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Double Petaled Hibiscus
Just outside the guest bedroom
photo taken last week when I was cleaning out the 'Winter-kill' [January 31st]

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studio waterstone

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The only thing I have missed about not having cable television so far is not having to see NCIS reruns on the big screen TV. LOL ...but I can go out online and watch them during the day...oh heck, so, guess what?... Bud and I bought season 8 of all their programs. And we'll continue to look for and get all of the season packages that have ZIVA in them. The women agents/director before Ziva arrived on the cast of characters left a lot to be desired if you want my opinion. They were just more or less 'show case' characters... Neither one of us liked the character Caitlin Todd ---for being an ex-presidential secret service agent, she was really very naive [I know if I were president, I wouldn't have wanted her on my team of protectors]. If you don't agree, just pay more attention to her lines in any of the scripts---"Tony, what is wrong with you?" or MOTORCYCLE RIDER "My bike was stolen, you gotta help me." AGENT CAITLIN TODD "Who stole it?" or AGENT CAITLIN TODD "Look, don't dismiss me like that! Okay? I earned my jockstrap!" AGENT LEROY JETHRO GIBBS "Yeah? Does it ever give that empty feeling?" AGENT CAITLIN TODD "What?" AGENT LEROY JETHRO GIBBS "Your jockstrap." AGENT CAITLIN TODD "No. Like some species of frogs, I grow what I need." --stuff like that.. Ziva, on the other hand, is much more a believable agent. Tough, yet feminine...multilingual, etc. etc., not just a token female cast member...and when she comes across that she doesn't understand, it is more than likely a language barrier. [I loved the episode where Gibbs tells them that Ziva is the weapon!!...that she is] For instance: OFFICER ZIVA DAVID: [picks up a paperclip] "I will kill you 18 different ways with THIS paperclip!" or OFFICER ZIVA DAVID: [Referring to DiNozzo] "Officer Hadar will not harm him. Only two people have the authority to do that." NCIS Director LEON VANCE: "Your father's one. Second?" OFFICER ZIVA DAVID: "Me." And when it comes to the directors....I like Director Vance much better than Jenny Shepherd. At least he acts like a director; Shepherd was more or less given the character of Jethro's ex partner/lover... Blah, blah, blah. This is a suspense drama, not some soap opera flick.

Also, if you're obsessed with NCIS as I am, you may be interested in the characters and how they looked before [when much younger]. CLICK HERE [they don't have McProbie tho for some reason] When I first took a glance at the younger images of the cast, my memory of another comedian [from the mid 1980s] came about....Jim J Bullock. And I had to look for an image for comparison of Tony and Jim J. Do you agree with me that they resemble each other somewhat? Well, maybe a little bit. Then again, on second glance, maybe not. LOL ---

cropped images of Jim J and "Tony" courtesy of Yah00 and H0llyw00d Squares - no infringement intended.

PS...It started raining about 1 a.m. Sunday Morning and kept raining [hard and heavy at times] until about 8 a.m.!!! Yay...I wish it would stay in this weather pattern for about a month. Nice, saturating winter rains and high temperatures back to the normal 60s instead of what it was this past week [tho I liked it] ---in the high 70s to mid 80s.


  1. Of course, you know you chose my very favorite show to chat about today! I totally agree that Ziva is much more an integral part of the show than Kate ever was...the person I really miss is Mike Franks! I always loved him - he was so totally irreverant - always thumbing his nose at the petty bureaucracy! As for Tony and Jim J, you managed to find a photo with the same "attitude" and glasses...but no comparison! I think Tony is MUCH better looking!

    Have a great day!

    1. Linda...oh yes, I agree. I ♥ Tony. And I too liked Mike Franks. It was a shame to have him no longer a frequent guest star.

  2. Hi there - spring already?

    Hope you enjoy the hours on the couch with the DVD!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

    1. Stewart...well, if it doesn't freeze here [seldom happens], hibiscus will bloom about 10 months out of the year. Lucky to live in the Sub-tropics.

  3. Hello Anni - love that Hisbicus shot - beautiful - I am not familiar with NCIS over here but I am going to watch Whitechapel tonight - story line is : detectives in London Whitechapel districy deal with murders that replicate historical crimes - a bit scary but very good - Bye Jane UK

    1. Jane.....oh boy, I am so jealous!! I would LOVE to watch Whitechapel with you tonight. That area of London's history and mystery has always intrigued me. Who do YOU think Jack the Ripper was?

    2. I found it online for free. Gonna have Bud watch it with me; he likes the history of it all too. Hooray. Thanks for the tip.

    3. Your hibiscus is so lovely - i wait for springtime - greetings from germany.

  4. Beautiful hibiscus shot! I'm jealous of your weather. :)
    We like Ziva here too and I agree with you about Tony and Jim J.

  5. Anonymous2/06/2012

    We are both daydreaming about Spring....this is a gorgeous picture of the hibiscus. Thanks for sharing the beauty this morning!

  6. The hibiscus is glorious. I am glad to hear that the iris lives on.

    I hadn't thought of what's her name that way, but I did like her in some of the episodes. I thought the one after she died was very heart rending.

    I"m sure you know that the snow we just got was the largest ever in February - it was more like a typical "spring break" storm - very wet and full of that water we so desperately need. The girls have had so much fun with this one. Snow forts and all, you know.

    Hey, you're the second person today I've seen who has that "reply" feature I've never seen before - I need it!

    Have a great week - sorry I only get here a time or two a week these days!

    1. Dawn...Ya, was feeling pretty good we didn't live in Colorful Colorado this past week. That heavy snow is something we learned to detest over the years. I bet the girls DID have fun with fort building. :o) And don't worry 'bout visiting every day; I know your life is much too busy.

  7. I love NCIS, too. I see the reruns on the USA channel and now I think I've seen pretty much all of the past episodes. It's a great show, and I never liked Kate until I started watching the reruns and I got to be fond of her, but Ziva is MUCH better. I also watch NCIS LA now and enjoy it, too.

    The hibiscus is beautiful and kind of amazing at this time of year. You and I are at opposite latitudes here in the good ol' US of A.

  8. Pretty hibiscus! Spring is coming.
    Enjoy watching Anni!

    Have a wonderful week.

  9. I always enjoy NCIS, and even like the reruns. Can't say that of many other series. I used to have a double hibiscus in front of the house, but ex decided it was too big, so he cut it down. That should have been my first clue.

    1., that last part of your comment is rich. Made me giggle.

  10. Beautiful Hibiscus. Really gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by Joyful Altitude and commenting. God bless.

  11. Morning Anni
    The internet in our area was off this am. I'mtrying to play catch up now.
    Oh me oh my I love, love, love the entire cast on NCSI especially Mr. Harmon. I do not miss an episode...and can get rather testy when it is moved to the wee hours of the night because of NFL. LOL

  12. What a delightful winter surprise ... beautiful color. The drought in Central TX wiped out nearly everything for us ... we surveyed our yard over the weekend, and inventoried what has to be removed.

    Enjoying our mild winter weather ~~

    Visiting from MYM -- Have a happy week!

  13. love the color of that hibiscus - i have an azalea blooming, right now (early, even for florida) that is just that same color. i've yet to capture a good photo of it. yours is lovely!

  14. Wow you have hibiscus already that is awesome Anni. I have to check ours here if buds are getting out I heard some trees are starting to bud, a bit scary we might have frost. ^_^

    Yellow Silk Top

  15. lovely hibiscus. It will take a while still before we get spring.

  16. Beautiful hibiscus and your photo, too.

    Regards and best wishes

  17. Beyond beautiful, love flowers.

  18. That's a beautiful hibiscus, Anni, with a magnificent colour.
    Keep in mind my Floral Friday Fotos meme for when you post such beautiful flower pictures. It's open from Thursday till Thursday (Australian time):

  19. Your hibiscus is just beautiful and full of color.
    We had rain all day on Friday but by 5pm it turned over to a very wet snow.This week is going to feel very cold after such nice temps last week.

  20. Awesome photo! Especially since it is Winter in MA ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  21. Simply beautiful hibiscus! I love watching NCIS too.

    My Mellow Yellow

  22. The Hibiscus bloom is gorgeous.
    NCIS is a great show. I liked Kate but I like Ziva as well and Abby.

  23. Your shoreline shadow pictures below are just stunning!!!!! And a hibiscus blooming this time of the year, this one is so beautiful!!! I think I am the only one on the planet who doesn't watch NCIS!!

  24. Tony made my radar as a wheelchair-bound sidekick to Jesscia Alba (so very hot!! Sorry) in the furturistic Dark Angel...which my wife and I watched zealously. You know its a good show when your wife turns to you and says, "if I were ever gay I would totally be into her." Sorry I haven't been by much recently but I am getting back around!

  25. Oh and we both love NCIS...forgot that part!

  26. you know, that what i wish today, I want spring too bad and enjoy outdoor activities and smell the flowers.

  27. Beautiful shot of your Hibiscus.
    I love watching NCIS too.
    Have a great day.

  28. Gorgeous color and detail of the petals!

    Happy MM

  29. You are talking about spring !! For once we have snow and temperatures below 0 F !!! Awful !
    The Hibiscus flower is beautiful ! I still drink the tea !
    I don't like the NCIS series anymore, they were nice at the beginning and now it's getting boring, that's like the desperate housewives, it has become a desperate soap !

  30. I love the hibiscus! How nice that you get to keep yours outside all year long. We have to drag ours inside to the basement (where we do have nice, fullsized windows) for the winter. We won't be able to bring it back out to the deck until at least May. I can't wait!

  31. The colour of the hibiscus is beautiful, very rich and deep.

  32. The flowers are starting to bloom again! Nice! :)

  33. We called that flower "GUMAMELA" to the country where I came from:)That's pretty!

    Visiting for MYM! Hope you can stop by:)

  34. beautiful flower and beautiful shot too :-) Visiting from MYM, hope that you can return the visit too.


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