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Tina at Picstory challenges us to show trees on our Tuesday blog post. And to keep the continuing 'saga' going with Louisiana...here are photos of holiday trees I found along the way---

We arrived in New Orleans early in the evening, just as dusk approached the city. I made sure we were in the 'heart' of the French Quarter with our hotel, or at least a bit centralized to where and what we wanted to see on this trip. The hotel, once a girls' school and then an outdoor theater, it was purchased and renovated into a 3 story hotel. And, within walking distance to the famous Bourbon Street, Congo Square, Louis Armstrong Park, the oldest cemetery in the city, Jackson Square and the Mississippi River....all within minutes of walking. If you've never been to the old historical part of this city, trust me, driving and finding somewhere to park isn't the easiest thing to do. Stressful, and narrow streets and not to mention tourists walking on the sidewalks AND in the streets...cabs, horse carriages---it's just easier to leave your car at the hotel if you're lucky enough to get a place to stay....AND WALK!! So, settling in with the prearranged reservations for 3 days, and the help of GPS we had no problems finding the place. Erik was driving so I took photos as we drove up to the parking garage...he dropped me off and then Bud and Erik found our reserved parking space within the hotel's area [also, if you ever go there...you most certainly want to park at the hotel...it's gated and surrounded by security cameras and an 'on the grounds' guard ---there is a LOT of corruption in this city...including a corrupt police force; if you've ever paid attention to the news any.] Once in the lobby of the hotel, I got our room key and met the two guys out in the parking garage to help 'em unpack the trunk and get us all up into the room and settle down a bit before we hit the streets and getting to the famous, legendary, Broubon Street and the nightlife!! We all unpacked and showered to get ourselves a bit relaxed and ready to hit the streets, stretch a bit before beginning our walking. When we arrived, the weather couldn't have been more perfect...balmy, not hot nor cold....perfect. Tho, the forecast was for rain hitting the city the following day. I came prepared for that too...brought three umbrellas. Along the coast, and near the river, when there is a threat of rain, it's not just going to be a sprinkle here and there - it'll no doubt be a downpour. By the time we were all ready and had a change of clothes, we left the hotel through the backside and came upon the hotel's courtyard. It was dark o'thirty by then, and the courtyard with the pool and tree-lined fountain and patio was dramatic and very stylish. The three of us were pleased with my choice of hotels so far. What will be the ticker was the following morning...the continental 'full breakfast' lay in store and we are picky eaters. LOL

[The Hotel Courtyard]

This tree, just covered with the Louisiana Fluer-de-lis I found at the huge Riverwalk complex along the Mississippi River in New Orleans -taken the 2nd day we were there. The Fluer-de-lis [flower {fluer} -lily {lis}] is the Louisiana State Symbol. And today, especially after the devastating hurricane Katrina, the symbol represents the recovery and New Orleans' grassroots. You find it everywhere...the professional football team has it as its team logo, it's part of religions, art, even some automobile models have it in their use. It's heraldic.

Tomorrow....hopefully, a beautiful Park and historical Square/


  1. What a beautiful place! You did do good on your hotel pick!

  2. Hey Annie
    Thank you for sharing your New Orleans trip with us. The Christmas Trees are gorgeous. We are leaving for Jamaica, so see you when i GET BACK!!

  3. Lovin your guided tour.

  4. Beautiful photos Anni ~ Can't wait to hear and see more of your adventure in New Orleans...

  5. Lovely! That last tree is so pretty with the fleur-de-lis all over it. I look forward to tomorrow's pictures and post. I think you chose a really nice hotel, too.

  6. Glad you took all those pictures of trees so you'd be able to do this challenge. I've never been to NO, and have to say I have no desire to go, but I am enjoying your trip there. Can't wait to hear about the "full breakfast!"

  7. Beautiful hotel..love that you could walk wherever you wanted to go.
    Did you visit Cafe Mundo and have their delightful and famous beignets? They are out of this world.
    I've only been to NO once...but sure hope to go again soon.
    Glad you had fun.
    xo bj

  8. The old hotel has a charm that a modern building lacks. In that the lobby is not spacious, therein is the style I like. The grounds and pool are so nice. The food in NOLA is reputed to be the best, so chow down when appropriate!

  9. And here I am...
    Thank you for your comment.
    You´ve got a nice selection of trees.
    White Dream

  10. Anonymous12/06/2011

    Hallo Anni,

    so schöne Weihnachtsbäume hast du, die habe ich noch gar nicht foografiert.
    hab einen schönen Nikolaustag und liebe Grüße

    Marianne ♥

  11. I was wondering dear Anni what model of Kodak easy share do you use? I am wanting a new camera and your photos are always so beautiful.

  12. Nice pics, nice trees. I'll be attending a convention in New Orleans in March so I'm looking forward. I hadn't been there since a few months before Katrina.

  13. It must be a very interesting town ! I always regret that we haven't stopped there, my aunt pretended it was such a dangerous town ! So we only saw it from far. She was a big anxious ! It must still be very "french" ! The Christmas trees are beautiful ! So big !

  14. Oh, I do love New Orleans and the French Quarter! I lived there for a year many years ago! All of your shots for the day are fantastic! Such beautiful trees and decorations! Hope your week is off to a great start, Anni! Enjoy!


  15. Have been a few times in New Orleans, but never around Christmas....I like the mood!

  16. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  17. Anni your pictures should be in a travel book!!
    Lovely and as always your commentary is so interesting and thorough.
    Hugs C

  18. I did not know how corrupt New Orleans is! But beautiful pictures, though! Your hotel must have been wonderful! Is that the lobby with the blue ceiling light? So pretty!

  19. Ohhh I am soooooooo loving this!!!

    ♫♡♫ ♫♡♫
    "With visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads, we are perfectly at home in the dreamy world of whirling, twirling Mirlitons and arabesquing Dew drops from the classic Nutcracker story."

  20. wow Anni, but these are great giant trees, they look wonderful

  21. thanks for joining us with this shining trees!

  22. Love huge and tall Christmas tree. And the colors are awesome!

  23. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip!
    I like looking through the window at the tree with its ruby red ribbon.

  24. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees!!! Christmas is not far off.
    greetings from Germany

  25. happy holidays to you too...tats a nice big Xmas tree

    festivity reflects all across ur blog :)

    My Third Eye

  26. Thanks for sharing.

  27. The Christmas trees are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Beautiful photos..Thank's for sharing them:)

    Visiting for RT! Hope you can visit mine too..



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