. Wish I was there!

    1. fredamans....come on over!! It was a BEAUTIFUL, balmy morning that day, with the sky so pretty.

  2. a lovely sequence of shots....

  3. Beautiful place and your photos, too.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. Hi Anni...greeting a beautiful sunrise on a full tummy and a lovely walk is the best. I love your pictures.

    I don't know what the expiration date is on NC tags due to wear and tear but there are certainly many in need of new ones.

    My B is looking forward to commercials tomorrow too.
    Hugs and happy weekend.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Shrimp boats in Sibu, my home town comes around 4pm, and housewives in the area fight to get the shrimps to unshell. The rough and tumble will shove and push. My aunt , a teacher's wife couldn't win the fight and end up with only a little. They were paid peanuts. Once she was pushed and fell and dropped the little shrimps she fought and got, the shrimps were stepped on, and she was charged. Mum asked, why bother, there is so little money. Aunt said, otherwise, there is nothing to do any way. Good to earn some pocket money. If I don't turn up to collect the shrimps, they the shrimp boss won't let be come and collect again. Exploitation. Years later, I found a very good friend owned the business. I am going to write a story from this. Thanks for inspiration.

  6. You live in a beautiful area, Anni. My favorite shot is the first photo. Really nice perspective.

    Wow, the shrimp must be absolutely delicious, right off the boat.

    Thanks for stopping by this afternoon. ;-)

  7. Your photographs are lovely - great work!
    Thank you!

  8. Those arches in the first photo make wonderful frames for viewing the boat scene! Such a beautiful world in the early morning light!

    And thanks so much for the shadow quote! It will be added to the SSS2 list and a link to this post will be included!

  9. Always love your photos, Anni, and these today are breathtaking! So peaceful! Interesting about the car license fading! I haven't had a car in some years and it's been a relief not to have to deal with one! Enjoyed your TV reviews, too! Other than the evening news, I never turn the TV on, haven't in years! I always seem to be too busy??? But that's good, too! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


  10. I liked having the captions with the photos. Lovely shots.

    We have to get new plates in AR every so often. I pay extra to support the Game & Fish and in return have a very pretty one. :)

  11. Gorgeous photography! Love the framed shot. Very nice. :)

  12. Ah, Gulf Shrimp is the finest and freshest in the world - to be able to watch the boats come in and have that catch cooked for you by dinnertime is great, I'd like mine grilled or broiled please...That is an impressive marina, and the shots from that gazebo on the end is wonderful! License plates too often (except in California where the plates stay with the car) is a revenue enhancement (ie: additional tax) for most states, so why not more plates than really necessary?

  13. a walk will do wonders for the soul...and you've captured some great photos along the way. interesting about the license plates. i don't think michigan has this cause i've seen some pretty bad plates out there.
    anyway happy sss2.

  14. Great shots these...I loved the framed shot! Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow - I won't be watching the game (hubby hates football...go figure!), so will probably be on the computer, blogging and visiting friends! Have a happy day!

  15. Don't know if I'll be watching the game, but I do find it mind boggling what is spent on commercials during the game.

  16. Such breathtaking photos!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too. :D

  17. wow, lovely photos! love them all :) thanks for the visit :)

  18. Gorgeous! Love your photos, they pull you in, I can feel the breeze!
    Hugs, antonella :-)
    I've linked up this week and have a free printable too!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous!I have to renew my plates this week too.
    Hopefully I don't have to get new plates just the sticker

  20. A nice walk, I can almost smell the ocean.
    As for the new plates, it seems to me that many years ago California did that but it has been a very long time. Back then I think they were changing the format to accommodate all of the new cars. Now, with four numbers and three letters they still have a ways to go before they run out of combinations.

  21. Fantastic early morning shots.

  22. Love your ShadowShots! I see the water theme here again. Strange about the license you say, another way to keep the government and prisoners busy. Stuck in sand once. Hopefully never again. Have a good weekend.

  23. WOW, so wonderful shadowshots, it's a dreaming place, thank's for show ua this!
    Have a nice sunday

  24. 24,5 million in Texas - we have only 5,5 million in Finland, the whole country. :)
    We don't change the plates unless they're broken.
    They stay as long as the car.
    Your morning shots are beautiful. Our morning and day has been sunny but cold -0.399999 F.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. BLOGitse...Houston alone, including surrounding suburbs, is over 6 million!!

  25. Hello Anni girl !
    I have to say this before I forget .. husband is watching the same series too and he said it is good ! .. Great pictures girl and that is neat with the scroll over for information !
    I can understand what you mean about the plates .. although I have had mine for a while I still can't remember what it says other than I requested our provincial flower the trillium on it ! haha

  26. I like that second shot in particular (the gazebo window framing the view)

  27. Beautiful photo shots of beautiful places always makes for WONDERFUL Sunday Shadow Shots. :)

    It is about time for our new plates on our car, too. I never, in all my looong lifetime, have memorized my plate numbers. You are awesome, girl.

    I am cooking as we speak, for treats to take to our annual SB Party at son's house. Can't wait...we always have such a good time.

  28. oops, meant to add that I LOVE your simpler background....your photos are so highlighted.:))

    1. bj...I guess diligence pays off then. Thanks for the compliments. I've worked and worked on a template that will enable the reply embedded form in ALL browsers! So far, so good.

  29. Looks like a good vacation time!

    1. chubsulit....not vacation; this is the city I live in. :o)

  30. love your early morning photos! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  31. Just love your seaside pictures!!!!

  32. These are beautiful..lovely place to live looking at these photos..

  33. Your shadow shots are the waterfowl on the pilings. Reminded me of growing up in south Florida. The license plate law is ridiculous. Why every seven years....crazy. You need to get started memorizing this one. Good luck... genie

  34. i love how you framed the second shot.

  35. Your photos are beautiful!
    which reminds me... you need to come back to The Saturday PhotoHunt.
    Missing you!

  36. Your posts are always awe inspiring.

  37. I love these photos! Well done!

    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  38. Beautiful photos. Thanks for that you share with us. Have a nice week. Greetings from Romania.



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