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  • It's Friday the 13th!! Beware...those superstitions are running rampant this year...leap year, the world ending on 12/21/12, and then the first Friday the 13th for the year.

  • Well, I think the malware is no longer an issue on the FF page with the linky. So far, the blocking of the IP# is working. I went back a couple of times during the week, and no caution pop up window showed up for me.

  • I wrote to three companies this past week. One to NBC and the other to their affiliate/cable station here in our TV viewing area, and the last one I sent to our cable provider. You see, the companies are in between resolving a dispute [money of course], and a lot of programs that Bud likes to watch while I'm trying to read a good book...they're blacked out [not aired]. It seems the consumer is always the one who gets the shaft. Maybe a class action suit is in our future...especially now that there is a 'threat' of the Super Bowl not being broadcasted with our cable company. At least a refund/credit on our bill. Actually, a sincere apology would be nice, right before I drop it entirely.

  • It's been downright COLD here in the morning. In the 40s with wind chill factors factored in, it's near freezing temps. While in Houston this past week, they got over 4 inches of rain in just minutes! Some sections of the city were flooded. One image I saw on the news about the storm hitting, there was an underpass with standing water near the bottom of the underpass; it was that deep!!! Also, some tornado activity touched down in parts of the city's suburbs on Monday.

  • But we got just a sprinkle as the same system blew past us. I think instead of the intense flooding, I'd much prefer the drought right now.

  • It's been an uphill and downhill week. I lost a cousin of mine. He was six years younger than I am and it really made me stop and think of my age and how short life is. He was the youngest brother of three boys [the oldest is just one month to the day younger than I]. And, as I grew up and was around them oftentimes, I would think of them as the three musketeers, and I the damsel in distress and how they'd save me from harm's way. Now one is gone. It's sad, but still...I must think he is now without pain and suffering. His life was a battle fought only by himself. I remember my Aunt Mary how she'd worry herself sick over his lifestyle. Her boys were her life as she lost her husband many years ago due to his World War II injury and complications years afterward; he was wounded over the English Channel while a belly gunner in a B-17 [bomber]. The downhill side of this week...I will miss my cousin a lot, but the uphill and self-consoling thoughts this week have been he's now back in the care of his maker and beside his mom and dad somehow; happy again.

  • Spent an afternoon when it was really windy and cold outdoors - indoors!! And I spent my time with Blogger. That new interface is confusing to us ol' farts and I searched and searched on where to find a link to go back to the OLD interface; found it, and I'm pleased as punch to be back to the old style...Phew. There for a minute I was scared I'd not be able to go back. Anyhoo...I started trying my ability to figure out how to make a 'fixed header graphic"...where the blog text will flow UNDER the header. I know I get myself into this crap and then start to sink quicksand. I'm determined to see if later sometime I can figure it all out and have it parse correctly for Blogger's layouts/templates.

  • GET BACK TO BLOGGER OLD INTERFACE DO THIS: To get back to the old interface, on the new dashboard page, just click on the little gear symbol over on the right side of the page just below your profile picture. Then click on the "Old Blogger interface" link, and back you'll go. Eventually though, Blogger will shut down the old interface and everyone will be on the new one anyway, but still....hopefully, they'll continue to give us the 'gear' option to return to the old interface. I hope this helps.


    1. Hi stopping by from the hop look forward to reading more of your posts

    2. Yikes, I had forgotten today was Friday the 13th...our "bad luck" right now is that it's been snowing since yesterday and it's still snowing!!! When I got up this morning I could hear the neighbours having a hard time driving on the street because it hasn't been plowed yet. It's also 7F and very windy so I don't think I'll be going anywhere today!

      Yes, it definitely is the consumer who gets the shaft when companies are in a dispute. I don't blame you at all for being fed up with the cable services. As you say, they should at least reimburse you for the programs that you're paying for but not getting right now!!

      I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin, it really does hit home when friends and loved ones pass away when they're close to your age.

      I went through the same thing when I tried out Blogger's new interface! lol I was more than happy when I was able to get back to the old one. I wish they'd just leave things well enough alone. We learn how to use it and then they go and change things around again. Getting too old for this! lol xoxo

    3. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin.

      The station should at least attempt to re-air the programs that were missed or I agree with you - to, at least, acknowledge that all of this is a disservice to their customers.

    4. You are indeed correct...the consumer always seems to get the shaft.

    5. I saw that clip on TV when Houston got all that rain in such a short time. It was simply an amazing event!

      Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me, ever since my brother was born on that day when I was sixteen. And today I get my new iPad replacement!

    6. We had tornado warnings here Wednesday night and then last night it got crazy windy and COLD. It had been in the 60s. It's in the 20s this morning!

      Sorry to hear of your loss but glad you know he is in good hands.

      Happy Friday!

    7. Ohhhh no! You poor Dear!!! You are COLD down there!!!! -giggles- Perhaps, you just might get to wear something like my red plaid boots.
      Should I be running, ducking and hiding????? -giggles-

      Does your blog talk mean... Going back to Old Editor-ish? Actually, I moved to New Editor a while ago, and have it .... Mostly to my liking. No, I can't do fancy stuff with my Header, like you can. But...... I'm content enough, to stay how-ever I am now. :-)

      From deaths, I try to take.... Be happy to still be alive and able to move-around. Meaning I try to take a positive view, from it. Being as *Olden* as I am (staring 75 in the face, in not too long), I have to keep the positive view going. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      Gentle hugs,

      "There's such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting."
      - Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

    8. Oh, that new interface was a bear to get used to!! And I was seriously stressing about changing backgrounds and such.

      I am sorry you lost a cousin!! It made me think that I would be so sad to love one myself. We were all so close growing up. It would feel like something was missing, even though we have lived away for so many years now.

    9. So sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers for you and all.
      I also have written to my cable provider about the shows that they take away and then tell me if I want to watch them I can pay more. I feel that I pay enough now for nothing..
      We think 40 as a heat wave here.Think spring!!!

    10. Dear Anni we are so sorry to read about the untimely passing of your cousin. We certainly are not promised any more than the moment we are in and we should live life to the fullest.

      Mom is still on Chrome and the new interface....still being the operative word.
      Happy Friday the 13th
      Madi and Mom

    11. Going to make some statements in fragment fashion. ---ps thanks for the compliment :0)
      *oh so sorry for your loss.
      *I would want to change providers too.
      * I have been through a flood ...i would take no rain over that any day!

    12. I've been using the new blogger dashboard for some time. I like it but adjusting to changes are frustrating when you don't expect them. I dislike facebook because of the constant interface changes.

      Death has it way of reminding us of our own future.
      All the best to his family and yours.

    13. Have a great weekend my friend.

    14. Anni if they paid any attention to the vicious tirade I spewed forth on Blogger about the new interface several months ago it will never be back. Several of the comments in the feedback forum were downright evil to Blogger. Only the mutants had anything positive to say and even those comments made no sense and the things they liked made me want to stick a pin in my eye! Anyway, when you figure out the blog header scroll thing let me know. I finally found a template that let the text scroll over the back ground...personally I think that should be an option with EVERY template!! Have a great Friday the 13th1

    15. Ha! I didn't even realize it was "Friday the 13th." Sorry about your cousin. I am used to the new Blogger but miss the list of my labels that used to show up when I went to posts. Other than that, I'm okay with the new interface.

    16. Google has been making so many changes across the board it's a bit overwhelming.


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